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Having skin asthma, a medical condition also known as, eczema (atopic dermatitis), is difficult to endure. Eczema is a chronic skin condition that can be very painful and annoying, especially if not treated properly. Not only can adults experience this, but also children and babies are also prone to it. Noticeable red, itchy, rough, inflamed flaking skin usually appears on the hands, face, feet and trunk. The blisters cause itching and bleeding. It is chronic, meaning it doesn't really go away, there are just times it is worse than other times. The most important thing a person must do who suffers from skin asthma is to moisturize. You can buy moisturizers over the counter, but you should make sure you use the organic and natural ones, with very few additives.

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Skin Asthma (Eczema) Overview

Eczema is common. It involves not only adults but most especially, children. It is considered to occur due to leakiness of the skin wall, which triggers the skin to become dry and more prone to irritation and swelling. Some people who suffer from skin asthma are sensitive to certain foods, which invariably worsen the condition. Eczema is also related to asthma, food allergies, and allergic rhinitis.

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Quick Tips

Skin Asthma Symptoms

  • Rashes, especially with babies.
  • Itchiness.
  • Redness.
  • Swelling.
  • Flaking or dry skin.
  • Spots of leaking fluid that seep whenever scratched.
  • Bulky skin.
  • Skin color changes.
  • Some excretion from the ears.
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NOTE:These symptoms often appear in the face, behind the knees and ears, on the wrists, and in the bends of the elbow joints.

What Causes Skin Asthma?

  • Extreme sweating.
  • Low moisture in the skin.
  • Too much heat.
  • Sunburn.
  • Too much stress.
  • Interaction with chemicals.
  • Smoke.

How to Treat Skin Asthma?

  • Don't scratch. Scratching may worsen it and might lead to infections.
  • Use cold compresses and anti-itch medicines.
  • Contact your dermatologist for further treatments.

Home Remedies

  • Stop smoking.
  • Lessen your contact with water.
  • Use hypoallergenic creams.
  • Use gentle soaps and body cleansers.
  • Avoid stress.
  • Moisturize your skin every day.
  • Prevent eating such foods as eggs.
  • Stay away from dirty and dusty places.
  • Cut your nails regularly.
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Detailed Treatment Method

  1. 1
    Skin moisture is the most important aspect when treating skin asthma
    An afflicted person should only use natural/organic moisturizers as these will not contain chemicals and fragrances that can irritate the skin further.
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  2. 2
    Using bath gels, soaps, and creams which are rich in moisturizing contents such as cocoa, olive oil, virgin coconut oil, and butter will help keep your skin hydrated
    Find ones that are rich in virgin coconut oil and lauric gel, as these are effective in soothing dry skin. These work to repair dead cells and even promote skin regeneration.
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  3. 3
    Apply aqueous lotion to affected areas since it helps keep the skin moisturized
    This lotion puts a layer of protective oil on the skin and will not let the mineral water evaporate from your skin. This is recommended for all dry skin, as it's an emulsifying cream, making the skin smoother as well as softer.
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  4. 4
    To ease dry scaly pads, use mild anti-itch lotions such as Calamine or perhaps Caladryl or perhaps topical hydrocortisone (corticosteroids).
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  5. 5
    Thickened skin may be treated using ointments or perhaps creams that incorporate tar ingredients (Psoriasin), corticosteroids and ingredients that lubricate the epidermis.
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  6. 6
    To reduce skin irritations, use steroid-free Topical oils immunomodulators
    Probably the most commonly approved are tacrolimus as well as pimecrolimus. The TCIs are used when the use indicates no side effects.
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Homeopathic remedies to reduce skin asthma:

  1. 1
    • 2
      Calendula - apply it to the affected skin area as this herb soothes the epidermis, but will not cure the epidermis condition.
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    • 3
      Sulphur - effective - intended for redness, burning, itching as well as hot skin.
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    • 4
      Urtica Urens - employed on significant and reddish colored rashes of which itch as well as burn
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    • 5
      Rhus Toxicodendron - used as a remedy intended for inflamed skin resulting from direct exposure to an irritating substance (contact dermatitis).
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    • 6
      Phototherapy/Photo Chemotherapy - to relieve symptoms of mild skin asthma
      Consult a skin specialist to learn about alternative treatments.
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  2. Eating a healthy diet may lower inflammation and allergy symptoms. Add more vegetables, whole grains and essential fatty acids (cold-water fish, nuts, and seeds) to your diet. Eat dark berries since they contain great antioxidants called Flavonoids. Flavonoids possess anti-inflammatory properties, which will help reduce allergy symptoms.
  3. Use herbs such as dried concentrated amounts (capsules, powders, as well as teas), glycerine, concentrated amounts or tinctures (alcohol extracts). It is best to prepare your current tea using 1 tsp. herb for each cup. Steep protected 5 - 10 minutes for leaves or flowers, longer for roots. Drink only two to four cups daily. You could also consume oolong tea to reduce itching. Ask your physician before using herbs.


What Causes Skin Asthma?


One of the skin allergies and conditions that a lot of people are dealing with is Epidermis Asthma, otherwise known as Atopic Dermatitis but most commonly, Eczema. It's more prevalent in women. Skin asthma is NOT contagious but does give the patient a lot of discomfort. It is chronic, but there are a lot of treatments available - both medically and holistically.

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How is Skin Asthma Diagnosed?


The diagnosis involving skin asthma incorporates a thorough examination involving skin analysis, patient history, and family history. All these may be important factors. The analysis may include a skin biopsy and/or an allergy epidermis test. Following this, a treatment plan is determined.

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How can I Prevent Skin Asthma?


Immunotherapy or allergy shots can actually build the body's natural defenses to known allergens and irritants. Take note, parents" early detection and treatment may prevent it from getting worse. Keeping children who are hypersensitive to foods and chemicals away from the culprits, may prevent Eczema from developing. Making sure the house isn't too hot, or to dry is helpful as well. Keep your child in a healthy environment, eat as organically as possible, and don't buy products with a lot of chemical additives and fragrances. fighting pores and skin dryness through frequent baths with slight soaps and also applying non-irritating moisturizers.

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What topical treatments are available?


The usual medications for skin asthma include antihistamines. Oral antihistamines can relieve the irritation triggered by skin redness. Some of the popular OTC antihistamines includes; loratadine, cetirizine, and fexofenadine.

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Topical medicines are prescribed for the management of skin asthma used on the skin, are often recommended for the scalp. Many creams contain steroids as well as mild cortisone cream, TIMs, as well as topical immunomodulators.

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Tips, Tricks and Warning

A number of simple natural home remedies may reduce skin asthma and reduce the dependence on medication. The most effective methods of at-home care of skin asthma, are as follows:

  • Moisturize your skin regularly. Use over the counter creams as well as ointments similar to petroleum jelly and skin lotions at least twice daily, as it will reduce dryness from the skin, however, use products with little or no chemical additives and fragrance-free. You need to keep the moisture on the skin.
  • Refrain from scratching, especially the affected area. The itch is usually reduced by the use of topical or even prescribed creams. Antihistamines may also reduce itchiness.
  • Reduce connection with water.
  • Switch to mild body soaps, as well as dish soap, laundry detergent, and cleaners.
  • Always utilize hypoallergenic creams and make-up.
  • Avoid irritants similar to lanolin as well as wool.
  • Avoid dusty and dirty spaces as it might trigger asthma.
  • Avoid foods that you know trigger eczema, such as eggs.
  • Avoid stress.
  • Keep tabs on the frequent triggers and avoid them.
  • Make sure to get adequate rest.
  • Trim your fingernails often, as constant scratching will worsen the situation.
  • Cover a particularly disturbed patch of skin with a bandage or wear cotton mittens, especially to bed, to avoid scratching.
  • Quit smoking cigarettes.
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Skin asthma is an autoimmune condition, causing an over-active immune reaction. Some other methods using natural remedies that may help alleviate the symptoms of Skin Asthma are as follows:

  • Daily usage of multivitamins like anti-inflammatory omega 3. Foods like salmon, flax plant seeds, spinach, and walnuts are also rich options for omega 3.
  • Exercise is a sensible way to reduce the stress that exasperates the symptoms. Regular workouts will also improve the body's immunity. Make Pilates, tai chi, and rest exercises similar to meditation a component of your everyday routine.
  • Application of Vitamin Eon the affected area helps reduce the itching and irritation.
  • Prepare any paste containing blueberry leaves and rub it on the skin to reduce inflammation.
  • Consume foods abundant in Vitamin N and Zinc to reduce irritation as well as boosting the immune system.
  • Add colloidal oatmeal to bath water. This helps to hydrate as well as cleanse your skin.
  • Consuming oolong green tea twice daily may reduce the symptoms of skin asthma.

Skin asthma is a long-term condition of the skin and requires regular treatment. Consult a dermatologist when symptoms first appear, or if the condition is persistent.

Questions and Answers

What if you have a skin asthma which whenever rain season is about to start you get the rashes, what to do?

If there are any rain symptoms and weather changes, skin reacts very fast, so do we need to use medicines for this because it leaves scars all over the place

You have urticaria brought on by weather and rain. These are hives that present themselves idiopathically. To treat this, take an over the counter antihistamine during weather changes and rainy days. It should help. I had chickenpox as a child and get the same symptoms you do when I take a shower. I take an antihistamine to avoid the reaction. It even presents itself when I am swimming.

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How do I cure my skin asthma ASAP? It's spreading all over my face?

Prevention Cure Home remedies and other that can help lessen skin asthma

There is no cure. Following some of the steps in this article will help prevent further outbreak. For an immediate relief solution, take an antihistamine. Avoid eggs, dairy, and gluten.

I'm experiencing this for almost a month, I thought its ringworm but when I check it, it skin asthma what will be the remedies?

Treatment for it to reduce itchiness redness and not to spread. I have tried: Antihistamine tablet and antibacterial ointment. I think it was caused by: Too much stress

Please do not diagnose yourself over the internet. It is always best to get an opinion from a dermatologist when you are dealing with a skin condition. There are many different types of rashes that are in conjunction with many different viruses, parasites, and diseases. Scabies presents with a skin rash for example. Many autoimmune disorders like Lupus also present with a rash. You can even get a rash when you have Strep Throat.

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What vitamins that I need to take or my son, to relieve the skin asthma?

May 3rd son, was diagnosed with skin asthma, he is 5 months old there any vitamins that I need to take?

Because your son is only 5 months old, you will want to be very cautious in what you give him. Ask your doctor about prescribing a low dose steroid cream for your son. You will also want to keep him moisturized. All three of my children had baby skin asthma and I used to apply the lotion with each diaper change. Stay away from Aquaphor lotions. There are some infant drops of probiotics that can help but speak with your pediatrician first.

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Use a fragrance-free laundry detergent for his clothing and bedding. Also, avoid fabric softeners. You can use white vinegar as a fabric softener or soak a rag with it to add to the dryer for reducing static.

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Does being exposed to dirty water trigger skin asthma?

Does being exposed to dirty water trigger skin asthma?

No, that would be bacteria in the dirty water causing a rash. Our skin is the body's first defense and a rash from dirty water is your skin telling you to avoid that water.

I have a skin asthma today I'm thinking if I can use glycerol or glycerin?

My problem is how many days before my eczema go away. I have tried: Before I tried Cetaphil soaps and lotions. I think it was caused by: Dust, cats, pollen and many more

Glycerin in topical lotions has shown to help with the outbreak of skin asthma. You will want to use a quality form. Lots of lotions claim to contain glycerin but it is cheaply manufactured chemicals.

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My husband told the dermatologist that he has skin asthma but the treatment she gave causes more appearances on the skin?

My husband treatment given by the dermatologist is Verdura but the more we put the ointment the more skin asthma appear

He could be allergic to the topical lotion. Discontinue use and report the reaction to the doctor. There are other treatments your husband can try instead such as other low steroid topical creams.



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Stop eating eggs immediately. Moisturize and soothe your skin by taking an oatmeal bath. Use a cream-based body moisturizer that is scent free. Consider Coconut Oil as a moisturizer or Cocoa Butter.

My son 3 years old has a skin asthma and now my daughter also who is becoming 2 years old, and they are always getting cold and cough

My son is having a problem in his skin, it's too dry and sometimes itchy in the part where his arm bends, and he is rapidly getting colds when he is exposed to dust and dirt, and my daughter also who's turning 2 years old is having the same situation. What should I do to prevent them from getting colds and cough, because I don't want to be always giving them antibiotics that the doctor recommended? I have tried: Antihistamine, moisturizer lotion, antibacterial soap. I think it was caused by: Dust, food, changing of weather, moisturizer

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If they have an infection then please do administer the antibiotics. Doctors do not freely just prescribe antibiotics to children anymore. As for the causes, ask the doctor for a full allergy panel on your children. My children had skin asthma as first signs of an egg, gluten, and peanut allergy. It finally left completely when we removed these items from my children's diet.

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How can I treat my Skin allergies?

Hello. I have skin allergies, it started with a simple pimple on my back and it so happened that it started to be bigger and bigger until it pops up, but it continues to grow until it spread out all over my arms and legs. How can I treat this? I need your help, thanks. I have tried: I tried to lose weight, danced Zumba, etc. I tried so many creams and soaps just to cure this thing. I am also taking anti-histamine for the pain and itchiness. I think it was caused by: Stress and less exercise.

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You may need a low steroid cream prescribed by a doctor. If it is painful then you have something else going on. Try using a body wash that contains Tea Tree Oil. You also may want to regularly mist the area with green tea. You can prepare this and keep it in a spray bottle in the refrigerator. Let the mist dry before putting on clothes.

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See more questions like this: How to treat skin ashma and what is the best medicine?

It's almost a year now and it's really bad that it is too late for me to identify that I have a skin asthma how long will it take to cure this thing?

I'm not really comfortable with this and because of this, I can't go outside and wear some shorts because I'm shy that maybe other people will ask why is my skin like this so it is really frustrating. I have tried: I've tried consulting to dermatologists before but I think she doesn't know what's really is this and so it made me think that is she really a dermatologist? but luckily a few weeks ago I tried to consult other skin specialist and then I'm very thankful because she explained and clarified me everything regarding with this stuff and she has prescribed me a lotion soap and some moisturizing creams. I think it was caused by: I think smoking.

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I am glad that you found a specialist to help you. There is no cure for skin asthma unless you discover what causes the outbreak whether it be a food, pets or weather.

How to prevent skin irritation from coming back?

I already avoided and use treatments from my dermatologist but still, it keeps coming back. I have tried: Unscented soaps and cream

There are only treatments and no cure for skin asthma. Once you have an outbreak, it will present for the rest of your life. Follow the tips in this article can help you avoid further outbreaks.

Is there any cure for my baby's flaky scalp?

I went to a dermatologist this morning and she prescribed creams and lotions for my baby's skin suffering from skin asthma for 1 week. But I was not able to ask for a specific medication for my baby's flaky scalp. I have tried: Novas soap and cetirizine. I think it was caused by: I don't know the cause. It all started with rashes at the back.

Was this helpful? Yes | No| I need help

Warm some Coconut oil and let it sit on the baby's scalp for 20 to 30 minutes. The low steroid creams you were prescribed will help with the entire baby's body. The Coconut Oil on the scalp will help with the flaky scalp. My children had this as babies and I still do a Coconut Scalp treatment for them once a month in the winter. It keeps flakes away even as adults.

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What are some natural moisturizers that can be used for a 4yr old kid?

I have seen a post on the web that Aveeno and other moisturizers have harmful chemicals that can cause tumor rather than cure. Is this true?

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Is it true that honey can eliminate skin asthma? And what other treatment can we use for we are afraid we can't use ointments because of his age of 4 months old?

My niece of 4 months old has skin asthma on his head giving him itchy and flaky scalp. As I researched on skin asthma remedies, one of the articles I've read was honey to cure skin asthma. Is it true? And what other treatment can we use for we are afraid we can't use ointments because of his age of 4 months old.

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My skin is really dry, is there anything to increase the speed of getting rid of it?

Are there any fruits or vegetables for a 10 year old. My situation is different because I live near cats because the next door neighbor has cats and oddly a goat. I have tried: Moisturizing cream and others so if I can have an answer as soon as you see this, that would be great. I think it was caused by: Allergy and cats.

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Does weather really affect my condition? And what can I do to lessen the swelling especially on my face?

Since I was a child, I have had skin asthma..but it is not inborn... now, I am 16, and still, my skin asthma is with me... sometimes it gets severe especially when the weather changes... I've been taking medications suggested by my physician... but sometimes (especially when the weather changes from time to time) it doesn't help me but when I asked my doctor about this, she told me that the weather doesn't have anything with it...Thank you so much.. I'm asking about how weather affects my condition... I have tried: Medications since I was a child and also we have skin testing to know what things and foods are allowed to me. I think it was caused by: When my mother started giving me cow's milk but I was allergic to it so my doctor said soya milk would be advisable

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I have skin asthma.I don't know to treatment of it.its a round brown in color under my armpit.when I scratch it it will turn to white color and its itchy?

What would I do because I want to have a healthy skin. I have already use the salicylic acid.but it not worthed.I use also the apple cider vinegar.but nothings skin is still itchy and dry. I have tried: I tried to put on my skin the salicylic acid and vinegar.I use also the kojic soap. I think it was caused by: My mother says its our heredity.but I want to stop the skin asthma of our family.

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