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Use Phone Screen Sharing in Samsung SideSync

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USB connection doesn't work in SideSync 3.0?

Hi, the WiFi connection is excellent in my house, where I have a laptop; but I can't connect via USB in my office, where I have a desktop.

Samsung SideSync used to be a Samsung PC-only piece of software. However, it now runs on all Windows and Mac OS X computers. Make sure that you're running the latest version of Samsung SideSync 3.0 by clicking this link and downloading the latest version. You should also check the Google Play Store to make sure that your Samsung phone is running the latest version of SideSync, as well. Once both devices are up-to-date, restart them. Then, plug your phone into your desktop with a USB cable. If you are unable to share your Samsung phone's screen, there is a chance that your employer blocks certain features on your desktop which would result in your phone not being able to connect to SideSync to share its screen on your computer. Contact your company's IT help desk to ask them to allow you to use SideSync on your computer.

Any ideas on what could cause a well working PC/Cell combination to stop working after an uninstall and reinstall on the cell?

I had an issue with Contacts not opening. Samsung S5. Error was:. Unfortunately, Contacts has stopped. . After trying many suggested fixes. I got to the point where I began uninstalling all the apps that could access Contacts. SideSync was one of them. I fixed my problem and began to reinstall my apps. Reinstalled SideSync but cannot get it to connect to my PC. It keeps connecting and disconnecting every second or two.. I have tried: Multiple uninstall and reinstall on both PC and Cell, checking setup. For example turning on USB debugging on the cell. I have not reinstalled the UBS driver on the PC. I might do that next although the Cell does connect to the PC Explorer and I can browse the file system.. I think it was caused by: Again the uninstall of SideSync on the cell.

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Just got a Galaxy Tab S, have Win 7 on PC?

Just got a Galaxy Tab S, have a Win 7 on PC. Have current version of SideSync on both devices. USB debugging enabled on tablet. Won't connect WiFi. Plugged in USB cable, THEN computer says it's connecting via WiFi, which I thought was supposed to be disabled on tab if you use USB cable. Still won't connect even if WiFi is on

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My Galaxy S5 is having limited connectivity with my Toshiba laptop?

I can see the notifications and selecting one on the laptop brings up the app on the phone. But the phone screen will not show on the laptop, and it keeps saying "Connection failed." It appears not to recognize that I am connected via a USB cord, although the phone does show it is charging over that same cord.

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Use Phone Screen Sharing in Samsung SideSync
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Do I need to have SideSync installed on the phone as well as the PC?

I have a broken touch screen on Galaxy j3. the phone is working in all aspects (ringing, alarms, messages being received etc) apart from the touch screen. I have installed sidesyn on the PC and the drivers all seem to be OK but can't get it to connect in order to unlock the phone and update before I take it to the shop for repair. Any suggestions? I have a broken touch screen. I cannot install any software on the phone - SideSync says it can mirror screens - I need to know whether this can be done if SideSync isn't installed on the phone. I have tried: Only USB possible as the touch screen isn't working. I think it was caused by: Phone was initially wet and dried out - all other aspects working

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