Use Potato Peels to Treat Infections

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The skin is your body's first line of defense. A break in the skin or a wound can be a portal for pathogenic microorganisms that bring about infections and diseases. Today's medical advances have paved the way for instant solutions to every superficial wound you may acquire. All you have to do is go to the nearest pharmacy and get sterilized gauze, antibiotics, and bandages. Even if these are readily available to you, there is always the option of natural solutions, even for wound infections. One of the most potent natural means of treating superficial infections is the common potato peel. There will always be a time when you cut yourself, and don't have a first aid kit available. This is the time to rely on Mother Nature's gifts to provide the solution to your wound and possible infection.

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Potato as a Natural Treatment

A potato is a tuberous root crop, categorized as a vegetable. No matter what kind of potato and no matter how you prepare it, this vegetable has the properties of healing that you need - vitamin C, vitamin B-complex, zinc, calcium, potassium, iron, and fiber. The most common way to prepare potatoes is to boil them. To retain all the valuable nutrients, you should scrub the potatoes well and boil them with their skin still on. Be careful in choosing the spuds. Some of them have sprouts or are a greenish color. This means the potatoes have high levels of solanine. Solanine is a component that affects the nerve impulses and causes diarrhea, cramps, and vomiting. -

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How to Use Potatoes to Treat Infections

Potatoes can significantly help in treating various infections that occur on your skin. Here are some ways you could use potatoes (flesh and peels) to do so:

  1. 1
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    Water infused with potatoes can help get rid of freckles that occur during the summer.
    1. Leave a potato (with the skin on) to soak in clean water until the water becomes turbid (cloudy).
    2. Wet a clean cloth with the potato water and squeeze out any excess fluid.
    3. Place the wet cloth over the freckles and leave it on your skin for 10 minutes.
    4. Make this a daily regimen and you will see your freckles gradually fade away.
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    1. Get raw potato flesh or raw potato skin and slice it thinly.
    2. Place it over your wart and cover it with a sterile bandage to hold the potato in place.
    3. Leave the potato overnight.
    4. Remove the potato bandage the following morning.
    5. Repeat this for one week.
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    For stings
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    1. Get some toothpaste or wet salt and raw potato juice (from unpeeled potatoes).
    2. Mix these together.
    3. Apply to the affected area for half an hour.
    4. Get some ice and apply the same mixture on the stung area again for half an hour.
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    For burns (first degree)
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    1. Get an unpeeled potato (you can also use the potato skin) and slice it thinly.
    2. Place it directly on the burn.
    3. The potato will absorb the heat.
    4. The potato will provide moisture, so the pain will be minimized.
    5. Leave the potato on the affected area for about 15 minutes.
    6. Let your skin rest by removing the potato for five minutes.
    7. Replace the used potato slice with a fresh one and leave it on again for 15 minutes.
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Other Uses of Potatoes

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    For heartburn, stomach pain, and indigestion
    Raw potato juice can neutralize the high level of acidity in your stomach.
    1. Get a thin towel and grate raw potato over it.
    2. Fold the towel over the grated potato and squeeze it.
    3. Let the juice drain into a cup.
    4. Combine a tablespoon of the potato extract with half a cup of warm water.
    5. Drink this dilution slowly.
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Treatment Facts About Potatoes

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    You can also use potato juice for edema and stomach ailments.
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    Potato protein powder combined with water can suppress your appetite.
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    Raw potato can be placed directly on sore eyes, burns, boils, infections, and arthritis
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    Potato peels can inhibit bacteria from infecting the wound
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    Potatoes prevent infectious bacteria from attaching to cells
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    When ingested, potatoes can treat obesity and stomach disorders.
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    When applied to the skin, potatoes can treat burns, boils, and other skin infections.
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  • Ask your doctor about eating potatoes if you're taking blood thinners such as Retevase (reteplase), Eminase (anistreplase), Activase (alteplase), *Abbokinase (urokinase), and Streptase (streptokinase).
  • Potatoes inhibit clotting.
  • Potato peels attract bacteria from the wound. This prevents infections and accelerates healing.

Questions and Answers

Are potato peels OK to put on ripped toenails?

My son somehow lifted the entire outer side of his big left toenail. I was wondering if putting some potato peels on the toenail would help to prevent an infection. The toe is red, but the nail is still attached. I had him soak it in warm water with Epsom salts, and have used Neosporine on it.

Yes, you can put potato peels on ripped toenails. The potato peels have anti-bacterial properties and contain vitamins and minerals that aid in the healing of wounds. The potato peels are also rich in moisture that lets the ripped toenail heal faster. You can use it as a bandage to cover the nail and prevent infection.

I want to know what pathogens are associated with potato peel.

I am searching for pathogens associated with potato peel, because I am making a sandwich with potato peels.

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How long should we leave the potato on her finger?

Hi, my 5 year old granddaughter has an infection in her finger. It appears to be a boil with no opening to drain. We have soaked it in hot salt water for 20 minutes and waited for about 20 minutes and taped a chunk of raw potato on it. She already has a red streak appearing on the back of her hand about an inch long. Since its so late I want to try these natural things overnight and praying we can avoid a visit to the doctor tomorrow. I have tried: Hot salt water soak and raw potato on it for about 30 minutes so far. I think it was caused by: It appears to be a boil, an infected pour with no opening to drain.

Whenever you see a red streak associated with a boil, or the boil itself is angry and red, or if there is a fever - you should seek medical attention.

Can potato peels be used as a disinfectant for bacteria; especially Escherichia coli?

What anti-bacterial properties do these peels have and how do they work as a disinfectant?

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Can potato juice helps bone growth after tooth extraction when placed in extraction socket?

Can potato juice used for bone growth in extraction socket as it is rich in vitamin c and calcium. I want to know the benefits of potato juice in regeneration of bone

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