Uninstall Programs in Windows 7

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Hello and welcome to VisiHow. In this video, I'm going to show you how to manually uninstall a program on Windows 7. It's quite common that some programs might make it difficult for you to uninstall them, especially if they're games, they're from website trying to make some money, they have adware and they're trying to track you, or they've been installed unintentionally because you clicked on something by mistake. This can be quite common, so I'll show you how to uninstall these programs.

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    Let's go to the Start menu
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    We're going to go to Control Panel
    And from there, we have the various options.
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    So we've got Programs at the bottom; click on that
    And here we have options to uninstall a program. We can also view installed updates and what is on this computer.
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    So click at the top, 'Uninstall a program'
    And here we have a list of programs we can uninstall if we desire. Sometimes when you look at this you'll be very surprised by what exactly is installed on your computer. Here we have a variety of things.
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    So if I want to uninstall iTunes, I'll click on iTunes
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  6. 6
    And click 'Uninstall'
    And this will give me the option to uninstall iTunes. If there's some other things you want to uninstall, then you can do it the same way. It will bring up a number of options. You need to follow their instructions and it'll allow you to uninstall any program that you desire.
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    So that concludes this video
    If you have any comments or suggestions, then please leave them in the section below. You've been watching VisiHow. Goodbye!
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Video: Uninstall Programs in Windows 7

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