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No matter how long you've been married, the day may come when you find yourself questioning whether or not your wife still loves you. Sometimes these doubts will appear without reason. Other times, you may have some signals from your wife indicating that there is a problem in your relationship. You, no doubt, want to make sure your marriage remains healthy and strong; so, we've put together an article to help you see what's great in your marriage.. Below are some of the signs you may have missed showing that your wife loves you.

7 Sure Signs Your Wife Loves You

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    She makes an effort to impress you
    Women don't try to impress those they don't care about. Your wife makes an effort to keep up her appearance and take care of herself. When she buys some new clothes, she always shows you and asks you how you like them. In this way, she wants to underline that she bought it not only for herself, but also to please you and make you feel proud of her. She may also try to impress you by giving you small surprises, such as trying to set aside time for you to do something you like or maybe cooking your favorite meal after a rough day at work. Remember that small gestures she thinks about making for you can go a long way in showing someone how much they are loved. She loves you.
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    She spends time with you
    You both may work, but if she has free time, she wants to spend it with you. She offers to go with you for a walk, for a movie at the cinema, for a play at the theatre, or outside for dinner at a restaurant you enjoy. If you are both simply too tired to go out, she will even choose to watch TV with you at home. It actually does not matter what you do. It just matters to your wife that the two of you spend time together. You're her first priority, and she can meet her friends some other day or even ask you to join her when she does meet them.
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    She shows her feelings
    If you pay her a compliment, you still see the twinkle in her eyes as if you complimented her for the first time. She still gives you a kiss when you return home from work, and she still hugs you while she is falling asleep or simply relaxing with you on the sofa. Most importantly in a marital relationship, your wife does not avoid intimacy. Showing feelings, however, does not only equal showing positive feelings. If she cares about you, she will show negative feelings as well. For example, if she is sad, she may start crying. She will not cry only to vent her frustration, but also to let you know that she is worried about something and needs your attention and support. These are signs of true and lasting love, even if they can be a bit uncomfortable when she's upset. Just remember to hold on to her, because this kind of love is rare.
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    She pays attention to you
    A woman that is in love will rarely forget important dates such as your birthday or anniversary. In fact, it will be important to her that she remembers them. She may also make you a surprise reservation at a restaurant in order to celebrate your special occasion. When you are sick, she will take care of you, give you medication, and help you as much as possible. This extra attention on her part is a way of showing you that she loves you.
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    She cares about your opinion
    She never makes an important decision by herself and will always consult with you. She will also consider your opinion on seemingly basic things, such as whether she should change her hairstyle or how she should plan her weekend. She recognizes that as you are both on the same team together. Besides, she loves you, which means your opinion matters just as much as her own.
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    She supports you
    If you come back from work extremely frustrated, wanting only to forget about the day, your wife will always listen to you and support you. She will also try to help you to find a solution to your problems. Remember that in addition to being a lover and the person you share your home and your life with, your wife is also your best friend and confidant. In filling these roles, she will do whatever she can to support you and stay by your side. Even if you don't want to discuss what's bothering you, she will still support you and make sure you know she's there for you.
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    She is involved in your life
    Don't be surprised if your wife asks about the names of your coworkers. It's not because she does not trust you; she simply wants to participate in your life as much as possible. She wants to share your hobbies or at least try to understand them. She does not have to watch football games with you, but she may want to know what your favorite football team is and how they are doing this season. The more she is involved in your life, the more she is able to understand you. This, in fact, is her goal. It means that she might not want to go fly fishing with you, but that she supports you. Maybe she will even surprise you with a gift one day,
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    long after you thought she didn't really understand the sport. That's the sign of a wife who really loves you.
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Additional Tips

  • In living our daily lives, we may occasionally forget to take time out to let our spouses know that we love, appreciate and care for them. If you have a good relationship, however, it is important that you take care of it. If you find that your wife does many of the things listed in this article, it's a good sign that she loves you and that you are still the most important person in her life. Take care of that, and nurture it. You're blessed. Some men are with women who hate them.
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