Use Scent to Attract a Woman

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Scents That Attract Women

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Using aromatherapy, colognes, and candles to attract the opposite sex works just as well for men as it does women. Here are some ways that you can personalize your scent so that you are more attractive to females everywhere.

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    Choose a cologne that has Bay Rum in It
    Bay Rum is a very masculine scent that is spicy, aromatic and warm in nature. It is also very traditional and old-fashioned, so if you wear it you will probably remind her of being with her Dad, but in a good way. A very well known fragrance for men is Bay Rum Geo.F Trumper Bay Rum, which also contains cloves. Another popular choice, which has more ingredients is Bay Rum Colgone Fleurage, which also contains vanilla and musk. This scent contains a triple punch of attraction because vanilla and musk are also aphrodisiacs for women. The scent is very comforting and also very retro, and choosing vintage scents also makes you seem like a man who has excellent taste.
    Choose a cologne with Bay Rum to seduce her with a nostalgic scent.
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    Choose a cologne that has basil in it
    Basil has a modern fresh scent that also smells traditional, as well as very clean. A good choice is Basile Style Homme, which is elegant and breezy with notes of jasmine, clary sage, vetiver, and guaiac wood. A sophisticated designer scent that also contains other aphrodisiacs such as lime and vanilla is Basile Uomo Basile for Men. This perfume also contains nutmeg, black currant, rose, galbanum, rosemary, tangerine and lavender, making it the kind of complex designer cologne that tells women that you are powerful enough to buy an expensive designer scent.
    Scents that contain both basil and lime are doubly alluring to women.
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    Choose a cologne that has notes of leather in it
    Women associate the scent of leather with males who are more masculine. It evokes memories of cowboys, bikers and dangerous sexy lovers. Many famous colognes contain notes of leather including Colonia Leather Eau de Cologne Concentree Acqua di Parma , which also contains hints of orange and rose. Both orange and rose scents are not that common in male colognes but they are also alluring to women because they are uplifting and put people in a good mood. There is also La Collection Couturier Parumeur Leather Oud Christian Dior Paris, that contains a strong dose of leather with hints of sandalwood, oud, birch and beeswax.
    Christian Dior makes a famous leather and oud based cologne for men.
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    Choose a cologne for men that has lime in it
    Lime is a very strong, but fresh summery scent that women find very attractive. Lime Caswell Massey for Men has a smell that is almost purely lime with just a whiff of conifer trees. Another classic lime scent that the ladies find alluring that is Collection No. 74 Victorian Lime Taylor of Old Bond Street. Lime is the scent to wear if you want to smell clean. In aromatherapy circles, lime is a scent that is uplifting and helps clarify the mind, so if you want her to focus on your witty banter, then wearing a lime scent is a good idea. To keep the scent smelling masculine, do not wear sweeter smelling lime scents, which could have you smelling like a teenage girl.
    Lime is seductive and clean smelling.
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    Wear a scent that has vanilla in it
    Vanilla is a known aphrodisiac for both men and women that has a reassuring yet arousing smell. Vanilla is often mixed with other scents in male colognes. A good example of a high end seductive cologne for men that contains primarily vanilla is Classic Vanilla Pinaud Clubman for Men, which also contains heady notes of jasmine, sage, and lavender. A more purist vanilla scent for men, is Bourbon Vanilla Ermenegildo Zegna, which also contains a hint of rose and mint.
    Male colognes that contain bourbon vanilla pack a powerful punch of scent.
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    Wear a scent with Tonka Bean in it
    Tonka beans smell like a cross between tobacco and vanilla, which gives them a very masculine smell. If you are a purist, choose Tonka Bean Amygdala, which contains only that scent. If you want a very dominant, heavy designer odor about you then Cigar Vanille Tonka by Remy Latour mixes oriental vanilla with the tonka beans along with sandalwood, citrus, and musk.
    You can use a solid perfume that contains Tonka beans if you prefer.
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    Choose a cologne that has Violet Leaf in it
    Violet leaf is an exotic aphrodisiac that is found in many high end colognes for men. A good example is Time Uomo by Krizia, which also contains other earthy ingredients such as leather and musk. Another good choice of a scent to attract woman is Brooklyn Violet Leaf Nomaterra for men, which also contains notes of aphrodisiac scents such as Tonka and Leather. A more elaborate choice is Herssence Vetiver Tonka Hermes which also emits the warm comforting scents of hazelnut and vanilla.
    Violet Leaf is in many expensive, layered perfumes used to attract women.
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Tips and Tricks

Wear leather to smell sexy to women.

  • You can also evoke the scent of leather by wearing a big leather coat or leather pants when you go out on the club scene or are scheduled to go out on a date with a woman.
  • Another way to always have the masculine, erotic scent of leather in your home by having leather or suede furniture or cow skin rugs as décor.
  • You can buy oil burners and candles in Tonka Bean and Vanilla scents at The Body Shop.
  • You can buy lime, vanilla, tonka bean, violet leaf and leather scented soaps, candles and other products at Lush
  • Always brush your teeth, especially after eating a strong smelling food like garlic, as bad breath is a turn-off for most women
  • You can also burn vanilla candles in your home or use a vanilla scented air freshener.
  • It is a myth that women enjoy males whose breath and clothes smell like tobacco, so avoid smoking before you go out on a date
  • If you wear a designer cologne that has a lot of layers to it, then you will seem more sophisticated
  • If you are trying to attract a specific female, make sure that she is not sensitive to certain scents before you spray yourself down with a cologne
  • You can buy scents in many different forms, including as aftershaves, creams, deodorants, soaps and colognes and wearing the same scent in all of these forms is called layering
  • When it comes to scent, less is probably more, especially if you are going to meet a woman where other men are likely to be wearing very strong scents
  • The best places to apply scent are on your wrists, the side of your neck and just beneath your underarms, so that the warmth of your body can waft the scent into the air
  • Warmer, spicier and earthier scents tend to retain their scent longer than herbal, floral or citrus scents

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