Use Hashtags for Google Plus Searches

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Google now implements an exciting feature in its arsenal and guess what it is? It's the integration of hashtags, mainly by Google Plus, into Google searches. Hashtags were originally developed by Twitter to define user community interests. Twitter intended to group interests in an organized manner by implementing the hashtag feature. It is a way of categorizing interests in an organized yet viral manner. With Google's new feature, users would be delivered a wide array of relevant data or results around a specific word they try to search. As with website owners, they would need to include hash tags on their Google Plus posts in order to generate traffic to their posts or websites. You can read a step-by-step tutorial on how to use hashtags on Google Plus below.

Utilize hashtags on Google Plus searches

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    Assuming you are logged into your Google Plus account, go to the Google Plus search page and type a hashtag
    The format of a hashtag is same as with Twitter, which is "#anywordplacedhere".
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    You will know see a plethora of relevant user-generated content/posts that are related to the hashtag
    Click on a link to the related posts, and from there you will be brought to the full content.
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Use hashtags on your Google Plus post

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    Log in to your account and make a post about any topic you want.
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    You may place a hashtag anywhere on your post, be it in the middle, above or at the bottom of your posts.
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    Publish your post and see the magic.
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Determine the functionality of hashtags on a Google Plus Post

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    Hashtags that are above a published post are associated to the content of the post
    You have the option to click on the post and view its contents.
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    Hashtags that are grayed out are the ones created by the owner of the post.
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    Hashtags that are shaded blue are made by Google to classify the post.
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  • Video Tutorial

    For your convenience we have recorded these instructions in a video. You can watch this video to help clarify the instructions in this Wiki. Please keep in mind that the Wiki is always being updated, so the Wiki instructions may be more up to date than the video.

    Tips Tricks & Warnings

    • You can use a hashtag to group your posts in an organized manner.
    • You can use hashtags on the Google search engine.
    • You can only post comments on certain Google Plus posts if you are logged in to your Google Plus account.
    • You can access and utilize trending hashtags on Google Plus.

    If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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