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So you want to buy a pet ferret? A ferret is a nice pet to have, as long as you have the time to be committed to this furry fellow. They love to play and interact with people! Just as our children need love and attention, so do our pets. It is a good idea to do research on a pet to know a little about it, and what you will need before you buy it, and also what it will cost you financially. So lets take a look at a few things you will need for your ferret.

Ferret care

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    Buy a large cage
    Ferrets need a lot of room to move around and play. They need their exercise. You want your cage to be at least three feet long and two feet wide. The height should be at least two to three feet. Ferrets love to have levels in their cage also, so that they can climb. One level should have a small litter box(you can also attach one to the cage,) another should be an eating level, and another should be a play area.
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    Include appropriate bedding
    This includes hammocks, hanging beds, and cat beds, and they also love soft blankets, cotton socks, and little boxes to crawl through.
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    Select heavy eating dishes
    You should use a heavy bowl for food. Ferrets have a habit of knocking lightweight bowls over when they are playing. It is best to use a water bottle that attaches to the cage, rather than put their water in a bowl, because it is more convenient and easier.
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    Buy proper food
    Ferrets need to eat at least twice a day. Food should be given in small amounts, 1/4 to 1/2 cup at a time. Dry pellets are available at the pet store, and can be kept in their cage all day. They can have moist foods too, but should not be left in the cage for more than an hour, because of bacteria which may cause the ferrets to get sick. Ferrets need their protein, which is very important. The food should be 30 to 40 percent protein. You can also buy cat food for your ferret, because they are "meat eaters". If you choose to get cat food, buy the "premium" kind, as it is healthier for them.
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How long do they live?

Ferrets are furry and small. They weight one to five pounds when they reach maturity. Many people may consider having ferrets for pets, but they may also want to know how long these animals will be able to live in their household. Healthy and well-trained ferrets can live for six to 10 years. Maintaining them means that you have to make sure that your ferrets have their regular vaccinations and yearly checkups by a licensed vet.


What the age appropriate to be responsible for a pet ferret?

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Families who are considering getting ferrets as pets may be concerned if their children would be capable of interacting safely with the small animals. Ferrets are demanding pets. If a child is going to play with them, an adult should always supervise. Children need to be old enough to understand that ferrets are different from cats, dogs, or some other rodents. They also need to be mature enough to be responsible for a ferret's care. If you have children below six or seven years old in your household, ferrets are not the pets for you. Extra care should be given if the ferrets are around infants or toddlers.

It would be best for children to be at least seven years old before they handle and care for a ferret. These furry companions are very unique. They are like cats and dogs combined. They are small, affectionate, quiet, independent, sociable, and playful. If raised well with children at an appropriate age, they can bring a great deal of joy into your household.

Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • Ferrets like to play outside of the cage too. Interact with your ferret at least one hour a day.
  • Don't keep ferrets in the bright sunlight. The heat is stressful to them. They like cool, shady areas, but not too cold.
  • It is important to keep their cage and feeding bowls clean. They can get sick very easily.
  • Wash their bedding at least once every week for proper hygiene.
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