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This article will be on how you can get your blog indexed by Google, Bing or Yahoo in as little as 24 hours after creating your blog site. With the growth of the internet it will be important that you put a certain amount of time into your blog in order to ensure that your website will indexed. In the beginning it will be hard for you to get your website noticed in a blink of an eye but there are steps to ensure that you will notice without a doubt. You will need to establish a way for your content to be crawled by the spider bots of Google in order to ensure your content to be recognized and indexed successfully to Google's standards.

Steps to Ensure Successful Google Indexing

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    The first step to getting your blog approved by Google is for your to create at least 11 pieces of content for your blog and upload them into your blog
    It will be important to have your content pre -written so that you do not have to chase Google as they will be reviewing your site for performance so having the content already written is essential to having your site indexed quickly. Also by having the content already written you can then take your time adding to your blog as much as you want to (preferably once a day) instead of having to rush your content input to catch up with having 11 or more original content pieces. Google will be running through your content to ensure originality as well as the type of audience it will be appearing to so it is important to have that content ready to go for it will not take Google too long to run through your content.
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    Now that you have your content ready go ahead and upload them onto your blog site before submitting your site into Google for indexing
    With the content out of the way focus on the look of your site by designing it to a point that satisfies you and can satisfy Google as well. Make sure your links on the page are backed up if you have any and that it goes to the page that it needs to go for example: if you link says about me ensure that when a reader clicks on it that is successfully takes them to your about me section that should already be developed by now. A lot of blog creators forget to ensure that their site is fully developed before submitting their blog to Google in order to get indexed, if you can ensure that everything is up to par with your design then you are a step closer to having your site approved by Google. If you want to keep your site short and simple then that is an option also by having everything you want read posted on the front page of your site eliminating the need to build a link structure within your site but ensure that without having links that you keep all your content on your front page for viewing pleasures.
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    If you have a site that is informative of any sort include to create links where the viewers can get in touch with you if it is needed such as a contact link and etc
    If you want to post extra things such as other pages then ensure that you do so successfully, some blogs like to show their content as well as extra articles about the subject they are posting about. For example if your blogging is about "video games" you can create another page titled "gaming news" and display different things in the gaming industry for your viewers to read and you can do this by creating RSS feeds about whatever subject you wish to display for your viewers to read, this brings extra options to your blogs that may attract readers.
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    Make sure that your site has something that the spiders of Google can crawl through on your blog site
    On all pages you create ensure that there is at least one link that they can crawl through which will give your site a view of more content which is crucial for Google for they love sites that have a bit of an over flow of content for them to index. While ensuring that you have content to be crawled about on, having the links work perfectly also make this an easier endeavor so having your links flow together perfectly helps improve the approval of Google.
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    Google Ad Words can help you a lot when creating the content for your blog site
    When you check out the Google Ad words it will help you figure out which words are searched the most through Google to ensure that your site is better available to be searched on Google. By adding in words to your content you have get an overflow of viewers by adding keywords that go with your content you are producing on your blog site. If you do a search on Google Ad words to use on your site and implement them naturally then you can gain a lot of attention depending on how many of them you put into your content.
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    In addition to using Ad Words a good way to find out what it being searched is to use the Google Keyword Tool which will help you figure out exactly what is being searched by people on Google
    By doing this it will help you figure out which Ad Words to implement or search for using the Ad Words tool by Google to optimize the visibility of your blog page which gives you a boost in the approval department.
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    In addition to using the Ad words tool and the Google Keyword tool ensure that you do not over flood your content with these words or Google will look at it as spam
    Use these words wisely but keep your content original, there is nothing wrong with looking at some words to use in your content but do not lose your originality. Using these words also in moderation will allow Google to figure out what the blog site is all about but flooding them will confuse Google's spiders about what exactly the blog site is all about.
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    When your blog is created you can put out your site by using social media sites for promotion
    The best way to get the best out of the social media sites is to create social media accounts with the same name as the blog you are wishing to promote. For example if your blog site is "animal lover" create a twitter name "animal lover" to promote your blog and you can do the same with Facebook utilizing this technique. These options when using social media get your blogs name out there and can also get you quick subscriptions and followers. Each person who you get to follow your blog can promote your blog to others through the social networking chain and this can bring a lot of notice-ability to your blog for sure. When creating this accounts make sure to create them separately as to not get them all mixed in together for this may tangle up your viewers making it harder for you to see which blog is getting which attention. Aside from gaining views you will also gain a group of like minded people on your subject and this can help you break out into other groups to promote your blog site as well as theirs also in the same turn.
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    Find website directories that will allow you to input your site which can help bring you viewers, doing this may take time to get an overflow of views but if it at least brings five people then you are OK and on the right path for every view counts in the eyes of Google, try and give your site to more than one directory also including Google, Bing, and Yahoo which are the top three search engines but also aim for the lower search engines also for they also have people who use them to search things such as for example
    In order to do this go to the site and open up their directory and submit your URL to your blog in order to get your blog inserted into their search engine, there is no limit to how many you can send out without restrictions.
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    Google has webmaster tools that you can use in order to optimize your website to the fullest, if you are also looking to use the tools of another site such as Bing you will need to have a Hotmail account in order to access the tools of the site
    The webmaster tools will let you know of which ways you can make your site more effective as well as search-able through their directory.
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    After you are finished doing all the necessary steps above you are ready to submit your blog site to Google to be indexed, as well as Bing and Yahoo
    It is your pick as to which search engine you would like to index your site or you can use them all if you feel the need to do so in any case. After you have submitted you will need to wait for a reply to see if your site has been accepted (which it should be if all the steps are followed above to ensure your site is fully ready) understand that Bing may take the longest of the search engine to give a reply on whether or not the site is index approved by their standards.
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Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • Using your webmaster tools will help optimize the ability for your website to be searched on whichever directory you use from Google to Yahoo.
  • Make sure that you have at least 11 original pieces of content to display on your blog to ensure that the search engine you wish to index you can see the originality of your blog.
  • Make sure the links on your page are well put together and run smoothly within your website.
  • Produce as much content as your can to ensure that the spiders that crawl your page can see that you have enough content to be considered for indexing.
  • When using ad words be sure that you use them wisely and do not spread too many ad words around your site for it will make it seem as if your site is a bunch of spam.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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