Throw a Fun New Year's Eve Party

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The year is almost over. After all the merrymaking during the holiday season, you'd think you would have had enough of partying for the year. However, with New Year's Eve creeping in, it's hard to resist all the noises it brings. Once more you're in your best element to celebrate, so gather your last ounce of energy and resources and throw a fun New Year's Eve party to welcome the new dawn with an epic bang.

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Planning a New Year's Eve party is not without pressure. After all, it is not like one of those parties held during the year. The fact that it's a special holiday rife with many parties being thrown here and there makes it quite challenging to think of ways on how to have a memorable celebration to start off the New Year with the important people in your life. You're planning a party to bid goodbye to the current year and set the tone for the next 365 days ahead. How do you make your party more fun and inviting?

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The essential ingredients to a fun New Year's Eve party are your close friends, food, drinks, the right attitude, sparklers, and of course, a place to hold the party.

Countdown to Planning a Fun New Year's Eve Party

  1. 1
    Choose a Theme
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    Giving your party a theme raises the level of fun a notch higher. If you're at a loss which theme to choose, then zero in on the interests you share with friends you plan to invite to the party. If the gang is particularly fond of superheroes, ask everyone to wear an outfit with a twist that will put to shame the real crime busters if you happen to invite them to your party. Or you may simply impose that everyone wears red for good luck.
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    Tell Your Friends
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    Letting your friends know you're throwing a bash is a way of telling them to reserve the date so they can be available. You don't want to be going that extra mile in planning for a party, only to be spending it with your pet Fluffy because your friends are having a grand party time elsewhere. Call them early on before seriously making all the necessary preparations.
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    Send Invitations
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    After confirming your friends' availability, the next step is to send out the invitations to inform them of the details of the party, such as the time, place, theme and costume, if any. Because your guest list is comprised of your closest friends, you can course the invitation through your social media account. Sending out the invites on Facebook and Twitter is not only cheap and reliable, but it is also the fastest way to spread the word and get an immediate response from your exclusive circle of friends.
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    Plan the Menu
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    You don't want to disappoint your guests and starve them as they greet the New Year. A New Year's Eve party starts when everyone has already had their dinner so don't worry about fixing anything that is too heavy and extravagant, unless you want to make a big statement on food and treat everyone to fancy dishes. Go easy on finger foods and cocktail bites, such as muffins, canapés, cookies and cupcakes. Add in pizza and pasta to be sure no one has an empty stomach when the clock strikes midnight. Better yet, tell guests they can bring a dish over for everyone to share.
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    Decorate the Venue
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    It makes sense to have a party while all the Christmas trimmings are still up. Then, you only need to add a few things to match the theme. Of course, what is a New Year's Eve party without the sparklers, balloons and noisemakers? Ask some friends to help you with your DIY projects to spruce up the place some more.
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    Prepare the Food
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    Put up separate food stations to lay out your planned menu. This allows your guests to pick a little of everything as they mingle around.
    1. Fill one table with appetizers consisting of nachos and cheese dip, Texas caviar with avocado and blue cheese and pear tartlets.
    2. Let your friends feast on the next table filled with mouth-watering stuffed mushrooms, mini crescent dogs, New Year's Eve chicken wings, mini pizza, and a big pasta meal.
    3. Load another table with your sweet treats of sugar coated pecans, salted caramel brownies, and fruitcake muffins.
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    Chill the Booze
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    Make sure to stock the bar or fridge with bubbly drinks to toast the New Year. Do your alcohol shopping early to avoid the last day rush, but don't go too big on your spending or your party will end up as a drinking binge. Besides, you don't want your friends to get behind the wheel intoxicated. While this is the night for champagne, you can also serve festive holiday drinks, such as cider, Limoncello Sparkle and Lemon Rose Bellini.
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    Play some Music
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    If you want to perk up the mood some more and get your guests swaying, you must have a playlist of lively and upbeat tunes to inspire them. Download the top hits that made it to the top of the year's music charts, or play songs that match the party theme. Connect your iPod or MP3 to powerful speakers to boom music through the night until the early hours of the New Year.
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    Engage in Games
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    Party games are also for adults, especially when it's New Year's Eve. Whether you want adult, funny, family-oriented or drinking games, make sure to keep your guests on their toes. You can never go wrong with good old charades and popular games on TV, such as Minute to Win It and What's the Word? Activities may also include awarding certain guests for their costumes, and giving out prizes for special recognition. Make sure to have little tokens to give out.
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    Have Fun
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    With the party on the heat, all you need is to have a good time, relax, and relish the success of your countdown bash for the New Year. Reflect on how good the year was and look forward to what's in store for the year ahead. When the ball finally drops at 12, the only thing you'll have to think about is who's going to be the lucky person you're going to kiss.
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Tips, Tricks and Warnings

  • Keep the snacks and finger food small in bite size pieces. Offer vegetables or fruit platters as options.
  • Use disposable plates, cups and cutlery to save your precious China and crystals. It also saves you from doing the dishes after the party is over.
  • If the party is to be held at your home, make sure to have arrangements made for those that will be drinking. Contact a cab company and have them pick up your guests and return them home again.
  • Be the first to know what the New Year has to offer for your friends. Print out positive messages and good tidings that can cheer your friends up. Cut the messages in sizes that can be easily inserted through tiny slits of fortune cookies.

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