Turn OFF voice for messaging on Samsung Galaxy S3

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Samsung Galaxy S3 decided to launch a new feature in their S3 known as the TalkBack feature. This feature is basically for the visually impaired people who find it difficult to read the texts. This feature makes it easy for them to understand the texts, and even to know who is calling them, because this feature announces the name of the sender who has sent the text or who is calling.

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However, there is no restriction. You can disable this if you want.

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    Disabling the TalkBack feature
    If you feel like your phone is telling you everything, including texts, caller ID's, options, items on the menu, etc., then this means your phone is in the "TalkBack" mode. To disable this feature, just follow these steps:
    1. Go to "Settings". However, since you're in the TalkBack mode, you'll have to double click on the "Settings" option.
    2. Once you're in the Settings section, choose "Accessibility".
    3. Uncheck the "TalkBack" option.
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Congratulations! You have successfully disabled the TalkBack feature.

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    Driving Mode - There is a possibility that you have turned the TalkBack feature off, but still you hear your phone talking
    This would be because you might have accidentally slipped into the Driving Mode. The Driving Mode makes it easier for you to use your phone. If your phone is only telling you about the incoming calls and incoming messages, then it's in Driving Mode. To disable it, follow these steps:  
    1. Go to "Settings".
    2. Now choose "Language and Input".
    3. Once you're in the "Language and Input", choose "Text to Speech Output".
    4. Uncheck the "Driving Mode".
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    Still hearing from your phone
    Well, there is a possibility that your phone is still voicing its thoughts even when it's not in the TalkBack mode or in the Driving Mode. Well, there is no need to get scared of your phone. Just follow these steps to get rid of this once and for all:
    1. Go to "Settings".
    2. Now go to "Language and Input".
    3. Go to "Voice Search".
    4. Choose "Speech Output".
    5. You'll see that there are three options: Always, Informative Only, and Hands-free Only
    6. Change it to "Hands-free Only".
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    Oh, wait
    My phone is still talking! If that is the case, then it may be time to perform a surgery and get rid of those voices. Not literally, of course, so relax. This is your last resort and also the least recommended one. If you decide to disable the Google TTS (Text To Speech) option, then you won't hear any sound whatsoever. To disable this feature, follow these steps:  
    1. Go to "Settings".
    2. Choose "Application Manager".
    3. Now, click on "Running Tab/Menu".
    4. Once you have clicked it, you'll see a thin menu bar at the top. The bar will have two options; Downloaded, and Running. Choose "Running".
    5. Once you have chosen this option, now select "All".
    6. Now disable the "Google Text to Speech Engine", as well as the "Samsung TTS".
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