Transfer Files from an iPhone to a PC

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Hi, everyone, this is Sean from VisiHow and this time I am going to do a video on how to transfer files, data, photos, or whatever from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad touch to your PC.


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    So you can do this using iTunes and using the sync function. Which I will show. You can also do by taking the files directly off of it as soon as you are connected to your computer just like you would with any external device like a USB or an external hard-drive or whatever. The first thing we are going to look at is doing it that way, without iTunes. The first thing to do is to find your charging cable of your iOS device. You want to take the part of it that is the USB and not the plug, and plug it into your computer. Which will work on pretty much any computer type as long as it has a USB spot. So plug that in and then take your phone or iPad or iPod touch or whatever, and plug it in the same as you would if you were charging it. Except this time it is connected to your computer.
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    As you can see as soon as you plug that in it is going to automatically open up a little menu here that asks you if you want to open it and explore it the same as you would if you put in a CD or external hard-drive or whatever.
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    So you could open this up and copy and move or delete any files you want the same as you would in any other folder in Windows. However, similar to other electronic devices you cannot put files back onto it. So, if you delete something this way through explorer like this, you cannot put it back onto your iOS device. You cannot copy files or pictures or whatever and bring them that way you have to do that through iTunes or if there is some other way.
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    Now, to do all of this stuff through iTunes itself we are going to open up iTunes right here and click on the iPhone icon in the top left. Which will be a similar icon depending on what you are using.
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    Now I have the options to mess with apps, music, movies, TV shows, photos. I could sync to put them all onto iTunes storage on my computer.
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    You can select, but you can do like my pictures by default or choose a folder and do it that way. That's a way to easily move those pictures off of your phone.
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    And as you can see if I go over to apps right here you can remove apps and install apps easily through this when your phone is plugged in. You can't really do the same with photos and TV shows and music.
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    With music you can, because you can select the artist you want and deselect ones you currently had on your phone and that will remove them from that. But not quite the same with everything else and it's definitely easier to do what I was showing you before and just go to the root for deleting photos or videos. For everything else, you can do it straight on your phone as well. So, with all of that shown hopefully you'll get a good idea of how to easily move things on and off of your phone whether it's pictures, data, videos, music, apps, or whatever.
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    Like I said earlier this can also work for iPad and iPod touch because they generally use the same technology and they both use iTunes as well for a lot of that functionality. If you have any questions about any of that, of course feel free to ask and thanks for watching this VisiHow video.
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Video: Transfer Files from an iPhone to a PC

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