Tell if Your Husband Loves You

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You have probably shared both cheerful and difficult moments with your husband, regardless of how long you have been married. Everyone may think that you are a great couple, but one day you may wake up and start wondering if your husband still loves you? Do you wonder if he is still with you because he is used to you, or maybe he just feels comfortable and does not want to change his situation? If you have been asking yourself these questions, this article will help you.

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9 Ways to Tell if Your Husband Loves You

Learning how to tell if your husband loves isn't the same for every husband. Some men are naturally more affectionate, while others might show their love by fixing household items or performing chores. Still others may express themselves with gifts, or even poems. That said, there are still some things a wife knows about her husband and how he loves her. These are the things that make him yours.

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  1. 1
    He is enamored with you
    Time is passing by, but he is still just as amazed with you as he was at the beginning of your relationship. If you go to the hairdresser, he immediately notices your new hairstyle. If you're wearing something new, he never fails to note how beautiful you look wearing them. Although you've been together for years, he still compliments you on how charming you look. It doesn't matter whether you just woke up or have make up and an elegant dress on. He still loves you, and he shows it.
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  2. 2
    He spends time with you
    Although he may come back from work very tired, he does not take a nap after dinner or go straight to the TV. Instead, he tries to find a way to spend some time with you. After all, it's you he works to come home to each day. He does not mind going for a walk with you, going to the cinema or out shopping. He is always ready to arrange some time with you, and you know he'd rather spend time by your side than anywhere else.
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  3. 3
    He talks to you
    This may sound trivial, but you need to remember that men are often less talkative than women. However, if your husband still loves you, he will always talk to you. He might ask you how you are, how your day was, if you have any plans, or even what your opinions are about current events. It doesn't matter so much what he asks or even what he talks about. Rather, it's the fact that of all the people he could talk to, the one he wants to speak with is you. This is because he knows that conversation is one of the basic building blocks of any relationship. He's showing you how important your relationship with him is, even if he might not always talk about what the latest Cosmopolitan magazine said he should be talking about.
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    He tries to impress you
    He's never stopped buying you flowers or small gifts. He does it just to make you happy. He may also surprise you with a romantic date to your favorite restaurant or tickets to the movies. Other times he may express his love with more down-to-earth things such as completing household chores that you know he hates. So if you see him washing the dishes, or he brought home some daisies, count your blessings. He loves you, and it shows.
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    He shows his feelings
    If your husband still hugs or kisses you for no special reason, or holds your hand when you're walking down the street, he is showing his feelings for you. Also, pay attention to how he behaves when you are around your friends. Even though you've been married for years and all of your friends know it, he will not hesitate to give you a kiss on the cheek when you are with them, just because he loves you.
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  6. 6
    He supports you
    Being a husband means not only being a lover but also being a friend. For that reason, he supports you no matter what kind of problem you are having. If you're in a bad mood, you had an argument with your friend; or you have problems at work, he will always try to do his best to help. While he might not always find the appropriate solution to your problem, he tries. Even when you're difficult, he's still there; and he lets you know he loves you.
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  7. 7
    He shares his life with you
    He talks to you about his coworkers, friends or hobbies. He tells you about his life because he trusts you and wants you to participate in his life. He shares his dreams, because you're a part of those dreams. Although you may not understand some of the things he likes, such as football or how an engine works, he will try to explain them to you as clearly as possible. Who knows, maybe you do like cars and sports, but you don't know how to fish. Don't worry. He loves you, and he will show you.
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    He cares about your opinions
    Whenever there is a decision that needs to be made, he always consults with. This is because he appreciates your opinions. He knows that what you think is just as important as what he thinks. He doesn't care if your opinions are different than his. Rather, he wants your input, because you're his wife and you're a team. This includes things as simple as what he's cooking for dinner, your plans for the weekend, or buying a new car.
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    He is very protective
    Many women believe that being protective is a natural masculine feature. However, it's not. Some men aren't very masculine at all. However, if your husband still loves you, he will do everything in his power to keep you from getting hurt. This doesn't just mean protecting you from others. It also includes taking care of you when you're sick or even helping you open a jar. This is because he feels that it's his job to help you. When your husband is ready to help you, no matter what, you know he loves you.
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Additional Tips

  • As a married couple, you will spend a lot of time with your husband. As a result, over the years you may stop paying attention to everything that he does for you. You can be sure that if your husband still does at least some of the things mentioned in this article, you're the love of his life. Take care of your relationship so that it will continue to flourish, and let your husband know what a great guy he is.

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