Tell if Your Husband Doesn't Love You Anymore

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Have you been married for many years but increasingly feel that romantic gestures only happen in movies? Are floral bouquets, declarations of love and surprises all actions from an earlier time in your relationship but no longer there today? You may be wondering if this is the end of love or if there is someone else in his life, but you haven't managed to prove that he's been cheating on you. You may feel good with each other, but like he is not the same man as he was before. Your husband may unwittingly send you signals that should make you understand this is the end. If you're struggling with this problem, this article will give you some answers that should help you resolve any lingering doubts you may be having.

9 Signs Your Husband Doesn't Love You Anymore

  1. 1
    He does not talk to you
    Conversation is an art, however easily it may come for you. Where the two of you were once able to turn a short conversation about the weather into an hours-long discussion, you may now find yourself struggling to converse for even a few minutes. Does your husband only discuss necessary subjects with you? Most importantly, has he stopped asking you how your day was, how you feel, and how you plan to spend the weekend? A man that loves and cares for you will want to share these parts of life. A lack of desire to share this kind of information should signal to you that something is wrong.
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    He is not enamored with you
    A man who is in love with his wife will notice certain details about her, such as a change in hairstyle or a nice new outfit. While it may be true that many men may not notice certain changes for an amount of time, if he once noticed even small changes in your appearance but has stopped paying attention at all, there could be trouble in your relationship.
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    He does not spend time with you
    If your husband prefers to spend time in front of the computer, reading a book or going out with colleagues or friends for a beer, you probably have a problem. He does not seem to like to be in your company much anymore, and he always has some excuse ready in order to avoid going out with you. If you do go out, perhaps it's always to the cinema, where conversation and engagement with you will not be required as much. While you're together, you're not really together. You could even be in different movie theaters and you'd be just as close. This is a clear sign of trouble.
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    He is not involved in your life
    Are you running the house by yourself, paying all of the bills, doing all of the shopping, and preparing all of the meals? Is he always too busy to help you, or does he always have a reason for why he cannot? Perhaps he is tired, worked very long hours, or is reading something important -- but that's not the point. Not only is he never willing to help; he doesn't even ever ask. For some couples, this will simply be the way they have decided to divide responsibilities. But if this is new behavior, it's a big red flag. This signals a serious problem in your relationship.
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    He does not try to impress you
    Remember when your husband would have done anything for your attention? In the earliest stages of the relationship, many couples strive to look their best. It is quite common, however, that over time less effort is made to look absolutely perfect because you are more comfortable around each other. On some level, this is a normal occurrence. That said, your husband should still want to be your hero. He should still want to impress you, and if he doesn't, you should be concerned. Look for any changes in his appearance or hygiene that you can't figure out. If there's no explanation for his new cologne or recent insistence on shaving regularly, you might want to look into it a bit. Just address it carefully. Maybe he's just feeling old and want's to feel young again. Maybe, but that usually comes with a Corvette.
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    You don't share a common life
    You have your job; he has his job. You have your duties at home, and he has his own duties. In your free time, you may even enjoy doing different activities. There appears to be nothing that brings you together. You may even feel that your husband now has secrets, and you also have the impression that he may be hiding something more. If you do not have access to his phone, e-mail, or social media profiles, this can be a cause for concern. Of course, when you ask him about what he may be hiding, he will probably deny it, and act as if everything is fine. In some cases he may even become defensive. You may even have that sinking feeling that you are no longer the most important person in his life. If this is the case, insist that he adds you as a friend on social media, and make sure you have a couple's photo. If he won't do that, there's a reason, and you're probably not going to like it.
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    He no longer likes hugging or showing affection
    Physical intimacy is important in a relationship, and it is important to the bond between a husband and wife. Many people who are no longer in love will have trouble expressing physical intimacy. If your husband used to hug you and show you affection, but now is unable to, or even runs away from it, you have a pretty clear sign that he is no longer in love. He may just be there to uphold his commitment to you, but no longer feels that fire you once shared. You can fix this, but it takes work, and maybe even counseling.
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    He does not miss you
    When was the last time when you heard 'I missed you' from your husband? Sure, you may see each other every day, but what if you come home late one night, or visit family for the weekend. Doesn't he miss you? Do you no longer see a twinkle in his eyes or the smile on his face that was always noticeable when you looked at each other before? If he now seems to be totally indifferent to you whether you are far or near, there's trouble in your relationship. Men need something they can love, and an indicator of their love is when they miss that something if it isn't around.
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    He is not proud of you
    Of all the hurts a woman can endure from her husband, this is probably one of the worst. He is always disappointed with you and nothing you do seems to make him happy. He does not pay you compliments or motivate you, and he may have even begun to criticize you. No matter what you do: everything is wrong. This is a man who is angry and unhappy. He quite likely does not love you anymore, or at least has convinced himself that he doesn't. At this stage the only real viable solution is relationship counseling. If he won't go, then you need to.
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What You Can Do

People have many different reasons to get married and many reasons for falling out of love, even if it is something they never imagined would happen. You can never be absolutely certain how your marriage will look in the future. Sometimes, even the most troubled marriages can be repaired and brought back on track, bringing the husband and wife even closer than before. Other times, the couple feels that they only solution to their problems is a divorce. If you notice these signs in your own relationship with your husband, you should address them sooner rather than later. While you may decide to try fix the relationship on your own, it's usually best to contact a relationship or marriage counselor for help. Just remember that whatever decision you make is a highly personal one.

Additional Tips

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  • Likewise, if you found some useful information in this article, then tell us so we can help other women better understand the problems they may be experiencing with their own husbands.

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Questions and Answers

I've read the article and most of those are happening lately with our marriage. But I don't think he's having an affair either. Do you think he's just bored with our life together?

He's not as excited to see me or spend intimate time together. Should I worry?. I have tried: Talk to him a bit; what changes I've noticed.. I think it was caused by: Having our toddler daughter around and sleep in our bed in between us.

It is easy for parents to lose their intimate connections, especially with toddlers around. It is not impossible to rekindle your intimacy as spouses but it may take some planning in advance. If you can't get your toddler to sleep on their own for even 45 minutes then book a hotel room and surprise your husband on an intimate date that is just about the both of you. Once you have begun rekindling the spark, schedule intimate time with the understanding that you may have to work around the plans depending on the child.

If you had an agreement not to see each other but still surprisingly visit your children. What does it means?

My spouse and I had agreed that he will notify me ahead of time every time he will visit our children, so that we will not see each other for the next six months, but still he surprisingly visits our house and stays for almost 8 hours. What does it mean?. I have tried: Talked to him to avoid seeing me. I think it was caused by: N/a

He is hanging on with a grip to the last shred of a family by hanging out in your home with your children for long periods of time. He is not honoring your request so instead of causing more drama by insisting (because he may also be doing this just to annoy you), remind him that you are separated and if he wishes to see his children then he can take them to the park or where he is currently staying. Keep it cordial to not show how irritated you are. Let him know that the time he is spending there may also be confusing the children and that for their emotional well-being, boundaries need to be set and followed.

My husband doesn't love me now. I think he is cheating on me now, I am not sure?

I see that my husband is away and he does not care about me and my kids now. I have tried: I tried in-boxing him..We have arguments but he does not care much about my emotional feelings.I was hurt deeply. I think it was caused by: He is not interested in me, going out with other women, wants our marriage to end

You can't force someone to love you. Unfortunately, he has requested an end to the marriage. While you may not want to give up on your marriage, one or both of you have deep unhappiness. Perhaps this is a phase of his, yet he is seeing other women and dishonoring you by saying he does not care for your emotional feelings. Get an attorney and start your divorce petition. Perhaps file against him before he can file against you. You will also want to consult with the attorney about how to move forward regarding custody, division of assets and child support. You are a mother and although you are feeling deep sadness, take this time to focus on you and your children. They are going to need their mother now more than ever.

Should I keep living with a husband who doesn't care?

I have been married to my husband for 7 years and we have two beautiful children together. During the first year he was the best husband, the dream man and almost Mr., perfect!. Then he had an affair while I was pregnant with our first child, it went on for a couple of years till he walked out on us and a year later returned because he had lost his job and needed a place to stay (he said he came back because he wanted a family). He begged for forgiveness and because of our child I forgave him, things were fine and I got pregnant again, he cheated on me again during my second pregnancy with the same woman!!. I was devastated but still wanted things to work as we had two children, he again asked for forgiveness and I forgave, for the sake of my children.. But over the past couple of years I had to leave my job and become dependent on him, he puts me down, doesn't help out, doesn't take me with him to social gatherings and doesn't spend time with the children. I really want to get out of this situation as I stayed with him thinking after two children and 7 years of marriage he will change but he doesn't care for our needs only for himself. He shows the world a different face but the person I live with is nothing like what he projects to others! I have tried: I have tried everything, he doesn't want my friends and family around, I distanced myself from them, I stay at home, take care of my children, do the housework, never complain about going out for dinner or a movie, I have never had a gift from him in 6 years, sometimes he forgets our anniversary.. I think it was caused by: Maybe his affair, with a woman who brainwashed him using her money and lavish lifestyle.

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My husband does all the things in your post?

My husband and I have only been married for a little over 2 months and he is already doing almost all of the things in your post. I love him more than anything and he says he loves me but he doesn't show it or seem to want to ever be by me. I made dinner for him (his favorite) and had it ready for him when he got home and he said he was going to make a sandwich instead. I put on his favorite show and he sat on his phone instead. He then blamed me for the puppy having an accident on the bathroom floor. He blames me a lot for things I have nothing to do with. I just want to know if he doesn't love me anymore.. I have tried: I've tried doing all the things he loves in bed, making him dinner when he gets home, getting up multiple times in the night and taking the dog out so he doesn't have to, having the house clean when he gets back, working extra during the day so we have extra money, trying to be interested in his drones, complimenting him, being supportive of his job.. I think it was caused by: We got a new puppy that he seems to love better than me. He switched companies (in the army) and they ended the one he has been with for years. Maybe he's not used to living with another person, or living with a girl?

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My husband is very distant from me, and doesn't show any affection or share intimacy?

My husband has never been intimate with me in ages and he is always bored at home. He never likes to do anything with us as a family or even show any love. He constantly chats on his phone and I've had many incidents where he was chatting to past girlfriends regularly. I don't know what more to do in this marriage. Whenever I speak to him about his behavior and his ways he ignores me and keeps telling me I'm not his mother so I mustn't tell him what to do. Its not much different but its very depressing I get very emotional about the fact that I do so much for my husband and to be treated the way I do its very sad. He only does things for himself that makes him happy by going out to pubs being with his friends but when he is at home he share no interests with us. He never likes to go out with me and the kids its always I must go alone with the kids. He only happy when he is with his friends but miserable when he is at home. I have tried: I tried talking to him - no luck from that because he always avoids my discussion and he always screams and shouts at me like I'm talking nonsense. I think it was caused by: I think he is hoping he can find someone better than me, or maybe he wants to look for someone else.

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