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Can a tow driver make physical threats & chase you, almost causing a wreck to repossess a car

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Re: The last way, which will seem a bit drastic and time consuming, will be to take off any pair of tires, whether it is front or back tires, making it impossible for the driver to tow your vehicle without causing heavy damage, which will make them not to the vehicle at all.
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Re: If a car is parked on a residential street, it can't be. If a car is on the city streets and has not been moved for a certain period of time, then it can be towed. A tow sticker will be posted on the car. The tow truck passes by and checks the time on the sticker. If it is over the allotted time, then your car can get towed.
Suggestion: Some cities have residential bylaws that only allow you to park on the street in a residential neighborhood for a limited number of hours to prevent overnight or long term parking.
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Re: Yes you can tow a car while it is in park, but it also depends on the circumstances. First, if the car is parked in a proper parking area, obviously you can't tow that car, but if it's parked illegally, then that is when you can tow a car. Second, a car may be towed if it is parked on private property, whether that car has or has not caused damage to a property. Third, if a person leaves his car in a restaurant parking lot, it may be towed, unless the driver had permission to park there. That land belongs to the owners. Fourth, when a car is illegally parked and your pet is in the back seat, one may tow the car and take that pet with him or her. There are many different ways to tow a car. The simplest way is to call a towing company that has a spacious flat deck to lift the car onto the deck.
Suggestion: Great answer but the question is asking if you can tow a car that is in Park on the gearshift, not whether you can tow a parked car.
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aswered How do tow companies lock your wheel and put on parking brake

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