Unlock the Silver Surfer on Marvel Ultimate Alliance

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This article will show you how to unlock the Silver Surfer on Marvel Ultimate Alliance. When I first played this game, I had no idea that Silver Surfer was even an unlock-able character, so I want to share this information with the world so everyone can share the excitement of playing with The Silver Surfer. The Silver Surfer is one of the last characters that can be unlocked in the game.

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There are two ways to unlock the Silver Surfer. The first is by beating necessary requirements within the game. The second is by using password codes. If you do use codes, it can knock off your achievement status, which means although you can continue playing, you won't gain any points toward your profile record.

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No-Cheat Method

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    To meet this objective, you need to find every simulation disc in the game, which are located on every level of the game
    During the game, if you miss finding a disc in any particular level, you can retry that level as many times as you want. According to most gamers, you can find the Mysterio disc in Murder World, which is located on the left side of the room in the third area. This is critical because if you do not get this disc, you won't be able to return to this level in order to get the disc back, and you'll be forced to use the cheat codes to unlock the Silver Surfer.
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    From here you need to access the SIM menu and play each SIM available in the game
    It's important to stay focused as the SIM can prove to be frustrating, because each SIM has its own set of rules to complete.
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    After you've completed the simulations necessary to move forward, you need to make sure you have achieved at least a bronze for each level
    After you have at least received a bronze rating for each simulation, you are done, and from here you can select the Silver Surfer from the character select screen.
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Cheating Method

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    Unlocking Silver Surfer alone
    Open your character selection screen and then press the following buttons, which work for all consoles. "Down > Left > Left > Up > Right > Up > Down > Left >". Make sure you press these buttons quickly, in exactly that order, to successfully unlock Silver Surfer.
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    Unlocking Silver surfer and every other unlockable players
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"Up > Up > Down > Down > Left > Left > Left > Start >". As mentioned above, press these buttons quickly and in the correct order, and this cheat will unlock all the unlockable players, including the Silver Surfer.

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Questions and Answers

I always play ultimate alliance on the Xbox, but I can't seem to unlock Silver Surfer. Can you help find a way to do that?

Almost every day I play this game, and I want to use Silver Surfer, but every time I finish the game, I don't get him. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Please help me.

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