Understand What Colitis Is, and How to Cope With it

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Colitis is a bowel disease that affects the lining of the large intestine that becomes inflamed. The duty of the colon is to collect and hold the waste products that we digest. It pushes undigested food through this muscular tube towards the anal area, to eliminate the bowel. The wall of the colon has many layers. There is a muscular layer outside that squeezes the undigested food through the colon. The mucosal layer is where the colon becomes inflamed. Ulcers and sores can develop inside too. Other symptoms may be chills, fever, pain, diarrhea, and stomach cramping, and feeling the urge to go to the bathroom on a frequent basis. There is also the chance you could have blood in your bowel movements. What can cause colitis? There are different reasons why one can acquire colitis. You could have a bacterial infection, food poisoning, not enough blood flow to the colon, or possible problem with parasites. What kind of treatment can a person receive to help themselves? There are drugs doctors can give you to reduce swelling of the large intestine, and inflammation. For serious cases of colitis, with ongoing bleeding in your bowel, fever and dehydration a partial removal of the large intestine or full removal is necessary. Unfortunately, there is no cure at this time for this disorder from the medical world, although some people claim to have been cured by eating 100% whole foods vegan. This article talks about ways to cope with Colitis and lessen the symptoms.

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Ways To Cope

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When it comes to colitis there are different approaches that you can take in order to cope with this disease on the daily basis. Colitis is a disease that inflames your bowels which can cause you a great deal of pain when trying to pass a bowel movement. The other symptoms that can be caused from colitis are flare ups in your digestive tract, abdominal pains, fever, weight loss and diarrhea. All of these symptoms can be experienced on different occasions or at the same time. Below are a number of tips and tricks to help you in order to help you to cope with this disease.

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  1. 1
    Try eating a 100% plant based diet
    Only eat foods as they naturally occur in nature. Yes I am talking about being vegan. This has cured many people with ulcerative colitis. Try it for two weeks and see if you notice a difference. Your gut bacteria will change over a two week period and you should notice your symptoms going away.
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    Exercising can in fact help you along the way just like it can with other medical problems that people go through on the daily basis. Exercising can help you to get through a flare up at a later time in your day but must be performed before an inflammation. When a flare up begins understand that you will not be able to workout or exercise at that particular time so understand that you will need to take preventative measures in order to get through the pain that you are experiencing.
    1. Running/jogging will help you in order to aid your digestive system in many way by performing these type of high impact exercises. All of these exercises will help you in order to loosen up your digestive system so that you will be able to pass bowels easier later on as well as aiding the chances of inflaming your digestive tract.
    2. Any type of physical movement can in fact help you along in the exercise department such as walking or any type of movement throughout the day. Do not look at any exercise as not being enough for anything that is done physically can help you in the long run as long as the workout is consistent.
    3. Exercising can also be a stress reliever within a person who has Colitis as it takes their mind off the issue at hand which is that they are battling a disease. Relieving of stress will in fact help a person with colitis not feel the need to worry or enrage themselves in regards to passing a bowel later on in the future.
    4. It has been recommended by people living with colitis that exercise is key to having better help in regards to relieving stress and the effects of colitis. Get out and do anything that requires movement in order to help you to battle back against colitis.
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    Get some well deserved rest
    When living with colitis understand that getting sleep and rest will help you in living with the disease. Getting sufficient rest will help to relieve stomach and mental issues within a person who is living with colitis at the current time. If you are a person who cannot in fact get the sufficient amount of rest needed due to any issue in regards to your health problem then you will need to consult a doctor to help aid you in getting sufficient rest.  
    1. When going to sleep ensure that you are getting at least 8 hours of sleep at night in order to fully allow your body to recover. If you are having issues sleeping then ask your doctor for any type of medication that can help you to be more comfortable when trying to go to sleep at night.
    2. Exercising will allow you to fall asleep quicker than normal which can in turn aid you in receiving the amount of sleep required to help relieve you of certain symptoms while dealing with colitis.
    3. Aside from getting a well deserved rest you will need to make sure that you are waking up at a desired time that will not interrupt you while trying to get your rest for waking up early will in fact cause you to not receive proper amount of rest that is required.
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    There are a number of medications that you can take in order to relieve some of the symptoms that you are facing while dealing with Colitis. Some medications are recommended by some doctors and not by other depending on your specific case so understand that before taking any of these medications you will need to consult your doctor. below are a list of medications that are proven to help Colitis but you will need to ensure that you consult your doctor about these medications before taking them in your current situation.
    1. Diarrhea medicine will help you in order to not have to put up with the diarrhea symptom that comes along with your Colitis. This medicine can be taken daily but you will still need to consult your doctor before taking this medication.
    2. Colon medicine can also be taken in order to help you to take pass a bowel easier than having to struggle when taken a bowel. The colon cleansing medicine can in fact be an asset to you when trying to stay healthy in your situation.
    3. Imodium has been recommended by people who are struggling with Colitis stating that this medicine helps them to not have any symptoms during their afternoons and evenings which can prove to be a big help to certain people who are dealing with Colitis. Imodium can be purchased over the counter at your local drug store.
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    If you are dealing with this disease then it is perfectly fine if you discuss these issue with a co worker, family or friends. This will help you in order to be allowed to take short breaks at work or cause friends to put you through minimum acts of movement with Colitis. Talking will allow you to get out your true feelings which in turn can help you out by not having to hold your disease a secret forever. When it comes to giving them details on your current situation you will not need to give them any information that you find embarrassing but ensure that you give them important points.
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    Allowing Help
    In your current state there will be times where the help from others will fact be very useful to you while dealing with Colitis. So while dealing with Colitis if anyone offers you help in anyway as it refers to your overall health then be appreciative and take the help. Taking the help will open a new window for you in regards to learning how to accept a helping hand.
    1. Allowing yourself to take a helping hand will help you to feel better by not having to isolate yourself from everyone which can bring you down by isolating yourself. Isolating yourself can prove to make you unhappy in your day to day life so allowing the helping hand can eliminate this loneliness and depression you could face.
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    Stay Ready
    Colitis is a disease than can ruin your day in an instant so it is important that you always stay ready and prepared for whatever can happen in the future. When it comes to preparing yourself you will need keep a change of clothes and hygiene tools with you at all time in case you have an accident which can be caused by the Colitis.  
    1. A change of clothes can help you if you cannot make it to the bathroom in time and also save you time from taking a trip home if you are unable to make that trip
    2. Packing hygiene gear in your bag or vehicle will help you if you have an accident which can help you to clean yourself up after you accident.
    3. When traveling to places make sure that you survey the area for the nearest bathroom in order to help you to make it to the bathroom in a timely fashion rather than taking too much to locate the bathroom. By having to take a long time to identify where the bathroom is you will open yourself up to having an accident while you are out and about at the time.
    4. Pain Medication. This will help reduce stomach cramping.
    5. Hemorrhoid Creams Or a Cool Compress. Can ease rectal irritation.
    6. Fish Oil. Can help lessen inflammation.
    7. Probiotics. Researchers have said that adding good, beneficial bacteria, could help fight the disease.
    8. Stay Away From Foods That Irritate Your Symptoms. These include spicy foods, caffeine and dairy.
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Tips Tricks & Warnings

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  • Make sure you drink enough water. You can become dehydrated with colitis.
  • Try to keep a positive attitude and keep yourself busy.
  • Exercise to relieve stress, and relax.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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