Tell if you and a potential partner are compatible

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This article will be on how you can calculate the compatibility of you and your partner, but this compatibility test is to compare you and your potential partner. This is a precaution so for you to determine whether or not it would be a good choice to even engage in the relationship. The calculation will help you to keep from wasting time or having to go through a broken heart in the relationship you are trying to start. Following these steps will help push you in the right direction to be with the person of your choosing or just to match up with friends you have whom can also be potential love partners.

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    The first thing you will need to do is figure out what kind of person you want or your style of relationship
    There are different ways that you attach yourself to others being mainly three ways: Secure, Anxious and Avoidance. If a person Is anxious they seem to jump out to others for reassurance, these types of people seem to always need someone to be with instead of being comfortable alone and confident. The anxious person will always seem to be the person who is a bit needy, more than the other categories, so if you are looking for someone or matching up with someone they would need to have the same anxious feeling as you have in your personality. Avoidance attachment is if you tend to keep people at a distance where you will not let people into your circle easily, if you are this type of person you will also want to keep things a bit private and not let your feelings out easily. When a person is secure then they will tend to be happy without needing to be in a relationship making them not as needy and more or so happy to begin with making the relationship better in a sense of having a good vibe to start. Match up the personalities with yourself and your potential mate to ensure a positive connection.
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    Ensure that the potential partner wants the same out of life that you do, if you two are in different parts in your life then it would not be a good idea to partake in the relationship
    If you two have different views on children, lifestyle, education and even living arrangements then it would be wise to pump the breaks on getting too far involved with that person. If the two people are not in the same state of mind in the beginning then in the relationship the person would need to either change the other or try to change the person which can prove to be a bit of a hassle for the change is never guaranteed to happen successfully. Also if you push or pressure the person into your ways it will not work for your advantage in the relationship. Basically talk to your potential partner about your views to ensure that you two are on the same page before you start the relationship.
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    In addition to checking for it the person shares the same beliefs you need to also that you two share the same values with each other
    See if both of you value things like a close family, religious views and etc. If the person does not share the same views then it would not be a good idea to continue because forcing a person to have the same views can bring up a lot of conflict in the relationship. Also look into the person to see if they have values that you do not have and wish to be a part of, if the person has values that you do not agree with then this is a red flag to not go any further into a relationship for it will prove to not only be a waste of time but a big letdown in the end.
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Using these steps can help determine if the person is right for you before even engaging in a relationship, which is a good strategy to use before actually getting into the relationship and not liking what you have become a part of in the relationship.

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