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You may have been using white distilled vinegar your entire life to give spinach and other vegetables a little zing, but you can use vinegar around your home in many ways. After reading this tutorial you will know how to use it for cleaning around your home, as a successful headache treatment, a cooking agent, various treatments for your pets, and in many more ways. Some of these uses will utterly surprise you! By the way, white distilled vinegar is all natural with no toxins. Its base is corn and water so it is harmless to our environment. Read on, and discover the many ways of how to use vinegar around your home.

Health benefits of vinegar

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    A tablespoon of vinegar in your diet daily has the following benefits according to an Arizona State University study
    1. Reduces a high blood sugar count.
    2. Helps prevent memory loss, and may even contribute to preventing Alzheimer's disease.
    3. Helps curb the appetite and prevent unwanted weight gain.
    4. Add that teaspoon of vinegar daily to salads, vegetables, fish, or a glass of water.
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    Everyday health benefits of vinegar
    1. Antiseptic - As an antiseptic use white distilled vinegar to cleanse and treat abrasions and cuts.
    2. Sunburn treatment - Fill a spray bottle with cool white distilled vinegar and spray it on all sunburned areas.
    3. For stings and insect bites - Take away the pain of bee stings, and the itch from mosquito bites by applying undiluted white distilled vinegar with a cotton ball.
    4. For foot odor - For neutralizing smelly feet, wash feet as usual with soap, but afterwards soak them in undiluted cider vinegar for 15 minutes.
    5. For treating skin blemishes - Use a sponge with a one to one ratio of white distilled vinegar and tap water.
    6. Treat halitosis and whiten your teeth - Effectively get rid of bad breath while whitening your teeth by brushing your teeth a couple times a week with white distilled vinegar.
    7. Keep nail polish on those nails longer - Before you get that manicure and pedicure, wipe your nails with a cotton ball that is soaked in white distilled vinegar.
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    Lawn and garden care
    1. Kill weeds - You can avoid using harsh commercial weed-killing chemicals by just pouring white distilled vinegar on your weeds or grass anywhere that you do not want them.
    2. Treat plants - Any garden plant that thrives on acid will benefit by watering them with a white distilled vinegar and water solution at a one cup vinegar to one gallon water ratio.
    3. Ant control - Keep those pesky ants away by giving their favorite spots a dose of white distilled vinegar. It is much safer for your pets and little ones than the commercial pesticides. Pour straight vinegar directly on ant hills as well.
    4. Revive those wilting flowers and make them look lovely again in their vase. Follow this recipe:  
      1. 1 quart of tap water
      2. 1 ounce of vinegar
      3. 1 teaspoon of sugar
      4. Mix until it is dissolved, and pour the solution into your vase of flowers.
    5. Clean your garden pottery - Get rid of any stains and deposits on your pottery or any material by soaking it in a solution of tap water and white distilled vinegar. Use equal parts of each, and ensure that the garden pottery is completely submerged in the cleaning solution. Let them soak for a one-hour minimum.
    6. Clean rust from garden tools - Soak any rusted tools overnight or longer to eliminate all rust. It will also enable such tools as pliers to work again if they are rusted shut.
    7. To stop Bugs Bunny from eating all your carrots and other garden vegetables, place a container full of vinegar-soaked cotton balls in your garden. Have a lid on the container with a few holes in it. Unlike us, rabbits detest vinegar with their veggies.
    8. If you have stains from plucking berries in your garden, rub your hands with vinegar. Then rinse.
    9. For sparkling clean garden vegetables, scrub them with a solution of 1 ½ quarts of tap water, and 1 tablespoon, or half-ounce of white distilled vinegar.
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There are hundreds of uses for vinegar around your home. Hopefully, you have learned some new benefits of vinegar.


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