Turn on Screen Mirroring on Samsung Galaxy Note II and Share Your Phone's Screen to the TV

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We can do so much with our smartphones, but there's no doubt that sometimes a bigger screen can be better. With Screen Mirroring, it's possible to duplicate your Galaxy Note2's display on your television, offering an easy way to show off your photo albums and play videos on your TV. You can also wirelessly stream internet games, music, videos and movies, and hear it all on your TV sound system as well. It's everything you love doing on your smartphone, but big enough to share with friends and family.

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So, how do you do it? Well, if you have an HDTV or another device that accepts HDMI input, you can easily connect your Galaxy Note2 by using a Samsung AllShare Wireless HDMI Display Adapter. It is also called the AllShare Wireless Hub/Dongle."

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Note: Before purchasing the AllShare Cast device, consult your TV manual to find out if it is compatible with a wireless HDMI display adapter. It must say that it is DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) compatible.

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If your TV is DLNA compatible, connect both it and your Galaxy Note2 to the same wireless network. Next, go on your Samsung Galaxy Note2 and open Settings > More Settings > Nearby Devices. Your TV model will pop up on the Note2 display. With this capability, you will be able to play any music videos and movies that are stored on your Galaxy Note2 on your TV screen. You will also be able to display photos. Unfortunately, there are limitations to what you'll be able to do. If you're looking to mirror streaming media from the internet, you will need to purchase an AllShare Cast Hub to connect your devices.

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Here's a quick guide to help you set up an AllShare Cast Dongle and share media to your TV.

How to mirror your Note2's screen with the AllShare Cast Dongle.

  1. 1
    On your Galaxy Note2 home screen, tap "Settings"
    If you don't see the Settings icon, tap the "Menu" button. This should bring up the "Settings" option.
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  2. 2
    From Settings, tap "More Settings".
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  3. 3
    Scroll through your Settings menu until you see "AllShare Cast."
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  4. 4
    Next to the AllShare Cast is a status switch
    Tap the switch to enable it.
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  5. 5
    After you've enabled the AllShare Cast on your device, it will automatically scan for DLNA devices that are connected to your network
    If it did not detect any devices, double check if the TV is DLNA capable or if it's connected to the same network. You can also power cycle the TV if the TV is DLNA certified. Once the model of the device shows on screen, tap it to connect.
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  6. 6
    The display on the screen of your Galaxy Note2 will immediately appear on your TV screen.
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  7. 7
    An icon of a TV should pop up on your Galaxy Note2.
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  8. 8
    Press the "Gallery" TV icon
    This will stream the photo selected to your TV screen.
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  9. 9
    To play any other media, tap their icons.
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Mirroring a Samsung Android Device to a Non-Samsung Laptop


  1. 1
    Your computer must run on the Windows 8 operating system
    Some reports suggest this works for Windows 7, but this is unconfirmed.
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  2. 2
    Your Samsung Device
    This should work for both Android tablets and phones.
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  1. 1
    Download the Side Sync screen sharing application installer using your mobile phone
    You can use this QR code to download it.
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  • 2
    Next, download the corresponding app for your PC here
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  • 3
    Be sure to install both applications before continuing
    Once you're ready to begin, launch the application on your phone.
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  • 4
    Connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable
    Before connecting the USB cable from your phone to your PC. Make sure USB debugging has been enabled on your phone. Although you can enable it after connecting the USB, it is best to enable it before you connect the two devices.
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  • 5
    Run the application on your PC
    Download any updates if prompted and allow them to complete before proceeding.
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  • 6
    After the update, your mobile's screen should appear on your computer screen
    You should be able to see any actions you carry out on your phone 'mirrored' on your PC, and vice versa. Samsung devices can also view the screen in landscape mode on the PC directly through the PC's software. Other brands will require the user to physically tilt the screen onto its side to view the screen in landscape on the PC.
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  • Using Third-Party Equipment to Mirror Phone Screen to a Larger Display

    Another way to mirror your phone screen is by using third-party equipment. A popular device that works to mirror your Samsung device (Limited models) is a PTV3000 made by NETGEAR. This is commonly used for family viewing at home and even office presentations.

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    There are other products that can be used to mirror your phone or Tablet screen, but they depend on the supported devices, and any other requirements needed for them to work.

    Tips and Warnings

    • After your AllShare Cast Wireless Dongle is plugged into an outlet, press and hold its reset button for several seconds so it will connect to your Galaxy Note2.
    • Be sure that you have a clear space around the AllShare WiFi antenna while Screen Mirroring.
    • If there are other WiFi networks within range while Screen Mirroring, the connection quality may be affected.
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    Questions and Answers

    Is AllShare Screening Mirroring compatible with Samsung TVs?

    Yes, but not all Samsung TVs support AllShare framework such as the Galaxy Nexus. Also, the Samsung UN46C8000XC is not WiFi compatible, so you will need to buy a Samsung WiFi dongle to get it to work. Screen Share or AllShare framework is a feature that has been added, allowing you to mirror a screen from one device to the screen of another. If you really want to use the AllShare framework, you will need a Samsung TV that was released in 2013 or later, because this feature is currently only available or supported on the latest Samsung Smart TV. Remember that most Media Share features, like video stream, only work on Samsung TVs that support AllShare.

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    How can I connect wirelessly from Note2 to Samsung TV?

    Hi, I would like to connect my Samsung Note2 to my Samsung TV, but I'm unable to do it. Can you help?

    It will depend on what you want to do in terms of connecting your device to your TV. Google Chromecast will allow you to stream things off of your device to your TV wirelessly.

    You can also try connecting your Samsung Note2 to your Samsung TV using a direct WiFi connection on both of your devices.

    You can also use this application to connect your Note to your TV: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sec.smartview.tz

    It depends on the type of Samsung TV you're using. There are a couple of ways you can connect your device to the TV. A common way to connect your device to the TV is by using a console, such as a PS3 or Xbox 360, to stream media.

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    Since the update to my Note2, my mirroring is not working.

    I had to update my Note2 to the newest Android software, and now my mirroring is not working.

    My S4 is having the same problem. When I brought it to customer service's attention, they notified me that the bugs were in the process of being fixed.

    You need to reconnect both devices (TV and phone) so they can re-sync. Since you updated your phone, there is a possibility that the changes have reset themselves to default settings.

    Do the following to reconnect them:

    • Go to settings.
    • Tap more settings.
    • Look for AllShare Cast.
    • Tap the switch next to it.
    • Your phone will look for compatible devices.
    • You will now see your phone's screen on your TV.

    Do you need to be connected to the internet to use AllShare dongle?

    No, you don't an internet connection to use AllShare dongle. You just need to connect the AllShare Dongle to a power outlet using the supplied travel charger, and then connect it to your TV using an HDMI cable. Set your TV source to HDMI.

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    On your phone, go to your home screen, then touch the menu button, select Settings > AllShare Cast and then select the Dongle on the list. That's it. Your device screen will now be shared to your TV.

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    I have an HD TV. I'm trying to enable DLNA on the TV.

    Please help.

    Did you know that all DLNA certified products have this feature available already? All you need to make this work, is make sure they are both connected to the same network (WiFi), and let them 'meet' each other.

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    It's important that all your devices are DLNA certified to share and view contents from one device or the other.

    Here are the steps to connect a Sharp TV to the local network:

    1. Turn your TV on, and then press the Menu button on the remote. 2. On the menu screen, navigate to the Setup on the top right screen. 3. From the submenu, select "Picture Settings" - it looks like a spanner symbol - and select "Network Settings," then press OK. 4. On the next screen, another menu will appear. Select "Connection Type" and select either wired or wireless, then confirm it. 5. Once you have confirmed it, your TV will now be connected to the local network and is ready to go.

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    The steps may be different for the television that you own, however, most operate on the same principle. If you are not sure if the television you have is DLNA certified, you can go to this link: http://www.dlna.org/consumer-home/look-for-dlna/product-search to check if your device is capable of sharing content. You can also check the TV product information or the packaging box for a DLNA logo.

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    If I am going to use screen mirroring, what will happen to the other person that is trying to receive the movie?

    What will he or she need to do?

    Remember that there can only be two devices used in screen mirroring. One is your Android device, and the other your compatible Samsung LED or Samsung Smart TV. If you are going to use screen mirroring from your Android device to your big TV screen, then the person who is using the TV will lose access to it while your screen mirroring is in process. To use Samsung Screen Mirroring, you need to have both devices connected to the same local network and synced using your AllShare Cast.

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    If you are not referring to a big TV screen, and want to know what the other person does while you're mirror screening, that's different. Let's say you have connected an extended screen to your non-Samsung computer or Laptop. By phone sharing on your computer, you can simply drag the phone's screen to the second display and then maximize it to watch movies or pictures. That setup will allow the other person to continue doing what they are doing while your phone is on the other screen.

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    Or are you trying to share your screen with someone in a different location? If this is what you mean, the two devices must be on the same network (WiFi), for it to work.

    I cannot find "More Settings" from the given steps. Where can I find this?

    This Setting is found in "Settings" (it may sound funny, but it's true). If you have your phone in your hand, simply go to the main screen or Home screen and then tap the Soft Menu Key on your phone. It will light up when you tap it, and it looks like a square with three lines in it. Once you tap it, you will see a pop-up menu on your screen and the bottom part will say "Settings". Tap that option and you will see four tabs on your phone screen: Connections, My Device, Accounts and More. The "More" is what you're looking for, so tap on 'More', and continue to the next steps for doing an AllShare Cast mirroring.

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    I have a computer with HDMI input and output, but it keeps saying input signal not found on the computer when the phone has been plugged in via an MHL and HDMI cable.

    Should it be using the HDMI input or output?

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