Teach Your Children to Avoid Stranger Danger

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Kids are the most vulnerable preys for criminals and deviants. They are naive and easily persuaded, which makes them easy to deceive.

Child predators can be found in the most unexpected places and circumstances. These predators are not only lurking on the streets, but some of them are hiding behind technology from home at their computer. Predators are using the power and anonymity of the internet to make their 'job' easier. As a parent, it is a huge responsibility to keep your children safe at all times.

Unfortunately, you cannot follow your child everywhere they go to ensure their safety. Instead, you have to teach them to avoid stranger danger. That way, you don't have to keep such a vigilant eye on them to ensure their safety. Here are some of the ways you can teach your kids protect themselves from stranger danger.

Protect Your Kids From Stranger Danger

Expound your Explanation.

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When you want your kids to be safe from stranger danger, don't be content with just saying 'never talk to a stranger'. Sure, this is something we always tell kids, but by saying this, did we give them the proper instruction? Did we just share with them a life-saving tip? You should be telling them more than that because a teacher on their first day of class is a stranger to them. Explain to them what a 'stranger' is. Give them a solid definition and give examples of these bad types of strangers.

Your child sees you talking to strangers all the time, on the street, at the store, etc. Perhaps we should be teaching our kids HOW to talk to strangers.

Teach your children these simple rules. Communicate in direct, simple language.

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    Never take anything from a stranger, not even if it's your favorite chocolate bar, candy or a soft drink.
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    Never go anywhere with someone you don't know
    Be careful if the stranger tells you he knows your mom or dad.
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    Be very careful of a stranger who asks for your help
    He might say he's lost his puppy and ask you to help him find the cute puppy. He might even have a picture with him. He might say he can't find his child. Never ever go with a grown up because he's asked for help. Grow-ups don't ask children to help them.
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    Trust your instincts
    If your mind or stomach tells you are in danger, run away, scream to get other people's attention, kick and scream - and don't stop until you get help.
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    Teach Kids How to Say No
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    NO should ALWAYS be the answer to any offers, no matter how inviting or enticing they might be.
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    Monsters can look really good
    Don't teach your children that predators are monsters, and scary, because at first glance, to your child, and perhaps to you, they may seem kind, and handsome, and well-dressed. You have to de-program your kids from television's depictions of predators and pedophiles.
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    Check the sites your children visit
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    Child sex offenders online are so rampant that having a parental control feature from your ISP is recommended. Do not be afraid to track their internet usage and where they go on the internet. Check their history often. If you notice something suspicious, then confront your child and remind them of stranger danger. Blocking chat rooms and other potentially unsafe websites can help ensure that your child does not fall victim to a sex offender. Don't let younger children have a computer in the privacy of their own room. This is where trouble begins.
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    Leave them with trusted people
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    If you really need someone to look after your children, leave them with someone you know personally such as a grandparent. If a babysitter is required, it will also help if your child knows the emergency numbers to call, just in case. Tell them to give you a ring when if they feel that something isn't right.
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    Invest a Little More
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    While offenders make use of technology to spot their next prey, you can make use of it as well to guard them. There are child tracking devices that you can make use of, that will notify you if child goes beyond the perimeters you've set.
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    If something happens, and someone tries to snatch them, they should yell - ##SOMEONE IS TRYING TO TAKE ME
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    They should kick, bite, scream, flail, the more they move and wriggle, the less the bad guy has a chance to succeed.
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    Although this article is about strangers, don't forget to remind yourself, and your child, that sometimes the bad guy is already a friend or family member.
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Additional Words

Technology can help guard kids from stranger danger, but the best weapon they really have is YOU. Always find time to be with them. Be there when they need you so they won't need the 'comfort' and attention from strangers. Additionally, your children will be more apt to tell you if something is wrong if you have a good relationship with them.

Typical Dangers that You Must be Watchful For as a Parent

  1. 1
    There are cases where even if your child does not know the bully, he or she can still be bullied. As a parent, you need to be watchful of the people your child interacts with, both online, and in actuality. If, for example, they are playing in a playground, observe whether or not their interaction with the other kids leaves them a positive experience or not. If it's negative, you should pull your child out of that area because there will be no benefits to your child to continue staying in that place.
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    Surround them and yourself, with positive people
    Kids are like sponges. They absorb everything they hear or see, therefore, if you expose them to people who are a little sketchy, use bad language, drugs, have no respect for other people - your children will learn the same lessons. This includes family and partners. Studies show that even a child's language depends on what he hears on a daily basis. If you surround yourself and child with good, moral people with personal integrity - they will learn by example.
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    Sexual harassment
    Children are very prone to this heinous abuse because unlike adults, children do not know yet that such an act is not right and they almost never are able to fight back. Aside from protecting your child from being sexually harassed, you can also educate your children on how to protect themselves step-by-step. Of course, you would not be discussing extremely sensitive information they may not be old enough to understand, but at least you should cover the difference between what is acceptable, and what is not. That way, your kids can make some very important decisions when faced with a difficult situation. They may not be able to fight back and protect themselves physically, but at least they will be knowledgeable enough to call your attention right away in case they notice something unusual and have the awareness to avoid these situations altogether.  
    1. Warn them that most sexual predators are known to the victim - friends or family.
    2. Let them know when someone threatens them or their family with harm if they tell anyone, that that's exactly when they should tell you.
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    Over Protection
    There are anti-loss tags you can purchase, you could put inside their backpack, or in their pocket.
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  • Questions and Answers

    Is it appropriate for kids to teach them about self-defense?

    Yes, it's appropriate to teach kids about self-defense. However, you also need to make the distinction that self-defense is for defense only, and not for them to hurt their friends or use their techniques for fun. This will allow them to learn great self-defense techniques and when to appropriately use them.

    If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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