Travel the World on a Bike

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Are you looking for an action-packed adventure for your next travel getaway? Do you feel that travelling by plane to get to your destination leaves the world with too much of a carbon footprint? If you want to make sure that your carbon footprint will be reduced in the following days, maybe you should try to go and travel the world on a bike.

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Travelling around on a bike with friends is a great option to travel in a green way. A bike covers more miles than going on foot (another green way to explore destinations). It also unravels the pleasures of exploring new places, meeting local people, savoring their cuisine, immersing in their culture and admiring scenery. The beauty of seeing the world from the seat of a bike is now recognized as a great adventure that is also eco-friendly at the same time. The testimony is the growing number of bike lanes in many countries around the world. Learn from this article how to travel the world on a bike and experience a great and exciting adventure.

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What is Adventure Cycling?

It is a practical mode of travel offering an intense level of adventure that is greatly appealing to youthful, robust generation of travelers, but still appropriate even for people of average fitness level. Why is bicycle travel favored?

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  1. 1
    Health Aspect
    The body and mind can work together, so that high-spirited, adventurous fitness buffs can embark and successfully meet the challenges of traveling and seeing places on a bicycle.
    1. It is proven to be a healthier diversion for stressed people as they pass by amazing and verdant surroundings in rural areas. It also gives them more freedom when traveling through city traffic.
    2. It can minimize the risk of heart disease by almost 50 percent. You can end your trip invigorated and feeling youthful and fit.
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  2. 2
    The fun element of travel while on low budget
    Rather than driving your vehicle, travelling on your bike allows you make savings on a lot of things:
    1. No filling up of gasoline and no parking fees, as your bike can be parked almost anywhere.
    2. Less expenses when your bike breakdowns or needs repair.
    3. No travel insurance or road tax to pay.
    4. No MOT or Ministry of Transport Test fees.
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  3. 3
    Perks from Cycling Clubs
    Joining a cycling club has many advantages, especially when you, as a bicycle enthusiast, travel.  
    1. Sharing of tips, information and resources that become handy particularly from a club member hailing from your target travel destination.
    2. You get to meet them and even join and tour with them around familiar places, or embark on more adventurous exploration.
    3. Being with people with the same biking interests offers more vibrant and richer experiences when travelling by bike. There is no limit as you mount and pedal on the road.
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  4. 4
    Travel at your own pace
    Compared to group tours, you can be on your own.
    1. No hurry. Your places of interest can be different from the regular travelers. They are often guided by schedules and have to rush back to their vehicle to transport them to the next place, not totally enjoying or being able to explore the place.
    2. A traveler on a bike is free to wander wherever he wants and linger to admire the scenic view, touch and smell the flowers, take photos of captivating views, have a conversation with the locals and sample their delicacies. They can even doze off under a shady tree.
    3. There is no hurry. With a bike, you can travel fast in an efficient, convenient and flexible way.
    4. You can also deviate from the road and take a turn off the beaten path to quench your curiosity, if you can hurdle the road in the hope of finding awesome scenery.
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  5. 5
    A way of contributing to preservation of the environment
    Biking is definitely eco- and environment-friendly.  
    1. There are no gas fumes emitted in the air.
    2. Only a little space is required to park it.
    3. A bike takes few raw materials to assemble it.
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A Choice for Bike Travelers: Guided or Unguided Tours

When travelling on a bike, there is also a choice for the bike traveler - join a guided/escorted tour or on one's own (maybe with friends or others and without a guide).

  1. 1
    Guided/Escorted Bicycle's Advantages
    Being safe while thrilled. These are suitable for the stressed adults who want to have a good time with this adventure travel. Some unusual action-packed adventures can be arranged, yet maintain some semblance of safety.
    1. Organized for convenient enjoyment.  
      1. For the busy, working people who cannot manage to make the preparations and pack well can travel on a bike adventure.
      2. A travel tour guide can take care of setting up camp or lodging in arranged places. They can arrange for bike rentals as well. A guided tour takes care and handles everything, including the itinerary, transport, destinations and places to see.
      3. There's no worry anymore regarding the lodging camp, meals and bike with all the logistics. All that is required is your presence to sign up and pay, and off you go.
    2. Fun Experience with other travelers  
      1. This is a practical and favored means for the solo traveler, especially women, for safer cruising on the road with an escorted bike.
      2. There is also no worry when your bike wheels blow up. The bike escorts are there to help.
    3. Interpreter for the local dialect. Traversing and stopping by villages at sundown is a relief when escorted because of the language barrier.  
      1. The escort guide takes care of communicating with the local folks. In return, the guide translates for your benefit.
    4. Details about the place  
      1. Saves you from buying a travel guidebook for your destination. Leave it to the tour guides who have firsthand knowledge about the place.
      2. They tell and bring you to landmarks and places with the best views, caution you of the risks, and bring you to the best dining spots.
      3. They know where to take you for a shopping spree.
      4. They can brush off their knowledge about the customs and traditions onto you.
      5. They can teach you the tips, tricks and warnings to evade pitfalls.
      6. Have a safe bike travel with your guide.
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  2. 2
    A Self-guided Adventure Cycling
    1. For the ultra-adventurous bike traveler, this is his challenge. Find out how he does it. The solo traveler is actually not solitary. There are many of them and they often casually find each other and group and devise their plan, route and destination. They can be members of a bike club and may be provided with guidelines, itinerary and assistance.
    2. Travel Plan: The plan is also to use the same routes or paths, and lodge in the same hostels, camps or inns. The transfer of their luggage is facilitated. Emergency assistance is also afforded to them.
    3. No escort, please! Bikers, who mount and pedal together, travel together without a local biking guide. They do their own map reading and follow road markings. They decide everything on the road impromptu:  
      1. Where to go and when to go
      2. Who to go with
      3. What to pack
      4. Where to stop and camp
      5. What routes to take
      6. How fast or slow to go
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The daring and the adventurous' Choice

Travel Tips when Exploring the World on a Bike

  1. 1
    Preparation for the big day
    1. Conduct research and planning to keep risks to a minimum
    2. Study maps and get familiar with the routes, rest stops, places to spend the night and places for bike maintenance.
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  • 2
    1. Make the most of your two-wheels ride and let it take you wherever you want to go to enjoy this adventure of a lifetime escapade.
    2. Enjoy the back roads safely.
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  • 3
    1. Check the worthiness of your bike and safety accessories, like nightlights and reflectors.
    2. Review road signs, traffic rules and signalling.
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  • 4
    Body Conditioning
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  • 5
    Do training ride exercise for conditioning and to improve your fitness level.
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  • 6
    Bicycle, gadgets and gear, and troubleshooting
    1. This is you most important gear and mode of transport while on vacation, therefore, find a good one. Travel without any hitches.
    2. A bike with versatility, meaning can hurdle any road types.
    3. A bike that is lightweight and easy to carry, easy-to-ride and bought at a reasonable price.
    4. Embark on one-night dry run with your fully loaded bike to find out possible problems that might arise.
    5. Do an inspection of all gears, gadgets and tools prior to your travel.
    6. At least you have to know minor repairs like changing the wheels, brake adjustments, bolt tightening and replacing slipped chain. Bring tools always.
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  • 7
    Supplies especially energy-boosting snacks and fluids
    Your cycling adventure involves highly physical activities. You are burning thousands of calories and sweating buckets of perspiration.  
    1. Replenish and sustain you body with ample calories and fluids.
    2. Drink every 15 minutes and nibble energy bars to prevent the "bonk" effect, or cycling fatigue.
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  • 8
    Travel light
    1. Carry only the essentials with you - camera, water, energy bars, currency, sunblock and travel papers - and keep them close to your body at all times.
    2. For an overnight or two on the road, bring a tent, sleeping bags and cooking paraphernalia.
    3. Always have more money or a credit card. Buy as the need arises.
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  • 9
    1. When scheduling your bicycle road tour anytime of the year, keep checking the weather forecast. The best time is when the climate is neither too hot nor cold nor during a rainy season.
    2. Be aware of wind velocity and direction too.
    3. This weather information is crucial, particularly if pedaling too far and adventuring on back roads.
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  • 10
    Last Minute Reminder
    Always bring with you personal IDs: Travel papers, cellphone, credit card and cash and ID placed in a protected bag.
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  • Planning to go globetrotting, but see it as another dead weight to the growing climate change problem? Traveling around the world on a bike is becoming a trend that lets you leave less of a carbon print. It is also a healthier and more intimate way to see and meet the world.

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