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What fun would there be in texting if you couldn't use emoticons in them, right? Texts without emoticons are nothing but lifeless messages. If you think the same way as we do and you're frustrated because you can't have emoticons on Nokia S60, then stop worrying. You have come to the right place. Read on and learn how to use Emoji on Nokia S60.

Download and Install


If you're not able to use Emoji on Nokia S60, then the reason is that there are no Emoji files installed in your phone. You need to first find these files, download them and then install them. This is how you're going to do all this:

  1. 1
    First download these files -- From Google From Mediafire
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    Once you have downloaded the zip folder and extracted it, you need to install the JapaneseEmoji.sis file and reboot {or restart} your phone.
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    Make sure you use the left up sign or Installserver_mod.
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    If at any point, you think that you haven't installed it properly and you need to install it again, then make sure you first uninstall it completely from your system
    For this, go to "App Manager" and remove "Japanese Emoji". Once it has been uninstalled, restart your phone. If you don't restart it, it will hang up and you don't want that to happen to your phone.
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Having troubles with the Emoji? Adjust the font.

If you're all set to use the Emoji application, you first need to adjust its font to match your phone's settings. If you feel that the Emoji are not being displayed properly, then it's only because you forgot to adjust the font. Follow these steps to figure out how to do that.

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    The standard Emoji font size for all the Nokia phones is 2048
    This is the font size that you need to set. You can adjust the font size and other font settings by making use of a font editor, such as fontforge.
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    These are some of the sample font sets that can be used for Emoji
    You can use these by editing them in your font editor:  
      1. nohindisnr60.ttf : NokiaHindiS60-Regular
      2. nohindissb60.ttf : NokiaHindiS60-SemiBold
      3. nohinditsb60.ttf : NokiaSansHindi-SmBdS60
      1. nosnr60.ttf : NokiaSansS60-Regular
      2. nssb60.ttf : NokiaSansS60-SemiBold
      3. nstsb60.ttf : NokiaSansTitle-SmBdS60
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    Copy these files to the "e" or "f" folder
    Exact location would be e: or f:\resource\fonts\. Make sure you rename this to your "system fonts". Restart your phone after this.
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How to use Emoji in your texts

Now, that you have completed all the formalities, you can use Emoji in your texts and feel like the most contented person in the world. If you're not sure how to use them, then don't worry. We've got your back! In the import mode of your phone, select the key that opens up a dialogue box for you where there are different symbols to choose from. Press that key again and you will be taken to "Select Pictograph". You'll see all the emoticons there. Choose from them and have fun!

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