Treat Diabetes by Consuming Garlic

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High blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, heart disease and stroke are just a few of the complications of diabetes. In severe cases, it can even lead to amputations, blindness, nervous system damage, and kidney failure that may require expensive and dreadful dialysis or a kidney transplant. Sadly, a large percentage of the population (347 million as of 2004) are afflicted with this metabolic disorder. (2016 and the number has risen to 371 million)

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In the US alone, about 25.8 million people have diabetes. (2016 and the number has risen to 29 million) That is approximately 8.3 percent of the population. It is estimated that 79 million adults (age 20 and older) have pre-diabetes. Of those afflicted, around seven million are not even aware that they have the debilitating condition. Who reveals that about 3.4 million people died from it in 2004 and about 80 percent of these deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries. This will make diabetes the seventh leading killer around the world by 2030.

With such sobering statistics, the need to find a treatment is very important, especially if there is a natural remedy that can manage diabetes in developing countries. Garlic, a culinary spice well-known for its medicinal properties, has a long history of use as a treatment for many ailments, including the treatment of diabetes.

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A Peek at Garlic's History

Garlic (L. Allium sativum) The interest in the medicinal values of garlic has been recorded since antiquity. There are references to garlic in the Bible. Early civilizations, including Rome, Greece, China, India, and Egypt included garlic in their arsenal of medicinal herbs. Hippocrates, a respected Greek physician, prescribed garlic for the treatment of various human ailments. It was even a practice for the original Greek Olympic athletes to consume garlic to enhance their performance.

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It is a fact that garlic is among the first recorded plants to be used to treat ailments and maintain good health. It is encouraging that after centuries of conventional western medicine, this generation is once again embracing natural and holistic medicines. The use of natural remedies like garlic and the many other plants found in homes and gardens are on the rise.

The Garlic Potential


With over 400 phytochemical components, the medicinal potential of garlic is quite overwhelming. Seeing this trend, modern science has actively pursued research to validate the claims establishing that garlic is indeed an effective herbal treatment for an astonishing number of human maladies.

It's true that more research is still necessary to establish the full extent of garlic's effectiveness, in this case for diabetes. Raw and cooked garlic have been found to help regulate blood glucose. It's also believed to have medicinal properties to prevent or diminish the effects of some of the complications of diabetes.

Some complications of diabetes that garlic has an effect on are:

  • Lowers the level of sugar/glucose in the blood.
  • Fortifies the immune system.
  • Acts upon LDL (low density lipids) or bad cholesterol.
  • Normalizes blood pressure.
  • Prevents heart disease.
  • Fights or prevents arteriosclerosis.
  • Battles infections.
  • Fosters good blood circulation.

How to Use Garlic

  1. 1
    Cook With Garlic
    This spice can be used liberally in cooking or even fresh, as a condiment.
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  2. 2
    Powder or Fresh/Raw Garlic
    While powdered garlic can be used, freshly chopped raw garlic has the highest concentration of allicin and other active constituents.
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    The Medicinal Dose
    At least two cloves a day are considered standard as a medicinal dose for people with diabetes. Eating more fresh garlic cloves is advised only if it can be tolerated without experiencing a drastic drop in sugar levels. Read tips and warnings for more information.
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    Release the Pungent Goodness
    Crush garlic to release the potent ingredients. It may be pungent, but that's a small thing compared to the good things it does for the human body.
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    Enhance the Taste
    If the taste isn't agreeable to you palate, improve the flavor by mashing garlic with a bit of honey, which also has many medicinal benefits.
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    Make Soup With Garlic
    Concoct an uncomplicated garlic-based broth or soup. It's refreshing and can replace your calorie-laden chicken soup.
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How Garlic Works

It seems that either you love the scent of garlic, or you hate it. Regardless of your reaction to the pungent odor and intense flavor of this bulb, it affects on diabetes and other disorders and diseases make that a very small price to pay.

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    The Allicin Connection
    The pungent aroma of garlic is attributed to "allicin", a compound in garlic that gives it its anti-bacterial properties, along with s-allyl cysteine sulfoxide allyl propyl disulfide.
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    What it Can Do
    Together these compounds promote the production of insulin in the blood by deters the liver from dumping unregulated glucose into the bloodstream. This successfully prevents the liver from rendering insulin inactive, making the hormone (insulin) available to the body to lower the glucose level in the blood.
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    Another Mechanism
    Garlic may also lower blood-sugar levels in people with diabetes. Garlic may exert its effects, in part, by stimulating beta-cell insulin secretion.
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    Garlic Antioxidants at Work
    Garlic also contains phyto antioxidants that can help lessen cellular damages caused by free radicals. Free radicals are unpaired, unstable electrons that contribute to the formation of many diseases, including serious ones like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.
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Tips, Tricks, and Warnings

Start with the preliminaries. Before starting any diabetes treatment, see a doctor and get some laboratory work done on your blood to check sugar levels. During the treatment, of your blood sugar levels suddenly drop, it's a red flag that you should reduce the amount of garlic you're consuming.

  1. 1
    Know what you are getting
    Garlic contains alliinase enzymes, nicotinic acid, germanium, awc, awn, selenium, sativene, sinistrine, and scordinin. There are studies that reveal that 100 grams of garlic contains:  
    1. Energy 149 Kcal
    2. Carbohydrates 33 grams
    3. Dietary Fiber 2.1 grams
    4. Fats 0.089 grams
    5. Protein 6.4 grams
    6. Vitamin C 31.2 grams
    7. Vitamin K 1.7 micrograms (ugs)
    8. Vitamin B1 0.2 milligrams (mgs)
    9. Vitamin B2 0.1 milligrams (mgs)
    10. Vitamin B5 0.6 milligrams (mgs)
    11. Vitamin B6 1.2 milligrams (mgs)
    12. Choline 23.2 milligrams (mgs)
    13. Calcium 181 milligrams (mgs)
    14. Iron 1.7 milligrams (mgs)
    15. Magnesium 25 milligrams (mgs)
    16. Phosphorus 153 milligrams (mgs)
    17. Zinc 1.2 milligrams (mgs)
    18. Potassium 401 milligrams (mgs)
    19. Manganese 1.7 milligrams (mgs)
    20. Copper 0.3 milligrams (mgs)
    21. Selenium 14.2 micrograms (ugs)
    22. Water 71 grams
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    Tolerating the gastric effects
    Garlic can cause uncomfortable effects on the stomach. If you are among those who are sensitive to garlic and can't tolerate it, a good alternative is to use supplements that are coated (enteric coating). The coating allows the garlic tablets to dissolve in the intestine, the site for absorption, and not in the stomach.
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    Word of Caution
    Despite the apparent medicinal benefits of garlic established through the years, remember that it is still not a proven replacement for standard medical treatment. Do not modify your medications while using garlic as a treatment without consulting your doctor first.
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  4. 4
    Side Effects and Results
    Like anything, garlic has side effects beyond bad breath. Be informed before you use anything as a means to treat an ailment, find out everything you can about it.
    1. Never Before Surgery. Garlic, should not be used as a supplement for anyone scheduled to undergo a surgical procedure. It can alter the blood pressure during surgery, and increase or prolong bleeding.
    2. Thins the Blood. Because garlic thins the blood it shouldn't be taken as a medicinal by those already taking medicines to thin the blood (eg: anti-coagulants).
    3. Lowers Blood Pressure: Although it's a benefit if you have high blood pressure because garlic can lower blood pressure, it's not advisable to use garlic if your blood pressure is already low. There is such a thing as dangerously low blood pressure.
    4. Stomach or Digestive Problems. The gastrointestinal (GI) tract, can become irritated by using garlic. If you have stomach or digestive problems, use with caution.
    5. Although garlic is safe for pregnant woman, it can bother a nursing baby causing colic and restlessness.
    6. Use in Moderation. For sensitive people, it can cause the development of skin rashes when topically applied. It can similarly trigger gas and heartburn. Moderation is important when using garlic.
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  5. 5
    More from the powerhouse garlic
    It can be used to treat so many disorders and infections.  
    1. Apply it directly to burns in a poultice or slice and squeeze the juice onto the affected skin.
    2. Infuse oil with garlic and use it as a topical treatment for infected wounds.
    3. Mix it with water in a spray bottle and use it as a natural pesticide around your home or use in the garden infested by pests.
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Questions and Answers

How to consume medicinal amounts of garlic for diabetes?

A study found that garlic can control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. Despite that, one should be aware that consuming too much garlic can affect the glucose levels negatively and make his or her condition worse.

A typical dosage of garlic should be 900 milligrams daily of powder extract. This has about 4-5 milligrams of "allicin potential", which is an adequate amount for the medicinal effect you want to achieve.

Nonetheless, doctors do not recommend consuming medicinal amounts of garlic without consulting a health care provider. In addition, there is not enough evidence about garlic as potent herbal medication for regulating blood glucose levels in people with diabetes. Based on a report from WebMD, garlic may be ineffective for people with diabetes, and that it seems to have no effect on blood sugar levels.

You can purchase garlic in capsule form from places such as Puritan's pride. You can either get a liquid or a capsule form and it is pretty concentrated stuff with a large amount of garlic in it. From the customer reviews I have read you should try out a brand called Kyolic.

As much as you should be careful to research what you ingest for health reasons, we live in a world defined by money. Pharmaceutical companies don't make money from herbal/natural remedies, so they aren't about to recommend you take it - until they find a way to cash in on it.

Can a diabetic use garlic?

Yes, a diabetic can use garlic.

Garlic offers many benefits to diabetic patients. Diabetes is a complex disease with many complications. Garlic is good at fighting these complications in various ways, as mentioned previously in this article. Don't use it with honey of course. You can control the taste by fermenting with spice. I disguise I use is soft cheese -cottage, mozarella, goat, mixed with milk, sweetener of choice, no sugar chocolate and cinnamon .You won't taste the garlic. Garlic also, importantly, helps to lower glucose levels, provided the right amount of garlic is being consumed.

How to crush garlic?

There are several ways to crush garlic.

  • Blender. If you have a food processor or blender, you can throw those garlic cloves and then crush them for a few seconds. NOTE: Any fruit or vegetable blended for too long loses many of their nutrients.
  • Mortar & Pestle. You can also make use of a mortar and pestle. Pound the garlic cloves until they are crushed.
  • Garlic Press. A tool specifically designed for this purpose. Similar to a nut cracker, put the clove in the press, squeeze, and presto, the garlic is forced through a network of tiny square holes.
  • Knife. Crush the garlic cloves with the side of a butter knife.

The mortar and pestle are the best way to crush them, in my opinion, because you can control how fine the garlic will become and it does not use electricity. It is also easier to clean after using.

Can garlic help me to control my health problems I hard stroke in 2013?

Can garlic help me to control my health problems I hard stroke in 2013. I have tried: I don't know. I think it was caused by: I don't know

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Please suggest natural vegetable food for treating diabetes?

My blood sugar level is above normal. I am 58 years old. My father was suffering from diabetes. I have no negative symptoms of diabetes. Please suggest diet (vegetarian food), exercise and other yoga asanas for my benefit. I have tried: I have not taken any allopathic medicines so far. I think it was caused by: My lifestyle and hereditary

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I am suffering from diabetics, and I do not feel energetic?

I am 56yr old sugar level is 110/180 and I don't feel energetic.

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Does garlic help with diabetes and hep b, and what are the implications?

Does garlic help with diabetes and hep b, and what are the implications. Not sure if explanation is provided. I would like a clarification?

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I am a type 2 diabetes; how to use garlic for treatment, and which product best would you recommend?

AC1 reading 7.2; on diet control now; now taking any diabetes medication. Morning sugar level reading before food swing 130~89.

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What is a five grain garlic capsule? What dosage of garlic should I take to lower my blood sugar?

What dosage of garlic tablet should I take to lower my blood sugar? I think they said my blood sugar is116. I read in an old book garlic can help.. Also it said to take brewers yeast. Does brewers yeast taste bad? Ho much of that do I take? The old book is named Miracle Medicine Foods by Rex Adams. I got it from a rummage sale. It says in the book to take the garlic capsule and brewers yeast after each meal. Is a capsule the same thing as a tablet? I don't know how. I don't really understand the article. I'm sorry. I just need someone to tell me what dosage garlic tablet to buy please. I'm sorry.

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