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Hello and welcome to VisiHow. Today, we are going to show you how you can get started unboxing your Apple TV. That is right. Inside this little box, is an Apple TV. For those of you who have not used Apple TV before, it is a very small little box that outputs a 1080p HDMI signal and also has built in wireless. This lets it connect to your WiFi system in the home and then once connected, receives the broadcast from your wireless system and then connect to the internet through that and provide YouTube, Hulu and a whole host of other great content things to your system. This is especially useful if you are some one who is already a member of the Apple ecosystem; iCloud, and all those sorts of fun things. So, without further ado, let us get started.

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  1. 1
    What we need to do is take some scissors and open this tiny little box
    I am going to turn it on its side. Push it over here because this piece looks to be the easiest one to slide into. Let us give it a slide down here. You do not need to press too hard. Especially because I am moving a sharp object towards myself which is a great way to get cut - don't recommend doing that with anything like a knife. I am just trying to break the edge of this plastic. Slide over here now okay? A little too much there.
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    Okay, let us see what we have got
    Lets give it some pushes with my fingers. As you can see, I did not do the most perfect job ever but my job is not opening boxes which I suppose would be a good thing but maybe if it were Christmas boxes, it might not be a bad thing. So let us slide this plastic off and out of here, put our scissors out of the way. Probably don't need those again either.
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  3. 3
    Okay now, before we open this box, I will tell you a secret
    It is a secret that I discovered after I got home with this awesome little box. This is my secret. It is called an HDMI cable. You need an HDMI cable to use this box. If you do not have an HDMI cable, you are going to get home, you are going to try to turn this on and it is not going to work so let us open this up. We have got our HDMI cable. Now those of you who are unfamiliar with HDMI cables, let me explain some very simple basics. This is a thick, heavily shielded HDMI cable.
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    Lets pop the end off
    It has got a high quality connector on the end. It is molded plastic. They are on little clips or things that can come apart if the cable flexes okay? It is well put together.
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    The end cap is actually shaped and formed to match the end of the HDMI piece so it stays on there once it is put on
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  6. 6
    It is also wrapped in twist ties
    It is a high quality cable as opposed to some low quality stuff you get that will interfere with the signal, it will create problems. Make sure you get a good cable for your Apple TV or you may end up having problems with your $65 or $100 Apple TV when you use a $5 cable.
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  7. 7
    Okay, with that kicked out of the way, let us see here
    Let us open this up. Looks like it slides, let us give it a push. I am just pushing with my two thumbs here.
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    I see the black of the box here so I do not have to follow up so let us shift our focus to pull up
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  9. 9
    There we go
    Apple TV, let us put you right here. Here is my Apple TV. Let us turn the box over and let that come out in my hands. Okay, first we have the little Apple TV. This is tiny, it is really really small. It is smaller than a CD case. On the surface, it is thick. It is a little bit thicker than a deck of playing cards. Actually for those of you who eat sardines, it is kind of like one and a half cans of sardines. Alright, let us put that over here.
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  10. 10
    Now, let us turn the case over
    Again, we have got our little Apple remote control in here.
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    Looks like a coin goes in this little hole and it pops out to put a battery in there, that is nice and handy
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    Got a little hole in here we can put in for something to eat our finger like you saw earlier
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  13. 13
    and now - I know you thought I was going to pull out HDMI cables but as we know
    Now we just have a basic simple power cable. That is it.
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  14. 14
    And then, in the bottom, we have the standard Apple - nothing else in the box okay
    What is in the box Brad Pitt? Nothing is in the box now.
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  15. 15
    We have just our configuration guides all wrapped up and that is everything that is in the beautiful little box
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    So, ladies and gentlemen, this concludes our tutorial or really, our instructional video on what is in the box with your Apple TV set
    If you get an Apple TV and you are missing some of these components, you will probably want to go back. Especially if it is used and say "Hi,, where is my remote control?", "Where is my cable?". If you find that you do not have an HDMI cable with it, that is because you need to buy your own. You have been watching VisiHow. This concludes our tutorial. Thanks and have a great day. Enjoy the Apple TV. Let us know if you need any help or have other tips, suggestions or questions in the section below. Thanks and have a great day.
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Video: Unbox the Apple TV

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