Use My Spy to Track and Record Conversations with a Cell Phone

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This article is part of our series of guides on how to use the My Spy Cell Phone Spy App.

3 Steps to Use mSpy to Secretly Record Conversations

Move over James Bond, there's a new top spy in town.

Sometimes you need to know what's going on and a recording device can get the detailed information you need. You can't always show up yourself to record a conversation, but you can use the My Spy (mSpy) mobile phone spy app. This will let you perform things that even James Bond would be impressed with.

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    Real Life Spy Bugging
    With this feature, you literally turn the other person's phone into a spy device. It will work in any environment and record everything to your mSpy control panel. This is useful almost anywhere, as it can provide irrefutable evidence, which can allow you to constructively deal with a cheating boyfriend, a child on the edge of trouble, or an employee about to cross the line with a competitor. You simply select the time you would like a recording to take place on the bottom right of the menu, and then the recording will automatically begin.
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    Use your Control Panel to Listen In
    This technology works by secretly turning on the cell phone to track and record any conversation. You can even set it to work with certain times if you're not sure the person will have cell reception. That way the phone will record everything. Later, when it is back in a signal zone, the recorded files will be synced, and you can listen. To do that, just navigate to your 'Control Panel', and select 'Recordings' from the left menu. This will bring up a list of recordings, which you can play or download.
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    Set the phone to record all or some calls
    Using the left menu, select 'Call Recordings'. This will allow you to record all calls, or just select calls from certain numbers.
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After checking the compatibility of your device you want to monitor, choose your package and purchase your subscription. Then, you will get an e-mail containing the login and password to your control panel and follow the installation instructions. Make sure you have access to the device you are spying on. There is also free online help available with the initial installation.

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Tips and Suggestions on Secretly Recording with mSpy

For the latest information, check directly with the software provider.

Here are some useful tips and suggestions for using the mSpy App. These are constantly being updated and you should always confirm any information with the manufacturer before purchasing cell phone spying programs.

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  • Make sure you use this application in accordance with local and regional laws and abide by the terms of use published on the mSpy developer site, which are subject to change.
  • Note that this feature will work even when there is no cell signal, as long as you program the phone before it is out of range, so that it receives your commands and the time to start and stop recording.
  • Recorded conversations can be immediately downloaded once the phone is on any supported network, or when the person you are spying on is near a WiFi connection.
  • The mSpy Mobile Phone Spying App is not free. Packages start from $39.99 per month.
  • Supported phones and tablets include the Apple iPhone, HTC One, Nexus 5, and Samsung Galaxy S5. Other devices are also supported.
  • Not all features work on all supported devices. Note that feature information is constantly changing. Check with mSpy directly for details on specific features or device support if you are unsure.

Questions and Answers

Someone is in another city, how can I install this app or can I listen to the conversation for long distance?

Is this working in remote place area

There are only a few apps that can monitor a phone without physically touching the phone and one is Auto Forward. You can't listen to calls through with this app but you will see who they are talking to and for how long.

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Does this really work, or just another scam?

Don't have money to waste, but want to record cellphone calls on daughters iPhone

Apps like OwnSpy can be installed on your daughter's iPhone with little difficulty and will record phone calls. When it comes to your daughter's safety OwnSpy and TruthSpy call recording features are not a waste of money. Especially if you fear she is being influenced over the phone from someone with bad intentions.

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How can I uninstall Mspy from my phone that was put in without my permission. I am being stalked?

My boyfriend has installed a spy app to track my locations and he can hear all my conversations from his laptop. How can I find this to uninstall? Please HELP ME!!!

Hard reset your device. This is the only way to know that the spy app has been uninstalled and removed.

Interested in possibly purchasing, but can't use a credit card?

Questions on my spouse, been acting strange lately

Many spy apps will take payment in the form of PayPal for this reason. OwnSpy is one of those apps, but you can inquire with others to ask if it is not posted on their website in the payment FAQ section.

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