Use Coconut to Kill and Expel Parasites (Lice, Tapeworms)

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Among the different biological relationships, parasitism is one of the most opportunistic (for the parasite) and one of the most detrimental (for the host). Indeed, when you speak of parasites, your skin immediately crawls at the thought of these highly skilled, small to microscopic organisms that hitch a ride inside or outside your body to get the most out of the nutrients that you acquire each day. In a huge way, parasites hijack your body to take advantage of your food, warmth, and moisture to sustain themselves and to reproduce. They are generally classified into external and internal parasites. External parasites are parasites that only live outside your body, while internal parasites are those that take up residence inside your body's cells, tissues, or organs. Common parasites that prefer humans as hosts are lice and tapeworms. There are various treatments for getting rid of these parasites, but ideally, you should try natural solutions, such as coconut.



Facts About Lice Infestation

As long as you have hair on your body, lice infestation will always be possible. Lice are external parasites that are wingless and very small. They feast on your blood as they multiply at a rapid rate, assuring their survival and species proliferation. Lice are easily acquired by physical contact, especially in crowded places such as schools or dormitories. There are several kinds of lice in existence:

  1. 1
    Body Lice (Pediculus humanus). These reside in your bedding or clothing
    They migrate to your skin when it's time for them to feed. Transient and homeless people are more affected by body lice because they are not able to clean their clothes or bedding or bathe on a regular basis.
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  2. 2
    Pubic Lice (Pthirus pubis) or crab lice. As their name implies, this type of lice are commonly called "crabs", and prefer to live on the hair and skin of the pubic area
    Some may migrate to other hairy areas of your face and body.
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  3. 3
    Head Lice (Pediculus humanus capitis). Head lice thrive on the scalp
    They can be easily spotted by checking the scalp above the ears and the nape.
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Lice can still infest you and your family, even if you practice excellent hygiene. This is because of the mode of infestation and the effectiveness of the initial treatment. Watch out for the following symptoms:

Fig.4.Louse bites.jpg
  1. 1
    Lice Eggs. They are called "nits" and they attach themselves to your hair shafts
    They may seem to be like dandruff, but they stick to the hair and are not easily brushed. Nits may also land on your clothes or skin.
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  2. 2
    Red Bumps. You may discover small, red bumps on your shoulders, neck, and scalp
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  3. 3
    Tickling. Usually, a tickling sensation is felt whenever the hair moves
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  4. 4
    Itching. This is brought about by the movement of the adult lice, searching for areas to feed on
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Once you have established that you are infested with lice, you should increase your level of self-care. You could purchase lice killing shampoo in your local pharmacy. However, you should ask for your doctor's help if you already have abrasions or hives on your skin because of constant scratching, if you are pregnant (you can't use any anti-lice shampoo). The lice-shampoo available at a drug store is very harsh, with chemicals that can be dangerous. The usual causes of lice infestation are:

  1. 1
    Contact with belongings that harbor lice. If your belongings come in contact with those infested by lice, then you will surely become infested in no time
    This usually happens in schools, locker rooms, dormitories, and other crowded venues. Sharing such infested items or belongings makes them vehicles of infestation. You could get your lice population just by sharing combs, ear buds, or hair accessories.
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  2. 2
    Direct contact with the infested person. If you have direct contact with the infested host, skin-to-skin or head-to-head, adult lice immediately transfer onto you
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  3. 3
    Contact with furniture that is contaminated. If the owner of the bed or the sofa you used is infested with lice, you can expect your very own infestation to happen soon
    Lice are known to survive for up to two days off their human hosts.
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  4. 4
    Sexual relations. Pubic lice are easily transferred to another host through sexual contact
    These lice infect the adult population. If pubic lice are suddenly found in children, this may be a strong sign of sexual abuse.
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Facts About Tapeworms

Humans can also be infested by internal parasites such as tapeworms. Tapeworms are classified as cestodes. They are flatworms that appear segmented and prefer the intestinal system of some grazing animals. These parasites enter their animal hosts through contaminated pastures or water. When humans eat meat that is not cooked well, tapeworm infestation is bound to happen. Even if tapeworms can easily be eliminated in humans, they can still bring about life-threatening issues. That is why you should be aware of the signs and symptoms of tapeworm infestation. Tapeworms are named according to the animal from which the human obtained it. Tapeworms in fish are called Diphyllobothrium latum. Those in pigs are Taenia sodium. Beef tapeworms are Taenia saginata. The adult tapeworms lay their eggs in their hosts' muscles. The infected raw meat or meat that is undercooked is then ingested by humans. Infestation may also occur when an existing human host prepares the food of an uninfected human. This happens if the infected person does not wash hands after preparing the contaminated meat. He or she then contaminates another batch of food for the uninfected guests to eat.


You may experience nutrient deficiencies, fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, body weakness, appetite loss, hunger, abdominal pains, and weight loss. There are people who don't have these symptoms at all. The only indication of a tapeworm infestation is the passing of worm segments through bowel movements. Complications such as intestinal blockage and visceral organ damage (brain, eyes, heart, and liver) may happen, especially if the tapeworms have migrated to other parts of the body.

Using Coconut Oil To Treat Head Lice Infestation

Because of the sudden head lice outbreak at the YMCA about two years ago, coconut oil head lice treatment was given attention. The YMCA director said that head lice can be prevented by pouring oil on the hair. It is also a very effective way to treat an active head lice infestation. It's actually an advantage for head lice if you have clean hair. They tend to attach themselves more easily to the hair strands if there is no oil or grime present. If hair is saturated with coconut oil, the lice cannot hold on tightly to the strands, therefore making it impossible for them to infest your head. During an active infestation, coconut oil suffocates the existing head lice that reside in the scalp and hair strands. Once they suffocate, they detach themselves from the hair and scalp. Their exoskeleton then completely dissolves. Below is a suggested method to treat head lice with coconut oil:

  1. 1
    Shampoo the hair with lice shampoo. This will clean the hair strands and perhaps loosen up the lice a little bit.
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  • 2
    Rub coconut oil into the hair and scalp. Follow this up by covering the head with a shower cap
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  • 3
    Blow dry the head with the shower cap on. This resembles a modified hot oil treatment at home
    This is a good way of allowing the coconut oil to penetrate the scalp and make the lice detach from the strands. (Lice hate high temperatures.)
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  • 4
    Wash the hair with head lice shampoo again. This will remove some of the dead lice and excess coconut oil
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  • 5
    Mix the coconut oil into the shampoo. Do this for the final rinse.
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  • 6
    Rub more coconut oil into the hair and scalp. Perform this after combing away the nits that are left in the strands
    Use a very fine-toothed comb.
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  • 7
    Place a clean, white towel on the pillow before sleeping. This is to catch any dead adult head lice during the night
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  • 8
    Wash the hair again with the head lice shampoo and coconut oil mixture. Follow this up with tea tree oil
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  • 9
    Mix the coconut oil into the shampoo.
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  • 10
    Comb the hair again with the fine-toothed comb.
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  • 11
    Use a flat iron on your hair. If you have one, use on small sections of hair until you've done all your hair
    Start at the root, as close to the scalp as you can get, and pull the iron through the hair to the ends. The heat of the flat iron is devastating to the nits.
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  • 12
    Do this on a daily basis especially when there is an outbreak
    It takes seven days for the nits to hatch so head lice shampoo should be done once a week, preferably with the coconut oil treatment following it up every time.
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  • Coconut oil.jpg

    Using Coconut Oil in Treating Internal Parasites like Tapeworms

    Studies show that coconut oil is an effective means to defend yourself against internal parasites such as tapeworms and giardia. The MCFAs (multi-chained fatty acids) in coconut oil make it difficult for these opportunistic organisms to survive inside your body. The MCFAs are known to kill off single-celled giardia before they can even establish their hold inside your body. When you ingest coconut oil regularly, you also reduce the possibility of developing chronic fatigue, food allergies, and other symptoms related to internal parasitic infestation. The MCFAs are absorbed quickly by your cells, giving you more energy to fight off the infestation.

    Grnd coconut.jpg

    Tapeworms that infested people in India were eliminated by dried coconut. The dried coconut was followed by the ingestion of a laxative (magnesium sulfate). About 90 percent of the parasitic tapeworms were expelled from the patients' bodies after only 12 hours. Some authors of pet books recommend feeding your beloved animals ground coconut to expel any intestinal parasites. Coconut meat has vermifuge, which is a vital type of fiber that discharges parasites or intestinal worms from your body. Intestinal worms can also be removed effectively by ingesting coconut oil.

    Is Coconut Water Beneficial and How to Use it to Get Rid of Parasites

    coconut water

    Yes, coconut water is beneficial in helping eliminate parasites and worms that can be found in the intestines. The content of the coconut water is found to be sterile, and thus, safe for consumption. Also, it has been found to be loaded with electrolytes, which ultimately helps to keep the body hydrated for a longer period of time.

    Since the infestation of parasites within the body causes dehydration, the coconut water will be beneficial in retaining the water inside the body. It's also a great way of disinfecting your intestines against the parasites, since the sterilized content of the coconut juice will result in the cleansing and purifying of your intestines, and ultimately result in good and regular bowel movements.

    The best way to get rid of parasites using coconut water is simply by consuming it. For details on how to use the coconut water to get rid of parasites, see the instructions below.

    Recipe for Using Coconut to Expel Parasites

    coconut & oil
    1. 1
      What you'll need
      1. 1 glass of pure coconut water
      2. 1 Teaspoon Olive oil
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    2. 2
      TO USE
      1. Mix the coconut water and the olive oil.
      2. Drink this mixture as much as possible for at least three days.
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    To ensure the effectiveness of this home remedy, consult your physician first before taking it. This way, you'll make sure your body won't react to the home remedy in a negative way, plus it won't aggravate your situation. A proper consultation with your physician is always advised, especially in extreme cases of parasite infestation.

    How to Prevent Tapeworms in Your Body

    Tapeworms commonly infect cats, dogs, and any other animals, however, they infect humans to a lesser degree. Here are the simple steps on how you can prevent this nasty worm from invading in your body.


    Detect if You Have Tapeworms

    You may have tapeworms if you have diarrhea, vomiting, unexplained weight loss, pain and stomach cramps. However, if you only have few or one tapeworm in your intestines, it may be harder to detect. Some tapeworms can also diagnose as the regular stomach flu. If you have a dog or have eaten raw meat in the last 2 months, it is best that you seek medical attention.

    Check Your Stool

    This may sound disgusting for those that are not familiar the process, but it's a natural function of your body. Each time you have a bowel movement, it is best that you check for tapeworms present in your stool. You can monitor this for at least 2 weeks to see if any show up in your stools.

    Doctors Prescription

    It is best that you follow your doctor's prescription to prevent an infestation. Although that tapeworm medication may not be successful at killing tapeworms, it can help prevent you from getting them.

    Getting Rid of Your Pet's Fleas

    This is only applicable to those of you with pets. Fleas are one of the carriers of tapeworms, they are the perfect host for worm parasites that can easily make contact with human beings. Make sure your pet does not have fleas, as tapeworms will not only be transferred to your pet, but to any other pets in your household, and even to you. If your pet does have fleas, talk to your pet's veterinarian for suggestions and treatment to get rid of the fleas.


    Clean you house at least twice a week to prevent fleas. Fleas are often lurking in dusty places, especially carpets. Vacuum and/or sweep them away to get your residence to be flea free.

    Watch What You Eat

    Eating is necessary for all living things to survive. Raw meat contains different species of tapeworms, from beef, fish, and pork, and to a far less degree in chicken. Make sure your meat is cooked thoroughly to avoid contracting tapeworms from uncooked meat.

    Eat the Following

    Fruits like papaya and pineapple are considered helpful if you have tapeworms. Pineapple contains enzymes that can destroy tapeworms known as bromelains, medically speaking. Papaya is a digestive agent that contains an enzyme known as papain and latex are known as papayotin.

    Butternut: This is known to traditional healers in North America to expel or treat worms in your intestines. The bark of this tree can help to expel those worms as it has an anti-parasitic compound that is called juglone, laxative and anthelminthic. However, studies are still needed to prove the butternut's bark is effective.

    If you are going to eat pineapple or papaya. Make it a habit by eating at least 3 slices of each fruit a day.

    General Tips

    • Practice excellent personal hygiene to prevent external and internal parasites from taking hold of your body.
    • Maintain a clean and sanitary environment.
    • Always keep coconut oil and ground coconut in stock, or at least know where you can access them immediately, in times of parasitic outbreaks.
    • Always be mindful of the things that you eat or use. Do not share personal things such as combs, towels, or undergarments.
    • Make coconut a regular part of your diet as a means to prevent any form of parasitic infestation.

    Questions and Answers

    Recipe for killing tapeworms using coconut oil?

    You can take 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil twice or thrice a day. However, if you cannot bear its taste, here is a recipe you can try.

    • Coconut oil and tea smoothie - A laxative tea is an effective way to flush out tapeworms after you take some coconut oil to kill them. To make this recipe, you will need a teabag, four ice cubes, 1 tablespoon of honey as a sweetener (you can also use sugar to taste), 3-5 tablespoons of water and 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil. Blend all these ingredients in a blender to make one smoothie. Take this before going to bed so you will be ready to defecate in the morning. You make another one if you want to drink one in the morning, and one in the evening.

    Coconut oil is excellent in expelling internal parasites like tapeworms, because of its high content of the MCT or medium-chain triglycerides like lauric acid, capric acid, and the caprylic acid. These saturated MCT fatty acids make the body produce a substance that effectively kills internal parasites in the intestines. In response to your query, I suggest using virgin coconut oil mixed with garlic and onion for a maximum effect in killing and expelling tapeworms. The rationale is that garlic and onion both have sulfur amino acids, which have good anti-parasitic properties. The recipe includes 6 tablespoons of raw virgin coconut oil, one clove of garlic and one large-sized red onion daily to efficiently kill and expel internal parasites.

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    Does coconut meat really kill parasites?

    Yes. Coconut oil is derived from coconut meat, which is a good source of lauric acid that kills parasites and bacteria. When we ingest coconut meat, the lauric acid in it is converted to monolaurin, which destroys protozoa that are the cause of parasites and tapeworms.

    Yes, it does, according to this article Use Coconut to Kill and Expel Parasites (Lice, Tapeworms). The coconut meat has a vermifuge as a vital fiber that eliminates parasites in your body.

    Yes, actually it is one of the best natural home-remedies for internal parasites. The coconut meat fibers actually contain lauric acid, caprylic acid and capric acid which helps in killing and expelling internal parasites and promotes a more stable bowel movement. Aside from killing and expelling internal parasites, coconut meat also has antifungal and antibacterial properties, commonly used for digestive problems. Research shows that eating a cup of dried coconut meat is much more effective than fresh coconut meat in expelling internal parasites. There's also a method known as parasite purge which uses dried coconut meat in expelling internal parasites.

    Does coconut oil work for parasites that infest in your hair?

    Yes. Coconut oil terminates the life cycle of lice eggs (nits), which is the most common hair parasite. The oil keeps lice from attaching to the hair and scalp, causing them to fall off and die. It also does the same thing with the nits, making it nearly impossible for them to stick to the hair strands. Coconut has the ability to suffocate hair-infesting parasites, then you can comb them out of your hair. It is safe to use and has no known side effects.

    Yes, it does, since the coconut oil is used to oil your hair. It will kill and expel the parasites in and on your hair such as lice.

    Yes, coconut oil works well to kill external parasites that infest your hair (lice), and it is used worldwide because of its high rate of success. Coconut oil contains MCT or medium chain triglycerides like lauric acid, capric acid and the caprylic acids which are deadly to external parasites like head lice. Additionally, the oiliness of the coconut oil prevents lice eggs (nits) from sticking to the hair shaft, effectively terminating their lice life cycle. A good recipe for head lice treatment is mixing two tablespoons of coconut oil with four to five drops of tea tree oil and applying it on the hair thoroughly, and cover with a plastic shower cap, or plastic wrap. Make sure it's secured, and leave for up to twelve hours, the longer the better. Then shampoo and rinse the hair. Another method known as a coconut oil treatment works well to kill and remove head lice. To use the coconut oil treatment, simply warm a few tablespoons of coconut oil and apply it directly onto the hair and leave it for a few hours then rinse. To sum it up, coconut oil works efficiently in killing external hair parasites like head lice.

    Does coconut oil kill all roundworms?

    Yes, coconut oil's ingredients are very effective at killing off or expelling parasites. Round worms are considered to be a parasite so coconut, so it will be able to kill off this parasite.

    There are different ways to use coconut oil in order to rid yourself of this parasite that has been discussed in depth above.

    Human flatworms in face?

    Yes, there are cases where flatworms actually embed themselves into human skin. They will look like blackheads, but actually, they are flatworms embedded into the skin. To have this treated, the doctor will normally apply a chemical and also do a bit of peeling of the skin to scratch off the flatworms.

    Name of a tea that kills tapeworms?

    Peppermint tea is among the best natural home remedies to kill intestinal tapeworms because of its natural menthol content. The powerful menthol content of peppermint tea effectively kills internal parasites by slowly inhibiting or stopping their growth. Tapeworms are elongated and thin internal parasites usually found in the intestines. The peppermint tea dubbed as "Stomach Healer" because of its various health benefits to the stomach, and one of them is its natural property to kill and expel internal parasites like the tapeworm. Peppermint tea's therapeutic qualities include anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, astringent, analgesic, anti-parasitic, stimulant and expectorant. Because of its effective anti-parasitic properties and its ability to rid the body of harmful toxins, it is regarded as one of the best herbal teas for killing internal parasites like the tapeworms.

    Tickling with red papules all over skin? Is it a Parasite?

    A papule is a solid elevated spot on the skin, about 0.5 cm to 1 cm around. Papules on the skin can be caused by many factors such as dermatitis, chickenpox, eczema, bug bites or external skin parasites. Reddish or erythematous papules are often caused by skin irritation or bug bites causing the skin tissue to swell forming a red coloration. Tickling sensations on the red papules can be caused by skin parasites like scabies or skin (cutaneous) filariasis burrowing their parasitic bodies deep inside your skin that are causing the tickling sensations or the extreme itchiness on your skin. I suggest you carefully examine your skin's red papules with a magnifying glass to look for tiny burrows or tunnels that may suggest infestations of external parasites. The best way to validate if it is a parasite infestation or not on your red tickling papules all over your skin is to visit your local medical center or hospital for microscopic examination. If a mite or ova are present in the examination, then it is a parasite infestation causing the tickling sensation on your red papules.

    I think I have worms in my stool?

    Recently I was diagnosed with Hashimotos and put on a gluten dairy and sugar free diet and have had loose stool since. This week I started drinking coconut water and shortly after I drink 11.1 oz I had to use the restroom. I'm not sure, but it looks to me as if there is some type of worm coming out of me in my loose stool. This has me very concerned

    Hashimoto's disease is an autoimmune disorder where your immune system attacks your thyroid glands resulting in hypothyroidism or under active thyroid glands. The usual symptoms of Hashimoto's disease are swelling of your throat (front), hoarseness of voice, fatigue, constipation, cold intolerance, weight gain and dry skin. The purpose of your gluten dairy and sugar free diet is to prevent your immune system from attacking your thyroid glands and these diets are often called "Autoimmune Disease Diets".

    Your watery or loose stool is not actually related to your disease, because one of the symptoms is constipation, which makes your stool dry, nor is it from drinking coconut water. The reason you have a loose stool is that the internal parasites are causing various gastrointestinal symptoms like loose stools or diarrhea. The coconut water you drink is actually one of the best home-remedies to expel internal parasites because of its powerful medium-chain triglyceride compound lauric acid, which inhibits and kills internal parasites. If worms are showing up in your loose stool, it means that your body is effectively expelling internal parasites, which you shouldn't be worried about. Instead, I suggest you continue drinking coconut water for a week to completely rid yourself of internal parasites.

    Can tapeworms be on a human head and scalp?

    For several years, I've been experiencing movement on my scalp, inner ears, eyes, nasal cavities and oral also involved. I have taken photos and observed white objects that are long, colorless to white in color. Usually, I will feel a cool wetness on the scalp, sometimes a tight swelling sensation with it, then movement. It sometimes temporarily disfigures my head. Sometimes, there's a biting or stinging sensation. I have sores on my upper back, shoulders, and arms. Just recently, I've felt movement in lower private areas with the same biting. I took some photos of areas irritated and discovered large white-fluorescence wormlike objects. What can it be? I also observed them in my bowel movements

    First, you should go to your doctor immediately. It is unlikely tapeworms are the culprit dues to the wide range of symptoms you're experiencing in your scalp, nasal cavities, mouth, and genital areas. For one, tapeworms or what is also referred to as "cestodes", thrive mainly in the human and animal gut or intestine. This parasite appears relatively flat, likened to a tape measure, and usually enters the body on contaminated food and water such as undercooked or raw meat. The primary symptoms experienced when the body is infested with tapeworms could include fatigue, sudden weight loss, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

    Your description of symptoms would definitely point to Demodex Folliculorum or commonly referred to as "Demodex mites", "Demodicids", and "face mites" which usually invade the hair and scalp area, oral and nasal cavities, as well as the genital areas of the body. Demodex mites are described to display certain worm-like characteristics such as having scaly appearance and tiny claws, which vary in size from 0.1mm to around 0.4mm in length. These parasites feed on your sebum or sebaceous oils found in the hair follicles or pores in your cheeks, eyelashes, scalp, eyebrows, and nose, which often cause varied skin problems and irritations such as acne, blackheads and symptoms like pruritis or itching, inflammation, soreness, and even hair loss as it primarily attack and eventually cause hair follicles to die.

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    Tape worm in my abdomen. Please, do you have any solutions?

    Tape worm in my abdominal for 10 years. Are there any medications you could suggest? Please share with me.

    A praziquantel medication called Biltricide is used orally to remove tapeworms. The medication kills the tapeworm and then you are usually tested in about 3 months to see if you have properly removed the tapeworm from your body. You may need extra medical intervention to completely irradicate the tapeworm from your digestive tract completely.

    How do you get rid of parasites and parasitic debris in the home, so you don't become re-infected after you have taken prescriptions and used natural cleanses? My fianceé and I have been dealing with this problem for five grueling months and it is almost causing our separation. I am so upset. Please help me. There must be something I can do to stop this chaos. We had a guinea pig and it happened because a guest who did not tell us he was being quarantined for the treatment of parasites and worms. How nice! To this day, we are still suffering. Please help me with this problem. What will kill the parasites in our home so we are not constantly inhaling them, or living with them, sleeping with them, walking on them and eating them? What will cleanse the home of this problem? Please help.

    What will get rid of parasites in our home? We keep getting re-infected. We've already been given prescription medications, and have used natural cleanses to reduce the problem, but our own home keeps infecting us over and over. This has been going on for 5 months, I am worried I'm going to lose my partner as he is very upset and he has had it - and I don't blame him.

    You need to make your body inhabitable for hosting. Coconut oil is one way while you should also eat an alkaline diet. Even after parasites are gone, you can have an inflamed bowel for several months. When you clean, use bleach or white vinegar on surfaces. Boil your water before you drink it. Consider getting an alkaline water pitcher for drinking water.

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    Total infestation: I need to know how to get them out of my flesh and brain.

    Worms have gotten out and are now all over and reproducing. I have bought so many different herbs. These things are growing larger as I feel them more often and are getting longer too. They are literally everywhere, even in my muscles. Please tell me what to take, what to eat. I seriously need help!!! I have been to several doctors. No one can find them to even see what it is. I saw two different ones. One looked like a round worm (brownish) the other three looked like spaghetti. Please help me...

    Sitting under a heat lamp sauna is a great way to begin the removal of parasites. You also should consume several tablespoons of coconut oil as well as raw garlic cloves daily. Avoid sugar and carbohydrates as they fuel a parasite.

    Our 4 year-old granddaughter has had an outbreak of head lice every 2-3 weeks for the past 3 months or so. We treat vigorously with the Clear Lice products. She continues to get outbreaks. Our washer and dryer are running full time cleaning anything of hers that can be washed on a daily basis. We use the sprays from clear lice on car seats, furniture, backpacks, coats etc. You name it we have done it. Still, the outbreaks continue. I am beginning to worry about internal lice. My question on number 9 is how much T-tree oil do you put on the scalp as it can be caustic and strong. Do you mix so many drops in an oil or what?

    How much T tree oil does one rub into the scalp, considering it can be harsh and very strong. Do you mix it with coconut oil or massage oil?

    Tea Tree oil is much more effective as a preventative. Lice do not like the smell. Putting six drops into your bottle of shampoo is a very good idea to dissuade lice from hopping to your granddaughter's hair from an infected classmate's head. Also, cutting down on dairy products might help. Apparently, lice prefer people who eat a lot of dairy products. Remember, as a dryer it is the thing that kills lice in fabric,

    Hello, I do not know what is happening to me but I have orange specks, a maggot with horns came out of the nose with nee-moil?

    So this woman cut down a partially dead tree, knocked all over my trailer of mother, from this I started getting sick, guts hurting, spots little one in ears, swollen, very painful had 3 teeth pulled, yeast infection, HIV positive since 1989 help

    Definitely start coconut oil treatments immediately. Coconut oil is also beneficial to maintaining your CD4 counts with HIV. Speak with your HIV specialist about prescribing a medication for parasites. As for the yeast infection, using the coconut oil as a yeast infection treatment is extremely powerful. Avoid sugar as the yeast will feed on your blood sugar. If you are thinking of using an herbal cleanse, make sure it will not interfere with your HIV medications. Foods like grapefruit lessen the benefits of certain HIV medications.

    How often and what dosage of coconut oil will get rid of giardi a in 18 lb puppy?

    How often should coconut oil be given to rid puppy of giardia an what dosage. 4month puppy has Guardia and coccidia parasites and has had 2 rounds of the meds without getting rid of the parasites. He should weigh about 30 lbs but is 17 lbs. Help. I'm afraid he will have this forever

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