Talk:Not Lose Hope

At 07:06, 15 March 2017

Questionable said:

I have always lived by hope. Lol friends know me because it is "peaceful". FYI I am going to be 49. I work in the field of hope. Mental Health. The problem is, hope is always there (especially if you preach it and live it every day) but it becomes smaller and smaller every day( when you deal with mental illness). Hope becomes harder and harder to see and believe. When one is belittled day to day (i.e. "don't talk" is the first thing you hear when someone walks through the door) it will get to you over time. How are YOU going to tell someone how to deal with that?

At 03:25, 18 November 2013

Richelle said:

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At 14:53, 16 November 2013

Lynn said: