Thirty Ways to Get Her to Text You Back

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The Reasons Why She is Not Texting You Back

She may not be texting you back if she is busy at work.

If you have sent her a text and she is not texting you back, there could be a good reason for it. Some of these reasons might be more agreeable to you than others:

  • Sometimes women are so busy, they are not even looking at their phones and instead attending to an ill relative, meeting a deadline at their job or attending to something more important than romance
  • It is possible that she has broken or lost her phone and has no way of texting
  • She may have given you her number just to be polite or even get rid of you in a nice way but has no intention of calling you
  • She gave you her number so that she could get your number and add you to her mailing list for business or another purpose, but in reality, she has no interest in you romantically
  • She gave you the wrong number on purpose, and you are texting a stranger instead of her
  • She was so inebriated that night that she does not remember you
  • She is married or has a boyfriend and was simply flirting with you that night to get even with that person and now does not know how to tell you that
  • Accept that if she is not texting you back that it is possible that she does not want much to do with you and that it is probably a good idea to forget about her and move forward

Ways to Get Her to Text You Back After She Ignores the First Text

Make her smile and she will text back.

You have her number, waited about two days and then texted her, and you are still not getting a response. What do you do? Here are some ways to get her to text you back.

  1. 1
    Try a very simple second text and simply send her a hello plus a smiley face icon of some kind. You can personalize the icon a bit with an expression or have it wearing sunglasses. This is like sending her a short tap on the shoulder, as if you are saying, "Remember me."
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  2. 2
    Get on her social media pages and ask for a friend request. When you do this she automatically sees your picture. This may nudge her memory and remind her that she is supposed to text you back.
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  3. 3
    Send her the second text and make sure that you include your name. Sometimes, all she sees on the other side is a number and your message, so she sees the text as a communication from a stranger. Simply text, "Hi it's so and so..." and pretend like you never set her the first text.
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  4. 4
    Send her a second text message plus your picture plus your name. This works well if you suspect the problem might be that she does not remember you.
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  5. 5
    If she is not responding over text messenger then try using another type of messenger to contact her. A good choice would be to send her a text over her Facebook messenger, which most people leave open so that new friends can contact them. Only use this as a last resort, so she does not think you are stalking her. However, it is a very good idea to this just once as all it takes is a simple switch from one browser to another on your phone to switch your default messenger. It is possible too, that she simply has her message notifications off and never got your text message. It might be good to test this, by sending her a simple "Hi," on Facebook. If she is truly interested in you, she will respond back.
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  6. 6
    Call her number and say "Hello, it's so-and-so, who you met at (where you met.)" Do not mention the first text and simply go right into asking her for a date for coffee. Then she will tell you outright if she is interested or not by either accepting the invitation or declining it. Be prepared, though, as she could also ask you not to call her number again because you don't know each other. However, even that can be turned into an opportunity to have a conversation with her, if you bump into her again. You could simply say, "Hi, it's so-and-so who called you the other day, and here's our chance to get o know each other a little better."
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  7. 7
    If you have a mutual friend, mention that you are wondering about not being texted back. Don't directly ask the mutual friend to talk to her, but chances are the person will mention it to the girl you have been texting, the next time they meet. Depending on why she is not texting, this could possibly help you get your text message returned.
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  8. 8
    Give her an ultimatum by text. Tell her you are fed up with the silence and that this is her last chance to get back to you. If you know she sees the texts but it is not responding, then you will know that she is just not that interested in you.
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Ways to Get Her to Text You Back On A Regular Basis

She will be most responsive if your texts are entertaining and engage her attention.

Once she texts you back, it then becomes a challenge for you to get her to enter into a text conversation with you. This means keeping her engaged and entertained by the text messages that you are sending her. Remember that as long as you can keep the dialogue going, you have a chance of having a date or a relationship with her.

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  1. 1
    Pop her a text that asks her a simple question about herself. It can be about anything. Ask her what she had for lunch, how her day is going or what she thinks about a funny or absurd current event that has hit the news. Once she answers, follow it up with another question that has something to do with her.
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  • 2
    Send her a picture or a .gif of a dog or a cat. Most women like this and will respond back quickly with a comment or an equally cute picture. Ideally, send her a picture of you with your pet (if you have one.) This will have her asking questions about your pet and your life. If she has a pet, you can suggest that the two of you go to the dog park together or pet store together.
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  • 3
    Say good morning to her every morning and tell her that you want her to have a wonderful day. You can rephrase your good wishes in many ways, and say things like "I hope you have a smooth commute today.", "I hope you get the raise.", or "Have a wonderful time with your kids today." Women love men who continually send them good wishes every morning because it makes them feel like you are in her camp and on her side.
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  • 4
    Send her one funny meme or .gif a day. If you send it to her first thing in the morning, she will miss it and wonder what's up if you suddenly stop. She will then contact you to see what's happening and why you are not texting her a meme every day like you usually do.
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  • 5
    Send her your favorite photo of her. You might have taken this photo the night you met or you might have gotten it off of her Facebook page. Send it to her and tell her what you love about it, but don't make it too sexual. Just text something simple to her like "Look at that great smile!"
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  • 6
    Text her and ask her about the name of her favorite restaurant. She will more than likely let you know the name because women like giving their opinion. Then ask her what her favorite dish there is and wait for her response. When she tells you what it is, text her to tell her that you would like to make a date to go to that restaurant soon.
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  • 7
    Send her a picture of your favorite meal from a restaurant. If she responds in a positive way, ask if she would like to go out to that restaurant with you and start discussing where else the two of you might go for a great meal. This is a great way to initiate asking her out on a date.
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  • 8
    Send her a picture of a meal that you just cooked. This tact works whether you are a good cook or not. Sometimes you will get a compliment, but you might also get a laugh.
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  • 9
    Send a picture of yourself posing in a place where you know she really wants to go. Send a text along with this photo that says "Guess where I am right now?" This almost always provokes a response, especially if it is an expensive place or a place with a great deal. Sending her a picture of you eating one of her favorite foods will also get her attention.
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  • 10
    Send a picture of you standing next to a celebrity. This almost always provokes some kind of interesting conversation. You can then ask her if she has any photos of herself with a famous person or if she has any stories about encountering celebrities.
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  • 11
    Ask her what her astrology sign is. Say something like "I know it's cliché, but "what's your sign?" This will probably make her laugh and also lead to a conversation about astrology, for better or worse. If you really want to get her riled up, start joking about her sign. Find out what it is and then text something like "I just found out that all Scorpios are evil. Is that true? Are you evil."
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  • 12
    Ask her what her favorite color is and then send a picture of yourself wearing that color. You could be wearing a shirt or tie that color or perhaps a blazer. Text her a note such as "Is it this shade?" You might get a straight answer, or it might make her laugh.
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  • 13
    Send her a text that makes her know that you love your mother. A good example is "I am visiting my mom this afternoon, but we can do something later. She's such a sweetheart!" Women love men who express a fondness for their mother because it makes them feel like you will treat them just as nicely in the future.
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  • 14
    Text her "You must have looked really sweet as a kid" and then send her an old photo of yourself as a child. She will probably send back a similar photo of herself from her or at the very least remark on how cute or funny you were as a kid.
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  • 15
    Make her laugh by sending her one of your high school yearbook photos along with the text "Handsome dude!" or "What was I thinking?" This will probably make her laugh quite hard. You will probably also get a photo back from her in return.
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  • 16
    Tell her your five top pet peeves in life. This could be any kind of complaint, such as "great Italian espresso that is ruined with sugar and whipped cream on top" or "being put on hold with no option to speak to an agent." After this, she will probably text you back a few of her pet peeves as well.
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  • 17
    Text her and tell her that you need cheering up and then ask her to tell you her best joke. Usually, she will come right back at you with one. You can then engage her in conversation by continuing to text.
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  • 18
    If she is not texting you back fast enough or not at all you can unfriend her on social media. Of course, you must be friends with her on social media, such as Facebook, in the first place. This will probably get her attention because women do not like to lose friends on Facebook. She will probably text you to ask you why at which point you can tell her that you do not feel that she is paying enough attention to you or taking you for granted. If she genuinely likes you, she will go to more of an effort to make sure she is in constant conversation with you by text. However, you should also be aware that this approach can also be a bit risky.
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  • 19
    Invite her to play an online game with you. There are all kinds of simple games online that you can ask her to join, so the two of you can play together. Good choices include Hangman, Chess, and Scrabble. Make sure you choose a game that has a scrolling text beside it on the side so the two of you can communicate with each other.
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  • 20
    Ask her what the Top Ten Musical Hit of her life are and then send her yours back. In essence, you are asking her to name her top ten favorite songs. If she is not sure how to handle this, you can start things off by sending her your top ten favorite songs with a couple of links.
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  • 21
    Text her and ask her which movie she has watched more than ten times. If she doesn't have an answer for that, possibly because she is not a movie buff, then ask her which movie she has seen more than two or three times. You can then text her and ask her what she liked about it.
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  • 22
    Send her an ugly photo of yourself and ask her if she can top it by sending you an uglier one back Unless she is very vain, you are likely to get a photo back. Do not use this on a woman who you sense is a bit sensitive about her looks or on a woman who is very mature or polished or she could be offended.
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  • 23
    Send her a text and ask her if she could be anywhere else in the world right this minute, where would she be and what she would be doing. You can then send her back a similar text telling her about where you would rather be, as long as it was with her. This can lead to a nice text conversation about vacation destinations and where the two of you could go.
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  • Tips and Tricks

    Waking her up in the middle of the night may not be a good idea.
    • Text her during times that you know she might not be busy such as lunch time or after five or she might see you as being more of an inconsiderate annoyance rather than as a prospective date
    • Don't call her after eight at night if you have just met her, as that might be construed as being too personal or rude, especially if she works at a day job that she has to be on time for in the morning
    • Make sure your texts are short, have proper punctuations and don't ramble on too long
    • Do not send a series of question marks or icons if she does not text back, especially if your texting program is letting you know that you have seen it, as this makes you look clingy, argumentative and desperate
    • If she texts you to tell you that you have embarrassed her or offended her in some way when you saw each other in person, make sure that you send her a bouquet of flowers and a personally written note of apology and she will soon be texting you again.

    If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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