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Lhasa Apsos are cute and adorable dogs with a long history of pedigree, which originated in the mountains of Tibet. Their physical attributes are similar to those of the Shih Tzu and Maltese, although the Lhasa Apsos has deep dark set eyes and a longer snout. They are also more active than Shih Tzu, but nonetheless, they make great apartment dogs, with fewer requirements for extended periods of exercise. They are also among the breeds with the longest life span. They can reach up to 20 years of age or more. Training a Lhasa should not be complicated, but it must be started during the formative years of the dog. Here are some expert tips to get you started.

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    Lhasa Apsos are characterized by their headstrong personality
    This type of breed was originally used as a guard dog in Tibetan Temples, which explains its loud barking. Obedience is a challenge among Lhasa Apsos. The trick here is unwavering patience, persistence and consistency to achieve a harmonious relationship with the dog.
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    Start the training as soon as the Lhasa Apsos steps inside the house
    It is best if you introduce him to the family on a leash at first. This signifies control on the part of the human. Afterward, direct him to the area where he can pee. Lhasa Apsos are very territorial and they most likely will try to place their mark anywhere they go.
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    Lhasa Apsos do not respond to violence
    It is very critical about its master's affection, so if you want to elicit obedience, do not attempt to raise your voice, hurt him, or inflict any other form of violence. This will only result in rebellion, as Lhasa Apsos see this as a violation to the human-dog relationship.
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    Exercise your dog regularly
    Lhasa Apsos are active and playful, and they are most happy in the outdoors. Although they make good apartment dogs and do not require extensive physical activities, it alleviates their mood when they go on a walk or job with their master. Spend as much as 30-40 minutes a day of exercise and you will see a big difference in their mood and behavior.
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    Trust is a big word for the Lhasa Apso
    During the first few months, you will experience rejection and hesitation on the part of the dog. This is a natural response because Lhasa Apsos are actually wary of strangers. Build his confidence in you by not hurting him or leaving him for extended periods of time.
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    If it is impossible to leave him alone in the house, try getting a second dog
    Be careful matching their traits though; taking him into the pet shop for socialization might help you figure out which one would make good company for him.
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    Leave him food treats or turn on the television whenever you are out of the house
    This helps the Lhasa Apsos in calming himself while his master is not home.
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    Use body language, hand signals and command words to relay your message to the dog
    Be firm and consistent, and let your dog know that you are the master of the pack. Training a Lhasa Apsos should not be complicated and frustrating.
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  • Lhasa Apsos are prone to hip dysplasia - a condition that develops when the dog is aging, which prevents him from walking properly. It is important to apply proper diet and exercise to prevent obesity and other serious health conditions.
  • Hair tends to grow from the dog's ear canal and causes an ear infection. Make sure to do regular cleaning and trim the facial hair as often as necessary to keep bacteria from multiplying.
  • Keep the dog hydrated all the time. The Lhasa Apso's thick double-layered fur adds body heat that is critical, especially during the dry months. However, refrain from bathing them every day to prevent colds and dry cough.


  • Lhasa Apsos make great companions for the elderly. Although they are also cute playmates for the kids, they have the tendency to nip and bite without warning. Try not to engage Lhasa Apsos with hyperactive kids because it may cause the dog to have a panic attack.

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How long should you walk a lhaso apsos for daily?

We have 2 dogs and my brother has a lhaso apso which is 16 weeks old. When ours were pups we walked them 3 times a day for 5 minutes per age in months. Like 3 months old 15 minutes 3 times a day. My brother is walking his pup over a mile a few times a week. Is this OK or too much walking for the wee dog.

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