Use Alpha Male Traits to Attract Women

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The Benefits of Becoming An Alpha Male

Alpha males exude charisma, clarity and confidence.

An Alpha Male is a man that other humans consider to be a natural born leader. He is usually a pillar of the community and possesses an authorities primal charisma that others feel compelled to follow and obey. They are sought-after partners because they have a great deal of control and influence and often seem very successful, even if they are not.

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Women find alpha males to be very sexy because as the saying goes, "power is an aphrodisiac." Alpha males are sought after because they are usually good providers who exude confidence and masculinity. Women actively seek to please and marry alpha males because they are also very protective, which makes them feel safe.

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The benefits of developing the character and personality traits that can help you to become an alpha male include:

  • Having your choice of women to choose from, whether it is as a lover or a wife
  • Attracting a higher class of women, wealthier and more educated
  • The admiration of other males
  • Increased respect from others in general
  • More confidence in general
  • Success in your career
  • The ability to act and create change in your life for the better, whenever necessary
  • A better sex life

How to Cultivate Alpha Male Traits To Attract Women

Alpha males tend to have their own signature way of dressing.

The belief that you have to be born an alpha male is incorrect. Many alpha males are self-made individuals who went from being the underdog to the guy who shows everyone else how it is done. They did it through self-development and changing their behaviors.

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  1. 1
    Resolve here and now, that you will never again give away all of your power to a woman by reacting to anything they say or do. Alpha males never ever consider relinquishing control of their life to women for one minute. They are not affected in the least when a woman rejects their flirting or sexual overtures. They simply move on to the next eligible prospect. They also do not respond to any form of emotional manipulation from a female including shaming, blaming, gaslighting, complaining, lying, nagging, needling or emotional blackmailing. They do not have time for drama; only the relationships that suit them at the time and that are their choice.
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  2. 2
    Start believing with all of your heart that, "Your past does not equal your future." Life coaches Wayne Dwyer, Napoleon Hill and Tony Robbins have all used this saying to describe what your attitude should be as you move forward in life, from being a man who thinks he is a loser to one that is powerful, successful and a magnet for love and admiration. Wiping your past mentally and emotionally from your mind will help you cultivate behaviors that are less insecure or shame-based, that you may be using when you are picking up women, such as using self-deprecating humor or talking about your ex immediately after you have bought her the first drink.
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  3. 3
    Be willing to give up the comfortable insular routines that may be preventing you from meeting women. Alpha males do not stay indoors playing video games all night or snacking and watching television. When they do go out, they do not hang out with huge gangs of guys that intimidate women from approaching him. They are willing to leave their comfort zone and take risks to go out there on the dating scene and meet women.
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  4. 4
    Stop being your own worst critic. Self-examination is a sign of intelligence and a willingness to change for the better. If you are too hard on yourself, it can lead to emotional insecurity and a lack of confidence. If you make a mistake in a relationship, do your best to improve the situation and if it cannot be rectified, move on. Alpha males silence their inner critic by not letting it chatter on about the shame or guilt they should be feeling about a romantic situation.
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  5. 5
    Pretend you are the alpha male that you want to be, before you fully become him. Act like you own the place, wherever you are. Believe that you are the most attractive, confident and sexy man the room. Know that there will always be a man around who is better looking, richer and who dresses better than you, but despite this, you have what it takes to grab the attention of any woman you want. Dress attractively; develop a sexy swagger and practice being powerfully silent. This is called faking it 'til you make it and it works.
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  6. 6
    When it comes to romantic conquests, start enjoying the hunt more than the kill. This means not being attached to any outcome of any relationship. It is a true trait of an alpha male to pursue a woman to the point that she thinks she has you in the bag, and then simply start chasing someone else. This usually makes her want you even more. This raises your value in the eyes of all of your romantic prospects because women always want what other women want.
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  7. 7
    Alpha males do not waste their time with any woman who is less than a 10 in their eyes. They do not settle when it comes to dating. Alpha males look for quality, not quantity when it comes to women, because they are not players. They do not have time to juggle the attentions of scores of women because they are too busy working on themselves and being successful. In short, they only want to be chased by the best.
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  8. 8
    When you meet women portray yourself as a lucky man and do not tell any hard-luck tales about yourself. What kind of stories are you telling to women when you meet them and how does that affect the way they see you. Alpha males do not ever portray themselves as a spineless cads, as the spurned lover, woman hater, victim of their ex, little boy trapped in a boy's body, a wizard or as a gambler and a rambler. Instead, they only tell stories about themselves that are humble, yet at the same time heroic qualities such as kindness, strength, compassion, humor, patience, conviction, determination and strength.
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  9. 9
    Brand yourself as an alpha male by developing a signature style. There is no hard and fast rule about how an alpha male should dress and many alpha males adopt their own signature costume that they wear every day, which works for them as a kind of branding. Whether you are dressed as a hunter, a businessman or as a star in the art world, be consistent about your dress and never let a woman tell you what to wear.
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  10. 10
    Say as a little as possible and use the body language of a dominant male to attract the attention of women. An alpha-male always stands slightly aside from the crowd and averts his body away from the woman he wants to attract, until she is within a foot or so of his personal distance, in which case he turns her body towards her. However, he does not go out of his way to touch her, because the point of this is to encourage her to approach him first.
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  11. 11
    When you do speak, do so with conviction and in in a confidant commanding tone that expects others to obey. Very often women will completely fulfill that expectation simply because they are attracted to men who seem to be in charge o others and running the show.
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How Alpha Males Avoid Giving Away Their Power To Women

Don't make eye contact with her for at least an hour after first meeting her.

In order to be a truly effective alpha male it is important that you avoid giving away your power to women by engaging in the following behaviors:

  1. 1
    Remember that there is some truth to the saying that nice guys finish last. Alpha males know that human females are wired to be a little more attracted to the man who seems dominant, controlling and stubborn. When you are too nice to a woman, too sympathetic or too attentive, you are relinquishing the control of the relationship to her. Nowadays women are just as attracted to the anti-hero as they are the heroes.
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  • 2
    Never ever badmouth or blame a woman for your problems. There is nothing like taking 100% accountability for your own actions and role in a romantic situation that may have gone wrong to telegraph true masculinity and confidence to others. The male that blames women for all of his problems is giving them the power to strip him of autonomy as a person. Women deeply admire and will seek out a man who behaves like he respects and forgives the women in his past. You are not powerful because you are letting someone who is not even in your life anymore, control your present.
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  • 3
    Avoid making immediate eye contact with the woman that you do want to meet, and instead talk to her best friend or a woman standing near her. If you look deep into her eyes when you first meet, then you are giving her power over you by establishing a dynamic that means that she can hold you with her gaze. This will make her a bit jealous and by the time you do finally interact with her, about an hour later if possible, she will already be very willing to interact with you.
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  • 4
    Never compliment a woman's physical feature, stick to complimenting her clothing or accessories. Telling a woman that her eyes are beautiful or that she has lovely skin lets her know that you are sexually attracted to her and this gives her power over you. Instead, note her good taste by admiring her shoes or dress and only do so as a way of continuing a conversation that she has initiated.
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  • 5
    Do not ever let a woman compare you to another man. Shut down that conversation before it escalates into a speech about how you are like all of the other jerks in her life. One way women take power from men is to tell him that he is "just like all the rest." An alpha male will challenge her back by asking her, "If all of this is true, what are you still doing standing here talking to me."
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  • 6
    Don't waste time wondering about that one woman that got away. This drains you emotionally and can affect your self-confidence. Simply accept that her reasons for rejecting you might have nothing to do with you. It could be just got out of a bad relationship or that you are simply not her type.
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  • 7
    Never ever reject any woman as she is your gateway to meeting even more women. Whenever you completely banish a woman from your life, you are also banishing her circle of friends. Don't burn bridges or give her friends any incentive to ignore you. Alpha-males skillfully keep entire crowds of women and their friends preening them at one time. Don't give her the power to affect your popularity.
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  • 8
    Alpha males never ever give away their power to a female by engaging in a debate. Instead they are silent. They let her say her peace and respond in a very minimal way that only conveys that she has been heard. They might also say, "You're absolutely right.", and then say nothing else. If you engage in a debate with her by giving her back and forth responses, then you are giving her the power to engage with you as an equal.
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  • 9
    Don't ever ask for her number, let her ask for yours. The easiest way to do this is to ask her to call you, as if she already has it, and when she tells you that she doesn't have it, then give it to her. She will be so concerned that you did not take her number, that she will probably text you back to give it to you. Once you have her number, don't call her and let her do all of the texting and initial contact. This is how alpha males save time and avoid wasting time chasing after females who are not interested in him.
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  • Tips and Tricks

    Being too confident can come off as being humorous.
    • Shut down any rumors about your past as fast as you can, if you feel you are being framed by a jealous or spurned ex, as when it comes to being an alpha dog, your reputation is everything
    • Although it is a good idea to appear confident to women, be careful not to boast too much as most women don't like braggarts

    If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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