Use a Sony Lens Style Camera with Your Smartphone

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Technology has made great strides in providing smartphone users with high performance processing power, mind-blowing graphics, unlimited customization options, and a nearly infinite library of applications to choose from. However, there is still one area where many people are left unsatisfied from their smartphones; the camera. Most smartphones today, even the very expensive ones, have cameras with tiny sensors that can perform in bright, close range situations. However, these cameras leave a lot to be desired when it comes to low-light pictures, or where zoom may be required. Thankfully, there are some clever solutions on the market today, one of which being Sony's "Lens Type Camera" attachments. These wireless cameras work with your smartphone to deliver photo quality previously unattainable by anything other than the most cutting edge smartphones. If you're a photography guru who demands perfection out of their smartphone camera, or just someone who wants high quality photos on the go, then a Lens Style Camera is just what you need.

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A Lens Style Camera? What is it?

The DSC-QX10 and the DSC-QX100 are Sony's new, portable, wireless cameras that use your Android or Apple smartphone as a viewfinder and controller for a large sensor, mechanical zoom lens camera. These lenses have similar specs to high end, dedicated point and shoot camera lenses.

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  • These QX series cameras use wireless technology to link with your smartphone. Through Sony's application, you will use your device as a viewfinder, as well as a controller for settings such as zoom and picture mode.
  • The QX10 offers 18.2-megapixel photos from a lens that will do 10x optical zoom, while the QX100 offers 20.2-megapixel images from a higher quality lens with a larger sensor. (although zoom is reduced on this model at just 3.6x optical)
  • Both cameras can do video recording up to 1440 x 1080 resolution for high definition video quality.
  • These cameras have a compact form factor, being slightly larger than a protruding lens assembly on a point and shoot camera.
  • They can be mounted on a tripod, to the front of a phone with an added attachment, or can even be handheld.
  • You can connect to WiFi and upload images directly to your favorite social media sites from Sony's PlayMemories Mobile app.
  • To fully appreciate what is possible with a lens type camera, check out this video
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How To Use The Lens Style Camera

To make use of this new innovation, you're going to need an Android or Apple smartphone and one of the QX series camera lenses..

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    Download PlayMemories Mobile from the Google Play Store (Android) or from the iTunes app store (Apple)
    Instructions on downloading the app are included with the camera documentation.
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    Once you have the app, you can connect the camera to your phone using Near Field Communication (by taping the two devices together) and then open the app to use your phone as the viewfinder and camera interface.
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    The app is still in its early stages as this is still an experimental device, so the options are sparse
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    You have the viewfinder, with the zoom controls below, the shutter button and a mode setting for some basic presets. There are further settings on the left for customizing the camera itself like ISO, White Balance, etc.
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Tips, Tricks & Warnings

  • Make sure you have followed all the safety instructions from the packaging. It is also important to make sure that you have attached the wrist strap, especially if you will not be mounting the camera to your phone.
  • Be sure to experiment with this camera, especially with points of view that wouldn't be possible with a regular sized camera. You can get the lens almost anywhere that your hand can fit, while using your phone as the viewfinder.
  • As mentioned, the app and the camera are in their early stages and the device is also somewhat experimental. Some users have mentioned that the iOS app is not always stable (Sony is working on fixes for a future update)

Sometimes there is a delay between movement of the camera and what you see on the viewfinder because of WiFi interference.

  • Point and shoot! It's really that easy.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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