Tell if a Guy Has a Girlfriend While Talking on-Line

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Online dating provides many opportunities, especially if you are too busy to meet new people in your everyday life. The anonymity will make you feel quite comfortable, but it comes with certain risks as well.

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Tell Tale Signs Your Online Friend Has a Girlfriend

How can you tell whether the guy you're talking to online has a girlfriend? Pay attention to his profile and his behaviour, and keep reading.

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    Check his profile photo
    Men in relationships are reluctant to upload a profile picture. This should be the first warning sign. A lack of photo and the selection of an avatar, a picture of a celebrity or any abstract photograph should make you feel more confident of the possibility your online man is already in a relationship. Ask him for a picture. If he refuses to give you one, you should begin questioning his intentions.
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    Does his name sound fishy
    It's not unusual for guys that have girlfriends to go under a fake name. Check the name to find out whether such a person really exists. Does the name match his chat name? His email? Are all of the names he uses ambiguous? FunGuy69 should not make you feel secure about who he is.
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    Ask him personal questions
    A guy who has a girlfriend will be unwilling to answer personal questions. He may be secretive or he could give you general answers. Ask him a series of very personal questions about his love history, where he lives, who he lives with and what he does for a living. A failure to answer any of these questions, even after you get to know each other better, should raise a red flag.
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    Pay attention to how and when he responds to your messages
    Single men are capable of carrying on with their online communications anywhere, anytime. If he is alone at home, he will respond immediately and chat with you. A man that is in a relationship will need to be much more cautious about his online communication. Are his responses irregular? Does it take him hours to write back? Is he hard to connect with on weekends? Is he only online late at night - perhaps while his girlfriend is sleeping? Chances are that he is in a relationship.
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    Check his social media Profiles
    Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking websites are a great way to learn something more about the guys you are talking to online. Check their profiles. If you can't find a profile for such a person, you can be almost entirely certain that he has given you a fake name. Facebook is one of the best places to check for personal information. Even if he is not in a relationship, you can learn more about his lifestyle and the way in which he interacts with other people. If he says he doesn't have a Facebook page, you should be very wary. A man who is meeting people online, probably has a Facebook page.
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    Is reluctant to call you
    A man who has a girlfriend will probably refuse to give you his phone number. Additionally, calling each other will be challenging because he will have to do it while his girlfriend is away. After you talk to each other online for some time, you should ask for a phone number. Men in relationships will most often be very reluctant about providing such a communication option. Even if a man who has a girlfriend gives you his phone number, you will find it difficult to reach him and going to voicemail will be usual.
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    He won't video chat
    If your online guy keeps coming up with excuses not to talk to you face to face in a video chat, you should be worried about more than whether or not he has a girlfriend. It's almost a certainty that he is not who he says he is. If he's posted a picture, it almost certainly is not him. He might be 85, or from a country that is known for scams, or he might be a girl. Worse than him having a girlfriend, this person might be cat-fishing you. Read more about BEING CATFISHED
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Questions and Answers

Signs guy you have been talking online has a girlfriend?

Here are some signs if a guy that you have been talking online has a girlfriend:

  • If you see on his timeline or on his status that he is in a relationship (in a relationship to Girlfriend's name).
  • When he posts something and same girl continually likes the guy's post, it means that could be his girlfriend.
  • When the guy posts a picture and a girl comments something sweet and the guy also replies, it means that could be his girlfriend.
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If you want to know if he has a girlfriend, talk to him online and if you have a good topic, and this is a chance to ask in a different way like "you must give it to your girlfriend" and if he replies that he has a girlfriend, so that way you know if that guy has a girlfriend.

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The trouble with a lot of advice regarding asking a man - is people lie - a lot, and when you don't have vocal cues, you can't watch the eyes, or judge the body language, it's way more difficult.

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