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Gmail's mobile app for Android and iOS received a fresh new look at the beginning of 2019. Google's Material Design will be implemented on several of their G Suite applications, such as Sheets, Google Docs, Sites, and Slides. The idea behind this visual redesign is to make G Suite's applications look and feel like they belong to one branch of products. With ease-of-use as the primary objective, Material Design aims to increase user productivity across multiple platforms.

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By far the most noticeable change to the Gmail app for Android and iOS is the removal of the red bar near the top of the screen, which creates a much brighter looking app.

Other features that rolled with the update include; new UI font, more natural search, attachment previews, quick account swapping, and prominent red warnings (for suspicious email). The Compose button in the lower right corner is now a colorful plus sign, compared to the pencil icon in the previous version.

Switch Between Accounts Quicker

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If you use more than one Gmail account on your mobile device, switching between them requires less tapping than before. If you have a picture or image uploaded for your Google accounts, the icon appears in the upper right corner of Gmail's app. This makes it easier to identify which email account is currently in view. To change or manage accounts, tap your user icon in the top right corner, then tap one of your other accounts.

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Preview Attachments Directly From Your Inbox

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The new update included the ability to preview attachments without having to open and scroll through an entire email thread. Another time-saving feature that is meant to cut down the users workload. To preview an attachment, tap the filename below the email.

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Quickly Search for Emails

The new Gmail layout brings with it a floating search box that positions itself at the top of the screen. In the previous version, you had to tap the search icon to bring up the search box.

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Bigger Warnings About Suspicious Looking Emails

Just like Gmail's desktop app, you'll now see large red warnings for potentially harmful emails. Combined with the new look of Gmail's mobile app, it's virtually impossible to miss it. Of course, not every email tagged as dangerous ends up being harmful; however, ensuring your attention gets grabbed when there's a potential risk, is a welcomed addition.

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