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Smart phones are part of our lives now, which we use in everything from finding the nearest restaurant, getting in touch with people, to managing our work online. Every smart phone comes with WiFi and data connection, to allow users to access the internet. Any smart phone has tons of applications, and services that sometimes need internet access to work. If you are not working on WiFi connection, then you will set your phone to work on 3G or 2G if the signal is weak or the 3G signal doesn't exist on your phone. Data roaming is very effective especially if you are a person who travels more often, or you are in an area that doesn't have a signal of your mobile phone network. You will be able to use your mobile phone using your network even in another country, if you were able to find a signal. Sometimes it helps to have a better understanding of the technology we are using, specially when it costs money, you will want to know the services you are being charged for.

What is Data Roaming

Data Roaming enables your phone to roam to find another network, when your mobile phone has no signal, so that it would be able to connect to another service. When your phone connects to another network, it makes you able to make phone calls, send text messages, and connect to the internet to use your mobile apps and web browser. This is an important feature for people abroad, and when your phone roams to another network it will charge you for the calls you make, and text messages you send. When using data roaming for internet access, it is better that you understand how much it will cost you because it charges much higher than it would cost you to make phone calls, and you don't want to be broke while you are traveling.

Turn Data Roaming On

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    From the Home Screen of your iPhone, tap on the 'Settings' menu
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    After you open Settings, tap on 'General'
    If you are using older versions of iOS, then you will need to go to the General menu.
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    Then select 'Cellular'
    If you are using the latest version of iOS like iOS 7, then you will find the Cellular menu directly after you open the settings, it will be under the Bluetooth tab.
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    To turn Data Roaming on, all you will need to do is switch it on by sliding the button next to Data Roaming
    To switch data roaming off, you will just tap the button again and it will get turned off.
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  • To avoid any extra costs from data roaming, it is better that you keep it switched off, and only use it when you need internet access in an emergency.
  • To save money while using data roaming, turn off any mail or application's notifications, and any push settings.
  • Try to use free WiFi for internet connection whenever you can instead of using Data roaming to save money.
  • Try to ask your service provider about offers and packages that could provide you with internet while you are traveling, for a minimal cost.

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