Use Rhyming Couplets in Poetry

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Hello and welcome to VisiHow. In this series of videos, we're exploring how to write poetry. In this video, we're going to focus on rhyming couplets. Rhyming couplets can be used to write sonnets or poems, and are used because they add a musical and lyrical flavor. They are made up of two lines that share the same meter, that rhyme and are used to complete one thought. Meter refers to the style being used. For example, iambic pentameter is five feet (a foot is a group of two or three syllables) where the first syllable is unstressed and the second stressed. There are also other types of meter.

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    Here is an example of rhyming couplets
    This is from 'The Hippopotamus' by Ogden Nash. As you can see, the example contains 4 lines in each verse and has an AABB structure, where the top two lines (AA) rhyme and the bottom two lines (BB) rhyme. This is a form of rhyming couplets.
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    You can also use different structures such as ABAB (where the first and third lines rhyme, and the second and fourth lines rhyme) or ABCB (where the first and third line do not rhyme, but the second and fourth line rhyme)
    Or if the verses are longer, you can use different forms such as AABBCCDDEE to make a simple set of rhyming couplets. You can also make it more complex if you desire.
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    Now it's your turn
    Try and make your own poem or sonnet using rhyming couplets and then share them with us in the comment section below. I look forward to reading them!
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    If you have any questions or suggestions about the video, then please leave them in the comment section below. In that section, you'll also find links to the other videos in this series. Thank you for watching VisiHow and goodbye!
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Video: Use Rhyming Couplets in Poetry

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