Tie Shoelace in Different Ways

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Are you aware there are different ways to tie shoelaces? Well, here you go!

All of us have been taught how to tie our shoelaces the traditional way, but with the emergence of very cool sneakers and colorful shoelaces to go with them, isn't it an interesting idea to spice up your shoe-lacing techniques and think of other creative ways to tie your shoelaces? Here are some cool ideas.

How to Tie Shoelaces in Different Ways

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    The Ladder
    With this design, your shoelace is run across the shoe's bottom before it emerges through both the bottom eyelets. The shoelace then goes straight up and is then fed into its next set of eyelets. Both the ends are crossed over, and then fed under the vertical lace part in the opposite sides of the shoe before it finally goes straight up towards the nest set of eyelets. Once both ends of the laces are on top, these are then crossed over and passed under the straight section. Not only does this make the look very consistent, but also, the design creates a high lace lock, thus tightening the lacing firmly and evenly.
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    The Loop Back
    This is a style where the lace is run straight across the bottom of the shoe, emerging through bottom eyelets. Both the ends are then looped back under the shoelace, feeding under the side of the shoe. These are then crossed over each other, passed under and out through the next set of eyelets in the shoe. The steps are repeated until both the ends of the shoelace reach the top eyelets.
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    The Bush Walk
    The shoelace is run straight toward the bottom part of the shoe, and then goes through both the bottom eyelets. One end of the shoe lace is then run straight up on the right side of the shoe, before being fed into and again ran straight across the second set of eyelets. Once both the ends of the shoelace are straight up on the left side, each lace must skip one eyelet before being fed in two eyelets higher up. Continue doing this across the shoe, then straight up two eyelets at a time. Once the lace reaches on top, the laces should end up on the same side, where they are knotted together at that point.
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    The Checker Board
    With this style, you need to have two pairs of laces in different colors. If possible, go for the wide variety. With one color, lace the shoe either using straight lazy lacing or straight fashion lacing. With the other color, begin at the bottom part of the shoe, weaving the shoelace in and out of the other lace until you finally reach the top. Carefully fold around the top lace before you head back down, this time weaving out and in until you reach at the bottom. Continue doing this across the shoe until you run out of lace or room. For a clean yield, make sure you tuck all the loose ends of the shoelaces into the shoe.
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There are practically hundreds of ways to make your shoelace more appealing and unique. Learn about them, and achieve a funky and cool look that will surely make you stand out among your friends.

Questions and Answers

Sick way to tie a shoelace?

Well it will be depending on the type and kind of way how you tie your shoelace and also how others react to what they see. But either way, if I were to ask the best is the checkerboard style will do the trick. This kind of tie uses two laces and with the right combination of colors it could be cool and an eye catcher or even a sick way to tie your shoelace. Instructions are above.

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