Use Red Raspberry Leaf to Increase Your Fertility

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Bearing a child is usually one of the most important milestones in a couple's life. It opens another chapter in their life. When a woman discovers she's pregnant, the couple may just be the most excited people in the world. Sometimes, getting pregnant doesn't come easily, and has to be worked on by a couple. Both of them should strive to achieve the best fertility state to make a successful pregnancy possible/probable. While getting pregnant is easy for some women, others have difficulties conceiving a child due to infertility. Infertility is the inability for a woman to get pregnant in a year without any contraception. Some women experience multiple miscarriages because their issue is carrying the baby to term. Often times, the infertility is all about the man, and has nothing to do with the woman. And yet other times, there is an incompatibility between the couple's fluids, and there exists an allergy to that which would get you pregnant.

' Women's infertility is most often caused by ovulation problems and poor quality of eggs, making fertilization hard to achieve.

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Male infertility is most often caused by sperm disorders, erection/ejaculation problems, or by taking medications that reduce fertility. This can be very stressful for a couple, but the good news is that infertility can be treated. Medical technology has been providing solutions for infertility, but natural remedies are still one of the best ways to go. The most common, effective, natural way to increase fertility is by drinking red raspberry leaf tea. The red raspberry leaf has been used for its health benefits since ancient times. Today, it is one of the best herbs dealing with women's health. It contains magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamins C, E, A and B complex, and easily assimilated calcium and iron.

How Does it Work?

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    Red raspberry leaves contains fragrine, an alkaloid that helps strengthen and tone the lining of the uterus, which improves the chances of fertilization
    This also lengthens the time between your ovulation and the first day of your period (luteal phase), which gives you a better chance of getting pregnant.
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    Most doctors advise women who are trying to get pregnant to take vitamins that have magnesium and potassium
    Magnesium helps women reach the peak of their fertility. Lack of potassium can also cause infertility. Both of these minerals are found in red raspberry leaves.
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    Studies have proven that calcium helps sperm cells swim faster to the egg
    The sperm soak up the calcium so they can move more quickly toward the egg.
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Making Red Raspberry Tea

What you Need:

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    8-10 leaves of red raspberry
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    3 leaves of alfalfa
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    3 leaves of peppermint
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    1/4 cup of honey (or more if you desire)
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    Put all the herbs into a teapot
    Pour boiled water over the herbs and let steep for 10-15 minutes. A teapot with a ceramic infuser works best. When working with herbs, only use stainless steel - no other metals should come in contact with the herbs.
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    Pour yourself a cup of aromatic tea.
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    Add honey to taste
    You can also use other sweeteners of your choice.  
    1. You now have red raspberry tea that you can enjoy for the day.
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Tips & Warnings

  • Aside from the traditional hot tea, you can also make refreshing drinks out of red raspberry tea, by using the cooled down tea with your favorite smoothies, lemonade or iced tea.
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  • You should stop taking red raspberry tea as soon as you get pregnant, for it is known to help induce labor. This can cause miscarriage for pregnant woman who are not near their due yet.

I'm going to disagree with the above statement. Women who drink raspberry tea regularly during pregnancy, have reported a stronger immune system, a relief to morning sickness and improved circulation. One of the most incredible things about red raspberry leaf is its ability to tone the uterus, preparing the woman for childbirth. When the baby has arrived, it's said to encourage breast milk supply.

Questions and Answers

Can raspberry tea help me remove a small fibroid and continually be fertile?

Hi, I'm 36 years old soon getting 37 next month. I have a small fibroid. I have no children and not in a relationship now. I had 3 miscarriages in the past.. I want to eliminate the fibroid and want to be fertile . is it possible with the raspberry tea?

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