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Beer reminds us of Germany. Besides beer, there are a lot of other good things that make us think of Germany. To name just a few, Germany has sausages, partying (especially beer festival), hiking, cathedrals and do not forget the beautiful castles.

Germans are considered to be a serious people but behind that seriousness they are kind and helpful. They are not as wild as their other European counterparts who love parties and who are more liberated. This is what makes them seem cold among tourist.

Germany welcomes millions of guests annually because it has a lot of good things awaiting for everyone.

If you intend to visit Germany, take some time to see the amazing and historic castles of Germany. It can be a daunting task to choose a castle to tour in Germany. Castles are amazing to look at, but beauty is not all they can offer. You will get to know a little background of these castles as you read the following visitor's guide to the castles of Germany. Fasten your seat belt and let's start this virtual tour. Close your eyes and let us go back in time.

Castle-hopping in Germany

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    Medieval castles dot the banks of the Rhine but probably the most famous German castle is the one in Neuschwanstein
    It was built by the eccentric King Ludwig 2 of Bavaria. Anybody who has visited Disneyland and wondered if a castle like the one in the theme park really exists has not seen Ludwig's dream castle in Schwangau, Bavaria.
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    King Ludwig was known to have a few psychological issues - among them is the desire for solitude. This manifested with his midnight sleigh rides through the snowy Bavarian forests with only the sleigh driver for company. He would also request performances of his favourite Wagner operas where he was the only member of the audience. His romantic imagination was thrilled by old German mythology and the Wagner operas. His imaginations then can be manifested with the castles that he has commissioned. Neuschwanstein is the "Disneyland" castle which is perched high above the little town of Schwangau. There are bus tours from Munich but it is cheaper and fairly easier just to take the train to Füssen. You can get a combined train and bus ticket. From there you can walk up the hill (it's a bit of a hike), take a bus or a try a horse-drawn carriage. The only way to visit the castle is by guided tour. You can find multi-lingual tour guides so worry not about the communication barrier.
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    Ehrenburg castle
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    This castle is located in a location with that romantic air in the middle of Moselle valley. The castle is open to the public and great for family visits. The most suggested month for visit is from April to October when guests enjoy different activities. Ehrenburg castle was built around 1100. The palace has been the official residence of the Coburg dukes from the year 1547-1918. Get a feel of the Neo-Gothic era lavished with furniture. Besides a taste of the 19th century, you will also get fascinated as you will be walked through to the history of Europe's nobility. Go back in time as you take a tour of the traces of the kings, queens, dukes and duchesses.
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    The Kronburg/Kronborg castle
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    This castle which is also called hamlets castle served as the residence for the minister was built around 1200. The great Shakespeare has immortalized the castle in one of his writings. The present appearance of Kronborg can be dated back to 1490-1536. One of the most remarkable features of the castle is its chapel with a small hall having 5 axis and ceilings with flat barrel vault. The castle was built by king Frederik ii who ruled Norway and Denmark from 1559-1588. Kronborg which was constructed from 1574-1584 was on fire in 1629. It was then restored by the king's son and reconstruction was done in 1638.
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    Heidelberg schloss
    The castle is surrounded by different buildings with structures from the different architectural era on Germany.
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    In 1300, the construction of the first part of the castle began. After it had been burnt down by lightning in 1764, the castle has been uninhabitable permanently and had never been conserved completely. Some houses in Heidelberg are made of stones from the ruins of the castle. It was in 2009 that weddings in the castle had been opened to the public. One of the highlight activities in the castle is the Schlossbeleuchtung where there are amazing firework displays which take place thrice every summer; the fist Saturday of June and September and second Saturday of July. This is in commemoration of the three incidents when the castle was put to flames- the two wars in 1689 and 1693 and the destructive lightning in 1764.
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    Wassenberg Castle
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    The castle has been the regal residence of Count Gerhard of Flanders around 1085. Most part of the Wassenberg castle were restored like its dungeon towers and walls dating back 1420. At present, the castle has been turned into a hotel and restaurant. Dine, wine and sleep like a royalty at Wassenberg castle.
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Tips in Visiting Germany

  • Drink beer. The country is known for it so it will be a big miss if you don't try one of the local beers.
  • Book in advance. Train fare is quite expensive in Germany but tickets can be 40-50% cheaper if they are booked at least a week before your trip.
  • Have the Free Tour. There are free tours in Germany so take advantage of it.

Other Places You may Want to Check When in Germany

In case you still have some spare time left and think that you still want to explore Germany's beauty and secrets, you may want to visit some other of its attractions.

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    Rügen Cliff
    The cliff is located in the Jasmund National Park in the island of Rügen. Standing majestic at 387 feet, the Königsstuhl is considered to be the highlight of the cliff.
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    It is a Lutheran church which is located in Dresden. After it got ruined due to the World war II, the church has been restored and reopened in the year 2005 and became one of the main attractions of Dresden.One of the most celebrated visitors of the church is President Barrack Obama.
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    Another popular spot in Germany is Lindau where three countries border it; Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Its medieval buildings are the min attraction of the place.
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    Cologne Cathedral
    For centuries, the Cologne Cathedral has become Cologne's major landmark. The church which was in dedication to Saints Peter and Mary took 600 years in the making.
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    Despite modernity, most towns in Rhine has retained it historic element with the Romantic Rhine as is most popular area.
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    This structure which has been built in 1464 now serves as a museum and considered as Lübeck symbol.
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    Brandenburg Gate
    After the reunification of East and West Germany, the Brandenburg Gate is the only one standing. It serves as the symbolization of the then divided countries' reunification. Not only is it a major attraction in Germany but in Europe as well.
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