Hi there!

I noticed you've been chatting back and forth a lot on talk pages with other people on howikis. It's great that you're making friends on howikis, but if you're talking a lot about non-howikis stuff, could you move the conversation over to Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live, IRC, or another social network instead? You could also change the form of the conversation to emailing or even texting each other.

The reason I'm asking this is because every time you post on someone's talk page, that edit needs to get reviewed by the volunteer editors on the site, which creates extra work for us. It can be tiresome to review a bunch of short messages going back and forth between two people, particularly if those messages don't have anything to do with howikis.

I hope that makes sense! Consider looking at How to Find Alternatives to Chatting on VisiHow if you are still confused. And if you ever have any questions about howikis, please let me know. I'd be happy to help.

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