Travel safely while alone

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Tips On How to go about traveling when you are alone

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    Protection- When traveling alone regardless if you are a man or woman it is good to know how to protect yourself in case you are put in a situation where you will need to defend yourself from people
    A lot of people are unaware of the danger of people who notice when a person is alone traveling, it is a big sign of vulnerability. Basic striking, pepper spray and things of that nature will help you along the way while you are traveling. Another way to protect yourself is to keep in contact with someone who knows where you are traveling in case something happens while you are traveling alone.
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    Know your destination- it is very important to know about the area you are traveling to, so that you can know beforehand the dangers to expect in your specific location
    Also some places are not keen to foreigners so it will be good to know of the place you are going so that you do not engage with the people of that sort during your travel.
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    Courtesy- to a certain extent refrain from being too courteous to others for those will be the ones who may notice you are alone and take advantage of you being that you have just shown your generosity
    Showing too much generosity may cause a person to believe that you are gullible and nice which can be a tip for them as in to who you are as a person targeting yourself during your travel.
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    When in Rome- while going to a specific place ensure that you do not stand out too much as far as in your appearance, when dressing out of the appearance of other alone you will stick out like a sore thumb making yourself noticeable to others for attack when traveling alone
    Research the place before going to get a good idea of how the locals dress so that you can fit in as best as possible with others to avoid sticking out.
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    Act like a local- when people travel alone they give off the action that they are not used to the area often acting nervous and looking lost
    When going to a place do not act as if you do not know where you're going (even if you do not know) be confident in everything you do while in the area. This is not an easy thing to accomplish but do your best to carry on with whatever you are doing in a confident manner.
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    Alcohol- when in a foreign area never drink too much to the point that you are disoriented, you do not want to be the drunk person who doesn't really know how to get back to where you want without having to ask another person whom may easily take advantage of you at this point.
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    Find people like you- if you need assistance with anything in a foreign area try to ask people who are tourists or not familiar with the area like you instead of asking locals as they may easily lead you in the wrong direction or into harm's way.
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    Routine- While in a foreign area do the best to do the same things you would do at home as far as in your regular routine, so that when people notice you it will seem as if you know your way around the area just like the locals.
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