Use the Alt Key in Microsoft Word 2010

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Hello and welcome to VisiHow. Today, I'm going to demonstrate to you the wonder that is the Alt Button when using Microsoft Word 2010. The Alt button is your portal to Hotkey shortcuts when using the keyboard.

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    First, press Alt, you can see at the top there are now a selection of numbers and letters
    These numbers and letters represent the different sections that you can now quickly access without having to use the mouse pad or mouse. For example, if you would like to move to the home section, you would simply press H.
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    Now, I've quickly moved to the home section and you can see all the functions represented by a letter or a number
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    If I wanted to use numbered bullet points, I would press N, and then you can see all the options
    I can still use the direction arrows to make my selections, but the options are also represented by letters. There is only one option here, Define new number format, so I can press D and that will have me select it. So this a way to move very quickly between different functions and different sections, without using the mouse. It's a lot faster and saves you a lot of time.
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    Another example, press Alt, if you need to go to Insert press N, now if you need to insert a table hit T, now there are more options again
    To insert a table press I. In the new window you can select what you need, press Tab to cycle through the options. Press Enter when you're done and now you have a table.
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    One of the only frustrating elements to the Alt key is that when you press Alt, it only brings up the option to switch between sections
    For some unknown reasons, Microsoft Word does not allow us to select the functions. I've pressed Alt, and I can move between sections but I can't use the Hotkey system to select the functions in this setting. I can only use them once I've moved to a different section. If I press N, now I can use the Hotkeys to make a selection of the function. If I press Alt again they disappear and if I press it again they only reappear for the sections, not the individual functions.
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    This has been a video on how to really maximize the unprecedented potential of the Alt button
    I hope that you can incorporate it into your Microsoft Word lifestyle and that it has some positive repercussions for you and your work. If you have any suggestions, queries, comments, please leave them in the section below. You've been watching VisiHow. Goodbye.
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Video: Use the Alt Key in Microsoft Word 2010

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