Treat Warts Using Banana Peels

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Typically, warts are small, rough, and growths on the skin; a similar in color to the rest of your skin. It might be one lone wart, or a cluster of them. Although they are not cancerous, they are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV).

The Story of a Very Persistent Wart

Have you ever had a wart that you believed you would never ever get rid of? Has this one tiny thing consumed your thoughts and just about drove you crazy? If your answer is yes, you've come to the right place, because the same thing happened to me.

For several years I had an annoying wart on my finger on my right hand, and had tried a few home remedies to remove it, but to no avail. Finally, I made a trip to my family physician. He used the cryogenic treatment. In other words, he treated the wart by freezing it with liquid nitrogen. The wart was as tough as nails, and just wouldn't die. After a few months, I took matters into my own hands again, and bought a bottle of Compound W liquid wart remover. I knew it was all over for the wart now because they advertise that this will get rid of the most stubborn warts. It is a concentrated liquid of salicylic acid. However, this cursed wart seemed to be absorbing it, and every time I sanded it with an emery board, it actually grew faster.

Finally, I just decided that it was going to be like one of the sci-fi movies, and I would just be a worthy symbiotic host for this alien wart. Recently, the wart and I "celebrated" our 10-year anniversary together. And it was not long after that I discovered the "banana treatment" online. There were tons of testimonies from many people at several different websites. All of them sang the praises of banana peels and how effectively they were able to eradicate their warts. "All those years, and I had no idea those banana peels I was tossing into the compost could have ended my wart problem once and for all.

With nothing to lose but a very stubborn wart, I began my banana treatment in a last-ditch attempt to conquer the wart. While I'm telling you about my crazy adventure trying to get rid of one nasty annoying wart, I am doing so without that wart on my finger. Ten years that thing plagued me, and with such a simple solution and a couple of weeks - the wart was gone! Follow the instructions below, and you may also be a wart survivor, too.

How to Remove a Wart Using Banana Peels

  1. 1
    Fresh bananas
    For optimum effectiveness when removing a wart, use a fresh banana peel that just ripening, not overly ripe.
    1. Cut a one-inch square of banana peel for each treatment.
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    Before each application, roughen the wart surface with an emery board
    1. Wash the wart and surrounding area with warm soap and water.
    2. Once the wart and surrounding area are dry, use adhesive first aid tape to bind the inner side of the banana peel piece onto the wart.
    3. Keep it on your wart for eight hours.
    4. After removing the bandaged banana peel piece, wash the wart and surrounding area with warm soapy water.
    5. Be certain to dry the wart thoroughly before applying the banana peel each time.
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    RIP Wart
    Within a few days, the wart will begin dying.
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    Use nail clippers to remove the dead, colored pieces of skin after each treatment.
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    In two to three weeks, your wart will be gone if you adhere to the steps above
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    Thawed chunks
    Many people have found that thawed chunks of banana that were recently frozen work as well.
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    Prepare to say, "Bon Voyage" to that pesky wart.
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Questions and Answers

How long should I use this treatment?

Sir, I have been using banana peels for about 15 days and I am following all steps except removing the dead skin with some filer. So should I continue this treatment or I should go to any doctor for this. Its a planter wart and too painful when I walk. I have tried: Wartex cream, Peel of banana. I think it was caused by: No idea

You have to soften the skin on your foot first by soaking your foot in warm water for 5 minutes. If you don't want to use an emery board, then scrub the area with baking soda on a washcloth to remove dead skin cells. If the plantar wart is particularly resistant to removal, soak a cotton ball in Apple Cider Vinegar or put the banana peel in the vinegar and then cover it and leave it all day or night. It's important to remember that natural remedies do not work overnight. Here are more VisiHow articles on removing warts:

I kept the peel to my thumb and it increased.

Will it reduce in a month?

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What banana peel actually contain in getting rid warts that medications don't?

I am not sure that I exactly have warts on my toes, they may also look like corns, but could be fungus, or whatever infectious sores which would never heal with any treatment (including banana peel). It is impracticable to waist months for each treatment. Unfortunately I heard of many advises, but most of it trivial. So, in what way banana peel really fights warts?

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