Use Jealousy to Get Your Boyfriend Back

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Why Jealousy Works to Reunite You With Your Boyfriend

Using jealousy to get your boyfriend back is manipulative, but it works.

Using jealousy to get your boyfriend back might seem a bit manipulative and unfair, but that is because it is. As the saying goes, "All is fair in love and war."

Making your ex jealous works to get him back because:

  • Once a man has slept with a woman, he feels a bit territorial of her, and seeing you with someone else awakens his human instincts that compel him to get you back.
  • A man who has had a relationship with you will feel naturally protective if another man is around you and he will, driven by instinct, do his best to rescue you from his competitor
  • If he has put you on the back burner in a relationship, this will motivate him to put you first and finally tell his wife about your affair or stop using you just for sex
  • It teaches him not to take you for granted and lets him know that the consequences of any breakup will be an immediate move on your part to move forward with someone else

How to Reunite With Your Ex By Making Him Jealous

Jealousy awakes primal territorial feelings in a man.

Here are the steps that you need to take to make your boyfriend jealous so that he will get back with you. Be sure to do these in sequence, or your game plan to get him back may not succeed.

  1. 1
    Do not consider contacting your boyfriend in any way or accept any contact from him for thirty days
    This is called the No Contact Rule, and if you break it, you may never get him back, because he will interpret any contact as a need for attention from him. This will lead him to believe that he can have you back at any time because you cannot even stop yourself from calling him after a couple of days. After a few weeks of not hearing from you, he is bound to start wondering where you are, who you are with and why you are not checking up on him to see how he is. This usually sparks a bit of jealousy with any ex.
    Do not contact your ex, even if he sends you a message first.
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  2. 2
    Use this thirty days to get a complete makeover that makes you look fabulous
    Get a haircut, go to the gym and invest in a new wardrobe. When you finally do see your ex again, you want him to be very attracted to you. He might also perceive your makeover as evidence that you are gussying yourself up to see other men.
    Use this time when you are distancing yourself from your ex to get a makeover.
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  3. 3
    Get rid of any evidence of your relationship on Facebook except for one or two of your best photos together
    Take down any pictures of the two of you and change your Facebook Relationship Status to Single. The reason you are leaving one or two pictures up is to give him the idea that there is still hope for the two of you. Do not block him on Facebook, because you want to him to see that despite the breakup, you loved him enough to leave a bit of a memorial about him for all to see. It also shows that you, at one point, felt proud to be his girlfriend.
    Delte all photos of the two of you as a happy couple from social media except for one or two of your favorites.
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  4. 4
    Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media you are on to post lots of pictures of you out having fun with your friends, along with happy status updates
    This works to make him a bit jealous because he might miss hanging out with you and he also might start to worry about the potential of you meeting other men. He might also start wondering why you are so happy without him. If your ex likes or comments on any pictures or status updates, ignore them and don't respond.
    Post pictures of you having fun with your friends on social media.
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  5. 5
    Using social media once again, post a few pictures of you with other men, but don't post pictures of you holding hands or kissing any of them
    You want him to make the connection that you could be dating, but you don't want him to become so hurt by an image of you being intimate with someone else, that he decides to move on without you. You want him to think that he still has a chance.
    Post pictures of yourself with other men to intrigue him, but don't post photos that are too intimate.
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  6. 6
    After the thirty days has passed you may send him a text
    If he does not respond, then wait for another three to four days and try again. Keep your initial text very simple as in "I was thinking about you today.", or "How's life treating you?'. If he was meant to return to you, he will start texting you back at this point. If you do not hear back from in within the next three weeks, then it is best to let it go, unless you get a text from him months later saying he was on a trip or that he had enlisted in the army.
    After 30 days have passed you can send him a text.
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  7. 7
    If he starts texting back, then let him lead with all of the questions and be as sparse as you can be back with the replies
    Keep him on a" need-to-know basis." For instance, if he asks you where you live, simply tell him something like "It is right next to that park we use to go to...." Do not elaborate in any other way by giving him your address now or elaborating on any other details. As a rule of thumb, keep your answers down to ten words or less and do not allow the conversation to be longer than ten text blurbs.
    If he is still interested, he will text you back.
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  8. 8
    End any text conversations quickly, as if you have something more important to do, yet keep the door open for further contact
    A good example would be "TTL, I have a friend waiting and we are going to see a movie." Even better, make it a romantic movie or one that you now he would really like to see.
    End your text conversations in a way that might leave him wondering who you are with.
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  9. 9
    Make sure to keep a day or two of silence in between bursts of text conversations
    Do this for about a week to ten days, to keep him wondering what is keeping you from paying attention to him.
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  10. 10
    After ten days send him a random compliment by text
    The text should be along the lines of "My friend Sandra saw you the other night and told me that you look amazing." If you know for sure where he was recently, you could also text him something like "I caught a glimpse of you as I was leaving your favorite bar the other night, and I can't believe how great you look." Usually this type of flattery opens the door to a bit more of a discussion about the possibility of seeing each other in the near future. If he does not suggest it then you can say, "It would be great to catch up one day, soon." However, let him take the lead on where the two of you should meet.
    He is quite likely to respond to any compliment you send him.
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  11. 11
    When you do meet, make sure you look awesome, but not like you are trying to seduce him and do not have sex until he has agreed to be in a couple with you again
    This is a challenging meeting for most women, as their ex-boyfriend will probably suggest a sexual interlude and the intensity of seeing each other after a long absence can be very romantic. If you have sex with your ex, without agreeing to get back together, he will then put you on the back burner, which is not where you want to be in terms of having a satisfactory relationship.
    Don't be tempted to have sex with your ex.
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Tips and Tricks

No sex with your ex at the first meeting or your plan to get together could backfire.

  • Don't let him talk to you on the phone, as it is easier for him to enmesh you in a long conversation that exposes any vulnerabilities about your relationship
  • Check your motivation before making a guy jealous as there is no point to hurting him if you really don't want him back,
  • Before you use jealousy to get your boyfriend back, make sure that he is not the type that might become physically abusive to you or a guy you were flirting with
  • Make him jealous, but do so without mocking or humiliating him in public, or you could end up with a vengeful ex instead of that reunion you longed for
  • Realize that even if you do not succeed in making him jealous enough to get you back, that you are still in a win-win situation, as the attempt to make him jealous will have him seeing other men
  • If you accidentally bump into him, be civil and don't show any emotion, and that will make him wonder if he has lost his power to attract you
  • If you accidentally bump into him while he is on a date with another woman then handle it by saying hello to the other woman, engaging her in conversation and then mention that you are on you're way to meet a friend (to see his favorite movie or go to his favorite restaurant)

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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