To come to terms with being overweight

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"The only reason why I'm overweight is because a tiny body couldn't store all this personality." TRUE? OK, you are excess weight, flabby, a humpty-dumpty or an egghead. So what? You have tried diet plans, diet tablets, the gym or a sweaty sport but to no avail. You want to be the slim, thin person that the world wants you to be but circumstances dictate that you cannot please the world.

So, let's define FATNESS and who is fat? According to, fatness is the state of being obese or corpulent. But the same website also defines fatness as richness , abundance , fertility The richness of the land .


And who is overweight? Obviously, they are the people who are above their ideal weight (according to medical standards). So, we assume people with ideal weight are those who are slim with no beer bellies and flabby arms. But many of these views related to weight are dictated by our culture. During the Renaissance, as seen in paintings of the period (such as those of Michaelangelo), fat or chubby women were the norm and were considered beautiful and desirable.


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    Being heavy on weight is not a sin
    Only overeating .
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    Some people simply burn their calories at a faster rate
    They are still thin even if they eat at a buffet table every day.
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    Some folks have very slow metabolism , that is, they burn less body fat than what they eat
    So, every calorie they put into their bodies end up as additional fat on their bodies.
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    Sometimes, the perception of being overweight is a result of natural bone structure and the width of the shoulders
    1. If a person has naturally thick or large bones, he is perceived as overweight.
    2. If a person has naturally thin or small bones, even if he puts on some pounds, he is still viewed by the world as slim.
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    3. If a person has naturally wide shoulders, the tendency is that the person will be viewed as fat as soon as that person begins to put on extra pounds.
    4. But if that person has naturally narrow shoulders, even if he or she puts on weight, he can still be viewed by others as slim.
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    Sometimes, some large people take the shortcut
    They undergo "horrible" cosmetic surgeries to remove excess fat.
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According to studies by Weight Watchers

According to studies by Weight Watchers 62847.jpg

Weight Watchers, an international weight-management group dedicated to motivating people to manage their weight, only two out of 1,000 weight watchers will permanently reduce their body weight by five percent. Within one year, most of the weight watchers will gain back one-third to a half of their original body weight and, within two years, all the pounds lost will eventually be regained.

But, according to researchers on dieting, a permanent five percent reduction is good progress and benefits people with lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Also, their studies show that obese people, not merely overweight people, will experience more difficulty losing weight.

So this means, fat people should also watch their weight and watch what they are eating. Being proud of your fatness does not mean you have the license to add more poundage.

So, get rid of modern cultural norms about slimness. Here are


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    When you are at the beach or at a resort, do not hesitate to wear a swimsuit or swimming trunks
    Or if you prefer, specifically, wear a two-piece swimsuit . Go girl!!!
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    When you are on the dance floor , make your moves, stretch wide (use your space), and dance as if there is no tomorrow!!!
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    When you are at the gym , think of your sexiness
    You are getting there, at least, getting your five percent weight reduction (note: this is already great!) Other people are trying to create their curves while you are already curvaceous!!!
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    When you shop for clothes , remember that huge people are getting more respect in the fashion circles
    There are boutiques now that specialize in outfits for large people. This means that you now have a wider range of clothes and accessories to choose from. Unlike in the not-so-distant past when all the sales clerk would say was, "We do not have your size, Sir/Madam. So sorry".
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    Associate with friends who are also heavyweight
    Chances are, most of you have the same set of problems and aspirations. You can motivate each other to be the best person you can be . If there is such a thing as Heavyweight People Anonymous , join it.
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    Walk proud
    Stand proud. No slouching and no hiding of any flab.
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    When talking to a group of people, do not be conscious of your beer belly
    Smile and say what you have to say.
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  • There are now Plus-sized fashion shows and boutiques.

    To come to terms with being overweight 22076.jpg

    There is a market for the things large sized people need. They are more and more becoming a large chunk of the overall population of advanced countries. Some things large people need are specially designed clothes for their structure. Some well known clothes designers devote a significant part of their working hours designing clothes for the heavy set portion of the population, especially the women. Thus, they also hire plus-sized models to do the catwalk on the ramp for them. They take into account the special colors and the hemlines needed to make this special market look attractive and slimmer and smarter to the world. In tandem, there are specialty boutiques catering XXL or more sizes. Or if not, these stores have sizes that go from small to the impossibly large (but true). And we see these large folks shopping and fitting in these stores without any fanfare and embarrassment at all. They are proud of who they are and show it.

    Overweight or underweight. What is healthier?

    Overweight or underweight. What is healthier? 79842.jpg

    Do you know that it is no guarantee that if one is thin, he automatically gets the franchise to be healthy? A better measurement of a person's state of health (rather than body structure) is BMI or Body Mass Index. One's height is linked with his weight and the corresponding result from the BMI formula (Weight {kg} /height{squared}{m}). A normal BMI is from 18.5 to 25 kg/m(squared). Overweight is from 25 to 30 and obese (level 1 to 3) is from 30 to over 40.

    Let us say a thin guy has a 22 BMI which makes him normal. The fat guy has a BMI of 29 which makes him overweight, basing on the BMI chart. But let us not stop there. If you look at everything from physical value, you would say the thin guy is healthier. But let us take a look at the lifestyle of each guy.

    The thin guy has high cholesterol, high blood pressure, his kidney and liver are not in healthy condition, and his blood sugar is in a diabetic level. He absolutely has no exercise, vodka is his favorite drink, is fond of meat, and munches on chips in front of the television.

    The overweight guy has normal levels in his blood tests, sleeps an appropriate 7 to 8 hours per night, sips an occasional glass of wine during dinner (at the most, twice a week), watches TV and drinks a bottle of Gatorade, takes 3 mile walks to his office daily, and is fond of salads with low-fat dressing.

    Extremely low fat content on the body may look good on the outside but it is unhealthy. For one, women with less than 13 percent body fat will start missing their periods.

    Appearances do deceive.

    What can you say about this ancient saying: Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you will die!

    To come to terms with being overweight 99472.jpg

    For starters, since more than one hundred years ago, the life span of people of industrialized countries have almost doubled! Something like a life expectancy of 45 years in 1905 to around 83 to 85 years at present. The above quote is a sort of fatalistic belief that since life is short, live it to the fullest. Then again, during those times, eating healthy was unheard of. We now know that red meat (beef, pork) should be eaten in moderation, while white meat (chicken), fruits and vegetables are good for you. That afternoon tea or coffee is good for relaxation, and that brandy or wine or vodka goes well with a heavy, succulent dinner. That milk is good for children. But having chips or popcorn while watching your favorite television program is going to hurt your health. Almost everything was not processed and were not tampered with chemicals. But the reality is, that most of their lives were short, so they lived them to the fullest.

    Today, we have several choices. The healthy food mentioned above are still there for the picking, but a lot of processed food have joined the fray. And we know processed food are not good for you. Plus, advances in medical science and various vaccines that have eradicated frightening epidemics of the past have lengthened life expectancy. Plus there are exercise choices to make you sweat out your toxins. Join a gym or indulge in a sport. Having a long life today is a choice. They are a combination of many elements, plus of course the inevitable impact of your genes.

    It could be that being overweight is either a choice or something that you had no choice to have as a body structure. As we have said, genes have something to do with being overweight. But lifestyle choices are also critical elements in how the poundage in your body have built up over the years. There are even diet systems which allows you to splurge on calorie-rich food for one day. But you have to watch what you are eating the next three days. Other diet systems are more consistent in telling you what to eat every single day. It is a matter of choosing what works for you and what makes you feel good.

    Being overweight could also be a result of stress. Today, there are a lot of schools of thought on how to take charge of your emotions and the way you react to situations. Being very emotional can take a toll on your weight. You can try yoga, meditation, laughter yoga, tai chi, etc.

    Yes, we believe that you should live life to the fullest, but watch your calories and your nerves.

    Famous Heavyweight People

    There are countless heavy set people, who, in spite of their heftiness, survive the unfair sneer and psychological discrimination of supposedly, normally structured folks who look down on them. These bulky people even manage to become famous and leave their indelible mark on their chosen industry. From politics to entertainment, from clergy to the performing arts, from engineering to the visual arts, from business to philanthropy. 

    • Sir Winston Churchill. He is one of the more famous and greatest prime ministers that the United Kingdom ever had.
      He guided his people with aplomb through the turmoil that was World War 2. He became prime minister from 1940 to 1945 ( at the height of the war) and again from 1951 to 1955 in post-war progressive United Kingdom. Churchill was also a fashion icon with his three-piece suits, bowler hats, pocket watches, and a cigar always dangling from his mouth. He died at the ripe old age 90.
    • Michael Moore. World famous documentary film maker, noted for his frank social and political views, he is the director and producer of the documentary Fahrenheit 9/11, which is reputed to be the highest grossing documentary of all time.
      Moore says that all of us should be political activists, because if we are not, our society ceases to be a democracy. We should always be on the look out for abuses and corrupt practices of our leaders. 

    Moore's books and documentaries criticize multinational corporations, the US healthcare system, gun ownership, Presidents Clinton and Bush (of 9/11 fame), globalization, the Iraq war, etc.

    • Oprah Winfrey. Perhaps the most popular and the most loved fat person of the contemporary era, a media magnate, a talk show host, actress, media producer, philanthropist, people influencer, and non-church spirituality advocate.

    She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2013 by US President Barack Obama. She is the richest African-American, the greatest black philanthropist, and North America's only black billionaire. She is perhaps, the most influential woman in the world. She was born into poverty and had inbuilt disadvantages as an African-American (discrimination, for one), but she rose successfully from all these. She has a lot of contributions and achievements. Her talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show is the highest rated television talk show of all time. It ran from 1986 to 2011. She overtook Donahue, which was the most popular talk show in the 1980s, and never looked back. Admirers of Oprah say she has this insatiable curiosity which was hard to match, her humor is unique, and she emphasizes with her talk show guests, whether a famous celebrity or an ordinary citizen, when they talk about their lives, the tragedies that befell them, and the triumphs that they accomplish. Every story that breaks her heart or bloats her heart with joy she regards with utmost importance. The Oprah Winfrey show started as a tabloid talk show, but later expanded into a general knowledge talk show where everything from medical discoveries to hometown gossip is taken up. Her 1993 rare interview with Michael Jackson on the show, generated views of 36.5 million, making it the most watched interview ever, and the fourth most popular event in TV history. Her character and charisma and the success of her talk show spilled over to other media forms. She has a popular website,, which averages 70 million page views and has 6 million users every month. Through the website, she tracks down child molesters through Oprah's Child Predator Watch List. She also established the Oprah Radio which has as guests her favorite guests on the Oprah Winfrey Show. These guests have specialties ranging from interior design, psychology, medicine, spirituality, and much more. She also co-authored five books aside from starting a magazine, O, The Oprah Magazine. A phenomenon called the Oprah effect came into being when Oprah's endorsement and positive opinion about a product or a newly published book, drove up dramatically the sales of this product or book. Without intending to, Oprah has also become a non-church spiritual leader because her show commonly portrayed topics about positive thinking and methods to uplift self morale and improving one's self. She has also encouraged people to do acts of philanthropy and altruism, however small, to less fortunate global brothers and sisters and animals. Oprah has achieved some measure of success as a film actress. She was nominated as best supporting actress for her portrayal of Sofia in Steven Spielberg's The Color Purple. She is a living example of a heavy set person with huge successes and a big heart.

    • Luciano Pavarotti. A famous Italian opera tenor who successfully integrated his musical genre into popular music. He was awarded in 1998 the Grammy Legend Award and in the same year, he was also appointed as the United Nations Messenger of Peace to raise awareness about UN issues.
      Luciano Pavarotti.jpg
      He hosted annually the Pavarotti and Friends charity concert to raise funds for UN causes. His guest performers ranged from Jon Bon Jovi to Andrea Bocelli and several others. He owns 2 Guinness world records: most curtain calls (165) and best selling classical album, In Concert, when he was part of The Three Tenors, which also included Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras.

    In 1972, he drove the crowd at the New York Metropolitan Opera into a frenzy during a production of La fille du regiment when he did nine effortless high Cs in the signature aria.

    • Kathy Bates. A much revered character film actress and film director. She has won an Oscar, Golden Globes, Emmys, Screen Actors' Guild Award.
      She was also given due recognition in the Palm Springs International Film Festival. Although her forte is drama, having roles in such popular films as Titanic, Misery, and Revolutionary Road, she is also recognized as a comedienne, having also won in the American Comedy Awards.


    • When selecting clothes to buy:
    • If you are going with stripes, buy those with vertical stripes (to make you appear thinner).
    • In terms of choosing colors, choose dark tones (also makes you appear thinner).
    • Choose properly fitted (but not too tight) clothes. If you have to, have your clothes altered so that the fit is just right. Very loose fitting clothing emphasize your largeness and too tight clothing might choke you or give you an unpleasant surprise if the buttons pop at an unsuspecting moment.
    • Choose a hobby that allows you to express the other pleasant facets of your personality.
    • Commit to light exercise. Walking is a pleasant way to burn calories without feeling too stressed.
    • Stay clear of buffets or eat-all-you-can meals. Eat a la carte. Yes, you should enjoy food but manage what you eat if you want to live longer for yourself and your loved ones.
    • Character is more important than looks . Regardless of size and shape, we are all wonderfully and uniquely created!!!
    • Always bear in mind and in your heart: You are a blessing !!! Stay happy!!!

    If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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