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Know if an Android Phone Has Been Unlocked

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There isn't a "SIM lock & Warranty" link or button to click on?

There isn't a "SIM lock & Warranty" to click or tap on!

That Web site is a third-party database that might miss some data for any smartphone. In that case, it is recommended to use other methods (like method 1) to find out whether your smartphone is original or fake.

You will need to find specifications for the model of your smartphone on GSM Arena. To compare them with your own smart device, install System Info Droid onto your device and run it. You will see specifications. If there is a difference in given results and official specifications, then it is a good reason to suspect a fake. Then, you can just weigh and measure your smart device as well.

Then, you can contact the support team of your smartphone and provide them with your IMEI code, which is stored under the battery.

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Know if an Android Phone Has Been Unlocked

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