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Download and install Whatsapp for windows phone

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This Lumia 625 mobile -- how can I manually download and install WhatsApp on my Windows phone?

The process you're talking about is called sideloading. Sideloading means that you're bypassing the Windows Phone Store to install an application on your Nokia Lumia 625 with your SD card. Follow the steps below to sideload WhatsApp onto your Nokia Lumia 625 Windows Phone:

  • Click this link to download the WhatsApp .xap file.
  • Turn your Nokia Lumia 625 off and remove the SD card.
  • Put the SD card in your computer and move the .xap file to the SD card.
  • Put the SD card back into your Nokia Lumia 625 and turn it on.
  • Open the Windows Phone Store.
  • Tap the More option, which looks like three dots.
  • Tap Install local apps.

You have successfully installed WhatsApp by sideloading it onto your Nokia Lumia 625.

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How to install WhatsApp on my Nokia Lumia 520

I can not install. Every time I create my account it tells me incorrect password

Verify your Microsoft Account. Then sync the Microsoft Account from your Lumia 520. You should also check that you do not have a Family Account with Microsoft. To install WhatsApp with a Family Account, you would need permission from the Family Account administrator due to age restriction. See if you can install any other app, if you can then it could even be that your WiFi is not connected which WhatsApp recommends for installation. Finally, you can try sideloading the app using the method in an above answer.

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How will I install and download WhatsApp in my Nokia x rm 980? please help me?

help me to install because I love WhatsApp

This YouTube Tutorial shows you how to sideload Android APK onto Nokia X devices. If you encounter the error that your device is not supported by WhatsApp try the trick shown in this YouTube Tutorial. Because the phone does not support Google Play, you will have to sideload any apps you wish to use.

I have Lumia 535 and it's taking too much time to install any app?

Hi, I have Lumia 535 and it's taking too much time to install any app even sometimes it canceled it and asks to retry. I have good internet connection why is it still happening ?

Is your install location for apps set to the SD card? If so you should format the SD card. You can change the path of some pending apps first, before you format and lose all your data saved to the SD card. If the app suddenly updates then it is your SD card. You can format in Apps>Storage Sense>SD card>Format SD card. You may still have to install apps to the phone's Internal Memory Storage even after formatting the SD card, though.

Check to make sure your Microsoft Account is synced. Go into Email + Accounts. Login into your Microsoft Account and then manually sync the account. Check that you are logged in to the Windows Store properly. Your date and time on the device may also be incorrect which would stop any updates or downloads of apps.

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Download and install Whatsapp for windows phone
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I moved my xap apps to SD card but I want to reinstall it but xap file is not visible?

I moved my xap apps to SD card but I want to reinstall it but xap file is not visible

If you have Windows 8.1 OS or higher the process has changed slightly. Now you Sideload the Open the Windows Store on your device. First, convert the files to APPX. In the Windows Store Settings of the app find an option to "Install Local Apps" and select it. Your APPX files will appear in a list. You then select them manually to install. This is why you are not seeing them as you did before after you updated the OS.

Your File Manager is the location that Xap files are found. If you still have older Windows OS, you should Format your SD card and try to load the Xap files to the SD card after. Your card may be set to Read Only which would not allow you to find the files.

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