Use Air Gesture on the Samsung Galaxy S5

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Hi, you're watching VisiHow, and today we're going to show you what you can do with motion gestures on the Samsung Galaxy S5.


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    To start, press the power button to open up your lock screen, draw your pattern or enter your PIN or whatever your lock preference may be.
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    Swipe down and tap the settings gear. Alternatively, you can press the home button to get back to the home screen, and we're going to tap on the apps button.
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    Tap on apps, and that will open up your applications folder where you will also tap on settings.
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    Now we're going scroll down and look for the icon called Motions and gestures. In the stock Galaxy S5, it's a blue icon. Tap that one time.
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    This will open up our stock Motions and gestures. We have four in total. We have the direct call, smart alert, mute/pause and palm swipe to capture.
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    Let's start from the top, direct call. This is something that you can turn on or off by tapping the switch. When you see the contact that you're interested in speaking to, you simply lift the phone to your ear and it automatically dials that contact. It's a very handy feature, especially if you're driving or using S Voice. You might say, for example, find contact, etc. Next, hit back.
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    Now we have smart alert. Smart alert is another great feature. Anytime you've set your phone down and walked away, or you've been away from it and you pick it up and put it in your pocket, you're usually not going to know that you missed calls or messages. However, in this case, any time you pick it up, your device is going to give you a couple quick buzzes to say you missed a call or a message. If you've wondered why your phone buzzes sometimes when you pick it up but can't figure out why, since it's a different buzz than the buzz you get for an SMS, this is what that is. It's smart alert, and it lets you know you've got some unseen calls or messages.
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    Next, we have mute/pause. This is absolutely my favourite motion on the device and the coolest as well. You can cover your phone with your hand, which puts it on mute, basically like covering the mouth of someone when you want them to be quiet. You can also turn the device over. This feature saves me from constantly trying to find the mute button or adjust a power setting or accidentally turning something on or off that I didn't want to be turned on or off. Very handy feature. Let's go back.
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    Last but not least, we have palm swipe to capture. This is a very simple feature, you simply swipe your palm across the screen of the phone, making sure that the skin of your palm is partially in contact with the phone the whole time. You'll see a white box appear on the screen as the screenshot is taken. This is handy in case you want to take a picture of something someone said, or anything like that.
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    Let's go back to our settings folder, and press on the home button to go back to the home screen. That finishes our tutorial on how to use the stock motion gestures with your Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone or your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini or Mini dual SIM. Thank you very much for choosing VisiHow, have a great day and we look forward to assisting you more. Just let us know in the comments and questions section below.
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Questions and Answers

Air browse icon doesn't come up when air browse is on?

When I turn on air browse I don't see the hand looking icon at the top of the screen, why is that. Well I only turn on air browse and not the other options for example palm capture. I have tried: Turning on air browse and I move my hand over the screen when I open my gallery and music but nothing worked. I still don't see the icons. I turned it on and off but it's the same result. I think it was caused by: Maybe technical error, because no matter how I turn it on the icon still doesn't appear.

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