Use a heavy bag safely and effectively (boxing or MMA)

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This article will be on how to use a heavy bag when training for boxing, MMA or any other sport that involves physical striking of the hands, feet and legs. A heavy bag seem pretty easy to use to the untrained person but if the use of the heavy bag is used by someone who doesn't know the exact technique on the heavy bag then the person using can introduce themselves to a world of pain and injury upon use of the heavy bag. When using the heavy bag it is important o plan out the exact workout you are preparing to do before you actually take the step to use the heavy bag in your training regimen.

Steps to Effectively Use a Heavy Bag Without Injuring Yourself

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    Secure the heavy bag in an area that can hold and stable the bag during a workout
    The most common area to place a heavy bag is either the basement or the garage in a home. The heavy duty eye hook is the best tool in order to keep the heavy bag hanging and not liable to fall from above causing further injury. If you cannot find a secure place to hang the heavy bag then you can easily use an iron bracket that will allow you to hang the heavy bag from it instead of having to hang it from a wall also the iron bracket makes the movement of the heavy bag easier around the home or area of use for the heavy bag.
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    Create the plan for the workout on the heavy bag prior to the workout regimen that you are going to attempt in the near future
    There are many strikes that you need to figure out if you are going to use in order to set up the plan of attack for your workout which may include: straight punch, uppercut, hook strikes with either your fists or your elbows. In some workout plans the heavy bag is used for kicks and knee strikes which are used by professional UFC fighters. But having your plan beforehand will give you an idea of which strikes you will be using during the workout to allow you to pace and keep yourself safe during your workout regimen. The more you train at your strikes the more that you will become accustomed to the strikes during training.
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    Warm up before you start your heavy bag routine to get your blood pumping
    This will allow your joints to become relaxed when striking the heavy bag. Fully stretch your body to get all the your joints stretched out before working out use the same stretch routine you would use if you were doing any kind of sport that you are involved in normally. Shadow boxing is a good way to lighten and stretch yourself out before your workout routine. Jumping rope is also a good stretch or warm up exercise before starting this workout regimen. Regardless of the stretch routine use it in order to ready your joints and muscles for the intense workout ahead in the near future.
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    Do not explode on the heavy bag when starting the workout regimen for if you rush into the workout you will increase the chances of injuring yourself during the workout
    Start off slow on the bag and ease into the workout until you are ready to explode further into the workout plan you have prepared. Do your whole workout routine at a slow pace and then gradually increase your intensity as the workout progresses along in the workout. A lot of people hurt themselves severely by jumping into the routine without pacing themselves before the heavy bag training.
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    Use the proper training procedures when striking at the heavy bag during your workout
    When kicking the heavy bag it is important to not kick the bag with your toes as you can break your toes during the workout, when performing a kick it is important to use the base of your foot to strike the bag whether it is the top of your foot of bottom as long as it is not your toes during the strike. When performing a roundhouse kick it is important that you use the top of your foot when spinning into your strikes. When striking the bag it important that you use the proper technique versus trying to be fast when performing your workout regimen on the heavy bag. When performing punching strikes on the punching bag it is important that you focus on the technique rather than the force and speed of your strikes. As you progress, you can increase the speed of your strikes and also the force but using the proper techniques can help you to become safe and injury free during all your workouts. Strike the bag with controlled force and not wild striking as this can hurt you in the long run when you continue to train and workout in this fashion in the future.
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  6. 6
    Strike the heavy bag with enough force to push it back a couple of inches from the starting point
    If you push the bag too far with your strikes you can risk injuring your limbs or joints when striking the heavy bag during the workout. The object is to push the heavy bag with the force of your strikes but too much to the point that it swings bag with even heavier force putting your joints as risk when striking it again during the workout. Also it is not really important that you punch the bag and push it across the room but that you strike and retract back fast for this will prove to make your strikes more effective this way instead of punching wildly to move the bag further than necessary.
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  7. 7
    Strike without locking or fully extending your joints because this can cause serious injury if you strike with so much force that you dislocate your joints
    Regardless of whatever strike you are using ensure that you do not lock out any part of your body during the strikes that you will be performing, keep every join bend upon striking the heavy bag. Strike when you are close to extending your joints but haven't actually extended your joints in the process. It is perfectly fine to extend a little bit which is natural but just be careful to not extend yourself fully during any strike on the heavy bag.
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    When using the heavy bag ensure not to swing the heavy bag to get a stronger resistance against your strikes
    A lot of professional s use this method but they have been training at this for a very long time do if you are a beginner or non-professional then do not swing the heavy bag to gain extra resistance. Swinging the heavy bag will hurt you a great deal if the force is too great for you to handle during the workout. Along with swinging the heavy bag ensure that no one is holding the heavy bag to add resistance to the workout. When someone is holding the heavy bag its creates even more resistance which will hurt your joints a great deal more than swinging the heavy bag on its own.
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  9. 9
    Cool down in between workout to ensure that you allow your body to repair itself in between workouts
    By taking cool down breaks your heart will allow itself to gain back its heart rate to allow you to continue your regular rate of speed. After you have completed your heavy bad training then it is time for you to stretch yourself out again to allow your joints to breathe and retract back to allow your joints room to build strength and also your muscles.
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Before even beginning to strike the heavy bag ensure that you have successfully stretched out your body before your workout. Plan out exactly what you wish to accomplish during your workout before you start to ensure that you have a plan of attack which will help you to reduce the chance of injury. Start off on the heavy bag slowly and ease yourself into the workout instead of going full force on the heavy bag workout. Do not fully extend your joints when striking the heavy bag during your workout session on the heavy bag. Strike the bag with techniques rather than concentrating on speed and force during the workout. Do not strike the bag with full force with the intention on pushing the bag back as far as you can during training. Full extensions can hurt you when striking the heavy bag for it can hurt your joints when striking the bag against heavy resistance. Be sure to do a cool down procedure after you have fully finished your heavy bag workout to help loosen your muscles for repair and build up.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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