Tell if Your Wife Hates You

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Do you wake up in the morning with a strange feeling of loneliness or worse, outright hostility? Does it now seem like there is an emotional and or physical wall between you and your wife? Can you recall the last time she responded to your smile, your look, or your displays of affection? These are all symptomatic of a problem in your relationship. While sometimes these signs may indicate infidelity, they do not always mean that your wife is cheating on you; she may simply have fallen out of love. Worse, if you didn't notice it early enough, she may actually hate you now, and that's not easy to fix.

6 Signs Your Wife Hates You

If you stay awake at night wondering if your wife hates you, then you need to take a hard look at the signs we've listed below. They should give you a pretty clear indication of whether she's just not in love anymore, of has crossed over into full-on hate.

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    She is no longer affectionate
    Are your romantic gestures and compliments now met with indifference and or avoidance? Does she respond to your attempts at intimacy with a growing list of excuses? A lack of interest in physical affection towards your spouse is a very clear sign that there is trouble in the marriage. If you notice this sign and sense that these types of behaviors are new or uncharacteristic, you should look into why you are having this experience. Maybe she is having an affair, or maybe she just doesn't love you anymore. If she's hostile about refusing your affections, she probably just hates you.
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    She does not spend time with you
    Hobbies are very positive activities that bring people a lot of joy. That being said, your wife's hobby should not replace all of the time she should be spending with you. If this situation is occurring, it doesn't necessarily mean that your wife is having an affair, but it may mean that she is trying to avoid spending quality time with you. If you are not invited to be a part of her personal life at any time, and your attempts to take her out are met with refusal, she may have lost interest in spending time with you. If she has lost interest in spending time with you, she may also have fallen out of love with you. However, if she's just plain mean about it, or goes out of her way to make sure she hurts you by excluding you from activities, it could be that she hates you.
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    She does not try to impress you
    Have you noticed that your wife never seems to dress up to impress you anymore? Does she only seem to pay attention to her appearance in order to meet friends or go to work? Has she stopped asking you what you would like to eat for dinner or stopped making your coffee in the morning? If you've noticed that she no longer seems to put effort into these details, you may have a sign that her feelings for you have disappeared, but she probably doesn't hate you. However, if she makes you tea instead of coffee, or intentionally burns your toast every day, she might hate you.
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    She does not talk to you
    Anyone married for any length of time can attest to the fact that there are times when silence is golden, but those are rare occasions in a good marriage. If your marriage has conversations that are limited to the most necessary topics, you could have a problem. Are you only talking about things that must be discussed because you share a house? Do you feel more like your wife's roommate than a spouse? Is she a spouse that seems disinterested and stops asking you questions about your personal life, such as how your work is going, how you are feeling, or how you will be spending your time? If so, you should be concerned that she might not love you anymore. However, if she only cooks for herself, locks the door before you come home, or eats the last of the Frosted Flakes, it might be more serious. She could hate you.
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    She does not pay attention to you
    Has your wife started to conveniently forget about things that are important to you, such as your birthday, your anniversary, or the dinner you were supposed to have in order to celebrate your promotion at work? Her recent inability to remember events that are important to you is hurtful, which she undoubtedly knows. This should be a clear warning sign that she probably hates you. She is going out of her way to hurt you and pretending not to notice or care.
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    She does not support you or cheer you up
    At some point in your life, you are sure to come across difficult or bad situations. Unfortunately for you, your wife no longer cares if you are sad or angry. If you talk to her openly about your situation, maybe her only response is telling you not to worry, or even complete indifference. That just means she doesn't care. However, if she laughs, and it sounds evil, she probably hates you. Not only does she not care that you may want to discuss your issues with her, she intentionally withdraws the support you need to get through your situation. The support and backing of your spouse is very important to maintaining a strong bond in marriage, but if she hates you, she won't care. That lack of care can manifest itself as indifference, a lack of interest, and especially a lack of love.
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Additional Tips

When getting married it can be difficult or impossible to foresee the future and the kind of couple you will later be -- there is always some element of risk. Sadly even the best intentions sometimes cannot keep your marriage together the way you once expected it. If some of the signs mentioned in this article describe your marriage, and you suspect your wife hates you, you'll need to decide whether or not to confront her. Just prepare yourself to be the one who works to resolve these issues, or even end the marriage. If your wife hates you, she's not going to make whatever you decide to do easy to accomplish. Because she hates you, she'll do everything she can to make it difficult.

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Questions and Answers

Can our marriage be fixed again?

She told me that the wedding ring means nothing to her, then at some point she eventually removed it. She doesn't want any contact in bed between us. Also said that it was wrong at least 5 years from before we got married that is now 20 years in all. Saying that I've done plenty of wrong things to her which some of them I believe are not that bad, but I believe her character is very difficult sometimes. But she accepted that we can go to a counselor that I told her we better need to go. I have tried: Just talking a little. I think it was caused by: My decisions/character and her character

You are doing the right thing by suggesting to go to marriage counseling. It is a good sign that she agreed because this means that she does want to try to fix this marriage on a deeper level. It is important that you validate her experiences with you in the past. Instead of defending your actions, just say you are sorry for now. Marriage counseling will be brutal but if you both put effort into it, this marriage has a chance.

I think my wife has fallen out of love with me or wants me to leave her due to my past ill health?

First she hinted about me buying an eternity ring then she says she does not want one because we might split up. Then she says she wants to fall out of love with me. I have tried: I did everything but I am restricted due to my ill health which I am recovering from. I think it was caused by: I became ill just over 2 years ago with Early onset Alzheimer's but was later told this was a wrong diagnosis, then I required an operation to remove prostate cancer of which I am still recovering

Your wife is acting out of fear more than hate. The fear of losing someone that you love is extremely scary. Her wish to fall out of love with you is a protective measure on her part. I am sorry that you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. This type of cancer can end intimacy in a relationship. It is not your fault that this happened but there are ways you can change her Outlook. Begin by reading the Prostate Decision Blog. This blog is written by a urologist who was also diagnosed with cancer. His personal insights are helpful and he has included many blogs with the female perspective which I think will help you.

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